Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby - C.571 - : Sending Something to President Zuo (1)

Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby

C.571 - : Sending Something to President Zuo (1)

Chapter 571: Sending Something to President Zuo (1)

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After a peaceful weekend, she was called by Minister Qin on Monday, saying that he had something to tell her.

When Huang Amao went out yesterday, Anhao received a call from her clients. She learned that it would take some time to investigate her mother’s case, and the tens of thousands of yuan she had paid previously was not enough for their investigation.

If it weren’t for the fact that the company she had commissioned was introduced to her by someone she trusted, she would have suspected that she had been cheated of her money. However, these people were right about one thing. Her mother’s past was indeed very suspicious. This wasn’t a story that they had made up out of thin air.

Whether the other party really needed money for the operation of the investigation, Anhao still had to be clear of it.

However, this time, because it was much more complicated than the previous discussion, they asked for 100,000 yuan.

100,000 yuan. They promised to investigate her mother’s matter within two months. If they were late, they would return double the amount. This was their companys rule.

There was an agreement in the middle, and there was also a middleman to guarantee it. They had already paid the money previously, and the investigation had already progressed to a certain stage, If they gave up now, not only would the money from before be wasted, but it would also be even more difficult to investigate in the future.

But 100,000 yuan…

If she paid the last 100,000 yuan in her card to them, she would really have no money left. Zheng F had paid the 100,000 yuan deposit first, and the rest would only be paid after the construction project was completed. That meant that it would take at least three months or half a year.

She couldn’t be without a single cent in this half a year.

Anhao had been troubled by this matter since she woke up this morning, but she didn’t want to tell Huang Amao about her current financial situation. They were no longer children, and they had to solve their own problems. There was no need for Huang Arnao to use the money in her parents ‘card to help her friend while arguing with her parents.

When she arrived at the office, she was still thinking of a countermeasure because of this matter. Minister Qin called, which made Anhao feel that time was rushed and there were too many things to do. She was already feeling a little overwhelmed.

When she reached Minister Qin’s office, Anhao had already habitually stopped outside the door for a while and didn’t walk in directly.

She realized that every time she came here, she could hear Minister Qin’s conversation with others in the office. Although there was no one else in the office today, she heard Minister Qin’s phone ring when she stopped walking.

The phone rang a few times before it was picked up. Minister Qin’s voice said at the same time,”Hey, I’ve been thinking of a way to settle that matter. At present, the few big shots of the Chamber of Commerce in the province have no intention of agreeing.”

“Of course, I know that if we don’t pass, things will get ugly, but things are getting more and more difficult, so we can only think of another way.”

” I’ll find a way to deal with the Chamber of Commerce. Shengling Group has been getting closer to the government recently. I’ll try my best to sound Zuo

Hancheng out…”

Hearing the conversation inside, Anhao stood outside without moving.

” The only way I can think of is to start with Zuo Hancheng. He’s an important decision-maker in the provincial Chamber of Commerce. Although he rarely gets involved in the Chamber of Commerce’s matters, if he’s willing to settle this matter for us, if he agrees, this problem will be solved by more than half.”

” Mmm, don’t worry. The US will think of a way to open Zuo Hanchengs teeth…” I know he’s not easy to deal nith. I’ll try my best. I can only use whatever method I have now.”

Just as she was about to get to the crucial point, someone seemed to be heading upstairs. If she walked in through the front door, she would definitely find her standing outside Minister Qin’s office eavesdropping.

Anhao immediately turned around and walked towards the elevator. She even went straight back to her office. However, just as she sat down in her office, she took a sip of water to calm herself down. She was thinking about what Minister Qin had said on the phone.

He did not seem to have any intention of harming Zuo Hancheng, but he seemed to be in a hurry to ask Zuo Hancheng to relent.

Just as she was thinking about it, the internal phone in the office suddenly rang. When she picked up, Minister Qin’s unhappy voice came out.”Director Gu, didn’t I ask you to come to my office at 11 0’clock? What time is it now? Why isn’t he here yet? Are you planning to come over after lunch? Do you want me to wait for you in the office after dinner?”

“I’ll be right there!” Anhao put down the phone, tidied up her expression, got up, and walked out.

When she returned to Minister Qin’s office, she only stayed for a few seconds. She didn’t hear any sound from inside before she walked in.

However, when Minister Qin saw her coming, he changed his anxious and angry attitude on the phone and immediately looked at her with a smile.”Anhao, have you had lunch yet?”

“..”Anhao’s mouth twitched.” No, I was just planning to go eat with my colleagues. But I heard that you seemed to be in a hurry, so I came over first.”” “Alright, then you can go and have lunch later. I’ll just give this to you first.”

Minister Qin said as he took out a red gift box from under his desk. The gift box looked very high-end and exquisite, and the price was definitely not cheap. After he picked it up, he pushed it in front of Anhao.

Anhao looked at the gift box in confusion.””Minister Qin, what is this?” “Didn’t the design you showed President Zuo last time not get approved? It’s been a week. Although you have a lot of things to do this week, your design department should be able to summarize a new plan. You can show it to President Zuo tonight and help me send this to President Zuo.”

Minister Qin pushed the gift box in front of Anhao and said,””The design drawing and this gift box are very important. When you go to see President Zuo, you must bring them together. Oh right, President Zuo has a project to discuss with several leaders in the province this afternoon. He will stay in the Huangge Hotel near the Provincial Government Hall tonight. I will tell you the room number of President Zuo later.’

Anhao held it in. She could clearly tell what Minister Qin meant by his ambiguous attitude, but she still asked,””Minister Qin, if you have something to give to President Zuo, you should deliver it yourself. There’s no reason for me to give it to you. Moreover, the matter of the design blueprint is different from the matter of delivering things. They are two separate matters. How can I be the one to deliver this thing?”

“Hey, do you think I’m harming you?”Minister Qin heard the rejection in her words and immediately said unhappily,”lf President Zuo hadn’t appointed you as the designer of their company’s reconstruction project in the next three years, I really wouldn’t have let you give this thing. I’m only letting you do this because you’re closer to President Zuo than we are..”

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