All Hail Cousin Brother - C.990 - : If a Man Wants to Look Good, He Must Wear Black

All Hail Cousin Brother

C.990 - : If a Man Wants to Look Good, He Must Wear Black

Chapter 990: If a Man Wants to Look Good, He Must Wear Black

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It was a sweet color that appeared after peaches, vermilion, and plums were ripe.

The image of Yin Huaixi pressing her against the kitchen table and kissing her appeared in his mind again. His majestic body was as rugged as a mountain and as turbulent as the sea.

It was as if the rugged mountains stretched on and on.

It was as if waves surged in the sea.

The rashness that assaulted her face made her panic. She placed her arms on the kitchen table and bent her back repeatedly. Later, she leaned against the kitchen table and raised her face, looking completely inviting.

Next, it was unstoppable.

Yin Huaixi had never been so rash.

His breath was shockingly hot, as if it was on fire. The hot air he exhaled hit her face, as if there were sparks, with a burning heat.

She did not understand how a person’s body temperature could be as hot as fire?!

She was a little afraid.

In a daze, he let go of her lips.

Yu Youyao finally heaved a sigh of relief. His small kiss landed beside her ear again, rubbing against her ear and neck. He kept calling her name, his voice hoarse with hysterical pain and almost pious begging.

It was like what had happened when she was young. She had gone to the Precious Peace Temple with her grandmother to offer incense. She had heard all living beings kneeling piously in front of Bodhisattva and begging for blessings from Bodhisattva in a painful voice to help them escape their sea of suffering and obtain redemption.

Why were they in pain?

What were they begging for?

Yu Youyao did not understand.

She vaguely understood that only husband and wife could do what Yin Huaixi wanted to do with her. However, when she thought about it seriously, it was foggy and unclear.

Yin Huaixi kept pestering her, kissing her tirelessly, landing on every inch of her face over and over again.

Yu Youyao suspected that he had melted her. Her body was soft and she couldn’t use any strength. Her mind was in a mess, and she was almost at his mercy.

This was until she suddenly felt a numbing pain on her lips.

“This is too unrestrained.” Yu Youyao seemed to have woken up from a dream. She suddenly covered her hot face and sighed. “Where’s the dignity a woman should have?! The etiquette and manners she learned in the past have all been learned by a dog..

She looked at her swollen and bloodshot lips in the mirror. They were as beautiful as pills.

When she leaned closer, Yu Youyao saw that the corner of her mouth was a little damaged. Tiny traces of blood seeped out of the delicate patterns, like natural lip fat, making her red lips look even brighter and more beautiful.

There was still a faint numbing pain on her lips, all caused by Yin Huaixi’s bite.

Her mouth was already so swollen. How was she supposed to face anyone?! Yu Youyao was furious. “Little dogs bite people. This looks as if I entered a dog’s stomach.”

Yu Youyao sat in front of the mirror with a conflicted expression.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Yu Youyao was a little angry and raised her voice. “What is it?”

There was a moment of silence outside the door before Xia Tao’s careful voice sounded. “Young Miss, the kitchen is asking when to set the table.”

The remaining anger in Yu Youyao’s heart was completely wiped out with a puff. Sparks splashed tenaciously for a while before finally calming down.

She recalled that as soon as Yin Huaixi returned, he had gone to the kitchen to look for her without even taking a breath.

A gentleman stayed away from the kitchen. She washed his hands and made soup for him, but he stood beside her and helped her with the details of the daily necessities, namely fuel, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, and tea.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t sensed the situation in the North. Yin Huaixi had taken time out of his busy schedule to come back and have dinner with her.

Yu Youyao’s heart softened, and even her voice softened. “It’s getting late. Let

Mother Yang prepare dinner!”

Xia Tao agreed and hesitated. “Young Miss…”

“What else is there?” Yu Youyao took off her headscarf and let her hair down. She lifted a wisp of her hair and couldn’t help but frown. There was too much oil and smoke in the kitchen today. She had stayed in the kitchen for too long today. Even though she had wrapped a headscarf around her hair, her hair was still stained with the smell of oil and smoke.

Xia Tao quickly said, “Young Miss has been busy in the kitchen for the entire afternoon and is a little tired. His Highness has instructed the small kitchen to prepare hot water and let Young Miss wash up first before going for dinner.”

“Prepare the hot water!” Yu Youyao took the rose lipstick and applied it on her lips, barely covering the swelling between her lips and the slight damage.

When Yu Youyao finished washing up, it was already 5pm. It was completely dark outside.

The sound of the wind made wild shrieks and howls, like a hundred ghosts in the night. The dim lights in the long corridor reflected the shadows of the trees outside, like ghosts baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

As soon as Yu Youyao entered the house, she took off her fire fox fur cloak and handed it to Chun Xiao.

Chun Xiao took the cloak and hung it on the hanger.

There was an oven in the room. On one side, it was roasting lamb spines and mutton, and on the other side, it was roasting mushrooms and vegetables. There was a fresh and salty fragrance in the air that made one’s appetite increase.

Yin Huaixi washed up again and changed into a black python robe. The black color was endless, as if after a drop of thick ink was dissolved in water, the solemnity, weight, and oppression dissipated, making him look even more elegant.

If a man wanted to look good, he had to wear black.

This black outfit made Yin Huaixi’s rugged and heavy aura seem to have melted into thick ink. It was filled with elegance, revealing the refined aura that he should have at his age.

Seeing her come over, Yin Huaixi couldn’t help but look at her lips.

Her flower-like lips were covered with rose lipstick, and they were even brighter than usual. She was like a ripe red cherry, sparkling and translucent, full and tempting. The sweetness she emitted could be smelled through the air.

It was like when a person saw sour and sweet food, such as plums, cherries, and green fruits, their saliva would subconsciously start to secrete rapidly.

At this moment, Yin Huaixi felt this way. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva secretly. Unknowingly, the image of him hugging her in his arms and entangling with her in the kitchen appeared in his mind. His body temperature, which had cooled down with cold water, showed signs of rising again. He gritted his teeth and cursed inwardly.

How promising!

His burning gaze made Yu Youyao feel a faint pain on her lips. She was immediately furious. “Where are you looking? You’ve already burned the lamb spine.”

One look at this posture and he knew that he had been too rash just now. He had bullied her so badly that her embarrassment had yet to dissipate.

Yin Huaixi immediately felt guilty. He quickly looked at the oven and saw that there were indeed two lamb spines that were emitting thick smoke and a burnt smell. He quickly took a pair of tweezers and flipped the lamb spines over.

He was usually very restrained. Most of the time, he took care of her feelings and progressed step by step. He hated those unnecessary etiquette and rules the most in his life. They were added to the world, forcing people to be restrained and unable to have freedom. However, in his life, he had used all the rules and etiquette on her..

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