Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons - C.334: 154: The Damn Feng Tianlin and the Savage Prison Dragon, Tonight I’ll Teach You How to Be Human! (11152 words)_6

Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons

C.334: 154: The Damn Feng Tianlin and the Savage Prison Dragon, Tonight I’ll Teach You How to Be Human! (11152 words)_6

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Brother Fan…

Shen Hongxiu stared wide-eyed at her own Guardian Beast.

Shen Daodao shook his head repeatedly: “It’s good that it’s a Guardian Beast…”

“If any other woman dared to call Brother Fan ‘Brother Fan,’ there would be a bloody storm tonight!”

Shen Hongxiu slapped him with a backhand.

But Shen Daodao, who was prepared, crouched down and dodged the slap.


Li Fengxing was hit by Shen Hongxiu’s slap, spinning in place, covering his face with a wronged expression: “Why did you hit me?”

Finally, this group of people was sent away.

Chen Fan had something to eat, then went to bed.

He went to bed.

But on the training ground, things became lively…

Gangzi gathered a group of Guardian Beasts, baring their teeth and snarling.

After “talking” for a while, the Goblin said: “Gangzi, what…what were you just saying?”


Gangzi fell headlong to the ground, then jumped three feet high.

But it was indeed a bit frustrating…

Most of the time, the communication between a group of Guardian Beasts relied on body language.

They could understand human speech.

But each race has its language.

The Cold Ice White Python could understand the Cold Pond Golden Horned Jiao Dragon’s language, but when it heard Gangzi’s chattering, it could only know that Gangzi was in trouble, very angry, but didn’t know the specifics.

“Idiot, get out!”

Blackie said: “Let me tell you…such low-level Guardian Beasts can’t even speak human.”

Gangzi: ”

The other Guardian Beasts that couldn’t speak human languages glared angrily at Blackie.

Blackie indifferently said: “What Gangzi wants to say is about what happened between us and our master this afternoon…”

As he said that, he looked at Gangzi.

Gangzi nodded repeatedly.

Blackie continued: “This afternoon, we were at the gate of City Lord’s Mansion…”

He gave a detailed account of the incident with Feng Tianlin at the gate of the City Lord’s Mansion.


The first one to rage was the Split Earth Fire Dragon.

Then, the Orange-Red Poisonous Spider and Sacred Moon Morning Glory also raged.

Even the honest Heavenly Waste Divine Bull sprayed white mist from its nostrils!

What the hell, their own master was bullied?

And got hit?!

The guy from Demon City brought a Wilderness Hell Dragon with him?

What shitty Prison Dragon, I’ll tear it to pieces!

The Split Earth Fire Dragon and a few Guardian Beasts were so angry that they screamed.

“Shut up!”

The Goblin hurriedly said: “Chen Fan is sleeping. Do you want to wake him up?!”

The Split Earth Fire Dragon and the others immediately lowered their voices.

Soon after, the Goblin opened the smart wristwatch on his left wrist and searched it.

In a moment, he opened a video.

This video is the one that is now most widely circulated within East Sea City!

Seeing that video, a group of Guardian Beasts got angry.

Although Chen Fan finally beat up Feng Tianlin in the end, and Snowy, Feicui, and Gangzi also tormented the other Guardian Beasts very badly.

But a group of Guardian Beasts were still uncontrollably angry!

Daring to come to East Sea City and show off…

Daring to bully Ye Hao!

Making them so angry!

Gangzi waved his small claws and started chattering again.

Blackie translated for him: “Gangzi means, Heavenly Waste Divine Bull and Huahua are our best friends… Their master was bullied, so we can’t stand by and do nothing!”

This dead duck translated very well, very good, you can be my translator from now on… Gangzi nodded again and again.

Blackie continued: “Gangzi means, now that our master is resting and your master has also gone back to practice, we’ll go and drag that guy and his Guardian Beasts out and beat them to death to vent our anger for Ye Hao and Huahua!”

Yeah, that’s it… Gangzi smiled at Blackie.

Elder Ape waved his hand, indicating that doing this kind of thing behind their master’s back was not good.

Blackie scolded him: “Ape, I just want to ask you, do you consider Huahua and Heavenly Waste Divine Bull friends?”

Elder Ape nodded, his face looking troubled.

“Then is that not enough?”

Blackie said: “We’re not going to kill or set fires; we’re just going to find him and beat him up. It’s that simple!”

The Cold Ice White Python opened its mouth wide and exhaled cold air, looking very angry.

Other Guardian Beasts were also full of righteous indignation.

“Let’s do this…”

The Illusion King Azure Python Golden Horned Beast said: “Those who are willing to go, let’s go together tonight.”

“Whoever doesn’t want to go can stay at home; no one will force you.”

“Those who are willing to go, stand on this side!”

With a whoosh, all the Guardian Beasts except for Elder Ape, Dark-blood Stone Golem, Snowy, and Little Qing stood by the Illusion King Azure Python Golden Horned Beast.

Blackie was annoyed.

Dammit, I talked for so long, and you just took all the Guardian Beasts away with one sentence?

I’m the boss!

What are you, a dead snake, playing at?!

Blackie looked at Elder Ape and Snowy and the others.

Elder Ape and Dark-blood Stone Golem were more honest, doing less outrageous things.

Snowy didn’t want to cause trouble for Chen Fan.

But she also experienced what happened in the afternoon, so she understood the anger of the Split Earth Fire Dragon and the others and didn’t step in to stop them.

As for Little Qing, it had been only a few days since it arrived here, and it wasn’t very familiar with Ye Hao and the Heavenly Waste Divine Bull and other Guardian Beasts.

Blackie was a bit unhappy: “Snowy, you’re really not going?”

“The four of you guys are the strongest among us. What if Feng Tianlin has bodyguards with him, and we can’t beat them…”