After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.2049 - : Returning to a Familiar Place

After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

C.2049 - : Returning to a Familiar Place

Chapter 2049: Returning to a Familiar Place

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The bungalow had a total of five floors and the bricks and tiles used were very exquisite. Even though it was an old building, Qiao Mei could still see how grand it used to be. Each floor had big panels of glass installed.

Currently, there were many people coming in and out of the house. It seemed that this house had been subdivided into a communal living space.

“The good thing is that the house is still here. Everything else can be repaired and restored.” Qiao Mei patted Gao Lin’s shoulder and comforted him.

“Yes, as long as it’s still here, we’ll be able to find a way,” Gao Lin said.

The two of them stood outside and looked at the house for a long time before they walked in slowly. The inside had been subdivided into different spaces and the place looked different from what Gao Lin remembered. What used to be the long corridor was now a communal kitchen and the various rooms had already become someone else’s homes.

It was the same from the first to the fifth floor. When the two of them reached the third floor, they could not find the courage to go up any further. Gao Lin felt very heartbroken that his former home had been destroyed to such an extent.

“Let’s go,” Qiao Mei said softly.

“Sigh… let’s go,” Gao Lin said with a sigh.

Right at this moment, a girl suddenly rushed into the corridor and shouted, “Why should I listen to them! This house belongs to our family! This entire street is ours! Why should we take instructions from them! Since it’s ours, we should take it back!”

“Why are you making so much noise!” A woman rushed out of a room, grabbed the girl and hit her. As she hit the girl, she said, “Don’t you think you’ve embarrassed yourself enough! If you’re so capable, then get this whole house back! Why are you making so much noise outside! Look at your lousy results! You can’t even go to university!”

“Why are you criticizing me! Why aren’t you trying hard!” the girl said as she wailed.

Qiao Mei and Gao Lin looked at each other. They had never seen these people before and did not even know who they were. When Gao Lin came back to the country, he did not inform any of his relatives. In fact, after being away for so many years, he had already forgotten how many relatives he had here.

The voice of an old person could be heard inside the room. “Gao Le, come back quickly. Don’t make your mother angry!’

“Father! Why are you behaving like her!” Gao Le said aggrievedly.

Qiao Mei and Gao Lin kept staring at Gao Le. Feeling exasperated, Gao Le shouted at the two of them, “What are you looking at! You people occupy my house and refuse to leave! If you know what’s good for you, you should get lost now! ”

“What’s the point of talking to them! If they can feel any shame, they will have gotten lost long ago!” After saying that, the woman wanted to drag the girl back into the room.

Gao Lin walked forward and asked politely, “May I ask if your surname is Gao?”

“What does our surname have to do with you?” the woman said sulkily.

“My name is Gao Lin,” Gao Lin said by way of introduction.

Neither the woman nor Gao Le knew who Gao Lin was. The man in the room suddenly stood up and walked to the door. He asked agitatedly, “Your… your name is Gao Lin?”

“Yes. You are…” Gao Lin looked at the old man in front of him hesitantly. He had been away for too long and all the faces in his memories were already blurry.

“I’m Gao Hai! Your fourth uncle!” Gao Hai yelled out.

“Fourth Uncle! Long time no see!” Gao Lin said happily. Gao Hai hugged Gao Lin tightly and did not want to let go. As he held Gao Lin in an embrace, he patted Gao Lin’s back fiercely and said, “Good! You’re finally back”. After that, he rattled off more similar remarks.

Qiao Mei stood rooted to the spot and did not know what to say. The man in front of her looked very much older than Gao Lin, but in terms of age, he did not seem much older than Gao Lin. However, the fact that he ranked higher on the family hierarchy meant he needed to be respected.

“Come in and have a chat! Let’s talk inside!” Gao Hai pulled Gao Lin into the room with Qiao Mei following closely behind.

The woman who looked unhappy earlier was now full of smiles. She said happily, “Gao Lin, I’m your fourth aunt-in-law! This is my daughter, Gao Le. Gao Le, greet him! This is your older cousin!”

Gao Le looked at Gao Lin and Qiao Mei unwillingly. No matter how she looked at it, it was strange that two people had suddenly appeared and claimed to be their relatives. She did not know if they were real relatives! She did not want to acknowledge this stranger as her cousin.

“The child is young and insensible. Come in and have a chat!” the woman said.

Qiao Mei gestured to the bodyguards in the corridor and told them to wait downstairs. She would call them using the walkie-talkie if anything happened..