A Girl Conquers the World Through Her Tears - C.24: All by the squad leader’s voice

A Girl Conquers the World Through Her Tears

C.24: All by the squad leader’s voice

The neighboring small private room.

Eight men and one woman walked in and took their seats after entering.

Chen Wei originally wanted to sit at the outermost table near the service window, but was pulled fiercely by Chen Jingman. The two of them sat next to Zhu Liheng.

Chen Jingman sat in the middle, with cousin Chen Wei on the left and Zhu Liheng on the right.

Zhu Liheng didn't pay any attention to his surroundings at all. He kept his head down looking at his phone.

He had just returned from Yanling today. Professor Xiong was chatting with him about specific data and it looked like he would have to go on another trip afterwards.

His summer vacation was ruined as he had been busy following experiments the entire time.

Pu Ren sized up the three and asked, "Wow! Who brought their family member?"

It was meant as a tease. ‘Family member’ meant girlfriend to him.

Chen Wei waved his hand, "My cousin, blood-related cousin."

Pu Ren was a little speechless, but didn't say anything either. It was boring to bring your cousin to a classmates reunion.

The others flattered,

"What a good looking cousin!"

"Have you graduated from high school?"

"You must have done well on the exams, right?"

Chen Jingman was enjoying the attention. She answered her cousin’s classmates questions one by one, trying her best to leave a good impression on everyone.

At this moment, she glanced at Zhu Liheng sitting next to her.

He had been looking at his phone the whole time, completely disinterested.

Chen Jingman was a little anxious, but there was nothing she could do.

At the dinner table, Zhu Liheng was the quiet type. Pu Ren kept talking, mainly about business and stocks.

This topic easily sparked discussion and most people joined in, even Chen Jingman's cousin Chen Wei delved deeply into it.

Chen Jingman saw everyone else chat animatedly and turned to ask Zhu Liheng, "Senior, why don't you talk?"

At this moment, a loud roar came from the big private room next door in the corridor, 𝗳re𝗲𝚠e𝐛n𝗼v𝗲l.c𝐨𝐦

"Waiter! Sober-up soup! Ten servings!"

The roar was extremely loud, instantly quieting all the chatter at the table.

Chen Jingman immediately felt nervous!

Lang Shu?

Was that Lang Shu's voice?

Was the next room the senior year (2) class reunion? Why did they happen to choose here?

Didn't that mean Lin Jianzhi was also here?

Chen Jingman felt both anxious and angry!

She looked nervously at Zhu Liheng and found he had no visible reaction or anything out of the ordinary.

Chen Jingman anxiously clutched at her clothes, trying hard to calm herself down.

Zhu Liheng knew Lin Jianzhi but not Lang Shu, and couldn't recognize Lang Shu's voice either.

He had only yelled once, there was no way he would know.

The others at the table laughed and started chatting.

Pu Ren: "The room next door is really lively, haha!"

Chen Wei: "Makes me want to join them!"

Chen Jingman was afraid they would chat too much about the private room next door. She quickly interrupted, "I didn't understand what you said earlier about shorting. Could you explain again?"

Pu Ren was stunned, "Huh?"


In the big private room.

Lin Jianzhi felt the alcohol rushing to her head and simply sprawled on the table crying.

She cried very restrainedly at first, but under the stimulation of alcohol she cried more and more fiercely until she was crying uncontrollably.

At this time, Lang Shu was toasting, "Why are you sprawled out a third of the way in? No more drinking, there’s still another scene tonight!"

Hu Tan also started persuading, "Alright alright, drink less, eat some dishes."

The drunken classmates started drinking sober-up soup while the sober ones restrained themselves too. It would be too embarrassing if people passed out after just the first scene.

When it quieted down, Lin Jianzhi’s cries became very noticeable, getting louder and louder, crying drunkenly until even the sober people looked over in astonishment.

When others got drunk they would pass out or act belligerently, why was Lin Jianzhi crying?

Quan Kai raised his head, “Lin Jianzhi was cyberbullied before the gaokao (college entrance exam)..."

Jiang Jingyi also sobered up, wiping his face, "Lin Jianzhi is awesome, it didn’t even affect her gaokao results, badass!"

Mu Yin who had been sprawled out abruptly raised her head, snarling viciously, "Let’s not go sing next scene, let’s go to the internet café and smash those damn bastards!"

Lang Shu got angry directly and roared loudly, "Lin Jianzhi! Be a man and stop crying!"

At this time the private room door was opened by a service staff coming in with dishes.

Lang Shu's voice once again spread through the entire corridor.


In the private room next door.

Pu Ren was talking about stocks but it was making him a little annoyed.

Because Chen Wei’s cousin didn’t understand anything yet kept asking questions, kept asking questions.

Asking until Pu Ren nearly exploded!

Just then, a roar came from the corridor, the same voice as before.

"Lin Jianzhi! Be a man and stop crying!"

It quieted down at the table again.

Everyone's thoughts were drawn over once more.

"Haha! What's going on in the private room next door?"

"These graduating students are so funny, haha!"

Only Pu Ren was extremely grateful for that voice, he really didn't want to repeat the same question over and over again.

Chen Jingman’s face paled. She wanted to immediately find a new topic to liven up the conversation.

But it was too late.

Zhu Liheng, who had been looking at his phone the whole time, suddenly turned his head to look towards the corridor.

Then he stood up and strode out to open the private room door before walking out.

Chen Jingman instinctively stood up to pull him back!

Zhu Liheng!

Don’t go...

But Chen Wei was faster to act. He pulled Chen Jingman back and frowned, “What are you doing?”

Chen Wei was actually already regretting bringing his cousin. She kept interrupting people and asking strange questions.

Chen Jingman anxiously said, “Zhu Liheng left!”

Chen Wei rolled his eyes, “He probably just went to the bathroom. Did you want to follow him in?”

Pu Ren cut in, “He probably went to settle the bill. I’ll treat everyone next time.”

Chen Jingman was so anxious her voice grew louder, “No! He went into the private room next door!”

Everyone looked at her in confusion, not understanding at all.

No matter where Zhu Liheng went or what he was doing, what did it have to do with her? Why was she so agitated?


In the big private room next door.

The whole class was denouncing the cyberbullying before the gaokao. That battle with over 900 posts was one the entire class had participated in.

But it was only one class against more than a dozen classes.

In the end, Lang Shu still went to each person privately for them to stop engaging with Lin Jianzhi and called for the entire class to ceasefire in preparation for the gaokao. He didn’t expect that after the gaokao ended, that post was still at the top of the rankings!

Everyone had already been drinking and they were even more furious now.

It was Hu Tan's first time hearing about the school's internet incident. The way he looked at Lin Jianzhi was filled with distress.

She was actually cyberbullied? And right before the gaokao?

No wonder she was crying so broken down!

Hu Tan spoke up to calm everyone, “Let her cry it out. Don't bring this up again.”

Everyone quieted down, leaving only Lin Jianzhi's sobbing as she sprawled over the table crying. Her cries were heartbreaking.

At this moment, the private room door was pushed open.

Everyone looked over and the first thing they saw was a crisp white shirt.

It was Zhu Liheng!

The room with over thirty people instantly froze, even breathing halted!