Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby - C.582 - : Mr. V, Zuo Hancheng (1)

Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby

C.582 - : Mr. V, Zuo Hancheng (1)

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The email to Mr. V finally received a reply at noon.

Anhao opened the email that had been online and saw Mr. V’s short reply: Not bad.

Did that mean that he already knew that Mobai had introduced her to him and had given his tacit approval to her design style? She could directly accept the

However, Mr. V only replied with the word ” not bad ” and did not take the initiative to contact her. Even if she knew the location of his seaside villa, she did not have the key, so she could not go to measure the ruler or tour the environment.

Should she take the initiative to contact Mr. V? What was the best thing to do?

Mobai was also quite busy. He had helped her so much, so she couldn’t keep pestering Mobai with questions.

Anhao looked at the reply on the screen. She held her chin with one hand and held the pencil that she used to draw a sketch with the other hand. She stared at the screen and gradually fell into a daze.

In the end, her gaze somehow fell on the email address. Then, she thought of this mysterious Mr. V. She was still curious about Mr. V’s identity.

Hence, he opened the webpage and searched for City A and Mr. V. However, the search results were all irrelevant news. There was no famous Mr. V in City A. Finally, he searched for him near his email address.

However, he couldn’t find any records of his email address. This could only prove one thing.

This email address was either a newly registered email address or a private email address that had never been used for any other purpose. There was not even a single record of it on the Internet. These were the only two possibilities.

Who exactly was this mysterious Mr. V?

Who was this ‘V’ related to? Was it a random online name?

While Anhao was staring at the screen, the phone screen on her desk suddenly lit up. Because she was not in a good mood today, she had silenced her phone early in the morning. Anyway, she was in the government office. If there was anything urgent at work, they would be able to find her when they entered the office.

She glanced at the caller ID on the screen and hung up the phone. Then, she

clicked on Mr. V’S reply and replied: If Mr. V decides when to start, please contact me at any time.

After replying, she looked at her phone again and saw that the screen did not light up again. That kid must have learned his lesson and would not call again.

Anhao picked up the unfinished sketch on the table and walked out of her office. When she reached the office outside, she went to Xiao Qiu and Zi Ran and handed the sketch to them.”Secretary Xu asked us to make a modification plan for the gymnasium and cultural center garden yesterday morning. They want to contact the civil engineering and landscape engineering people to come over first, so you can get this sketch on the computer and modify it into a simple line version.”

Xiao Qiu took the sketch and glanced at it without saying a word. In the office, no matter how dissatisfied Xiao Qiu was with Anhao, she knew that she couldn’t say too much about her working hours. Otherwise, Anhao would be able to use her as leverage at any time. When Zi Ran took the other sketch, she raised her hand and made an OK gesture. Anhao then held her slightly aching stomach and walked out.

There had been too many things to do after returning to China. She had forgotten that she had not eaten well for a few nights in a row. When she went to participate in activities, she just quickly found something to fill her stomach.

Perhaps it was the sudden irregular diet that caused her stomach to hurt a little. She went out and poured herself a cup of hot water to warm her stomach. She would go to the pharmacy to buy medicine after work.

As soon as she returned to the office with a glass of water, she suddenly saw Xiao Qiu and the others looking at her strangely.

Anhao paused.

Although the color of her lipstick was different today, these people had been staring at her for the whole morning. They would not look at her like that when she came back from pouring a glass of water.

“Sister Anhao, a handsome guy was looking for you just Ran broke

Anhao’s awkward silence.

Anhao’s eyes froze.”

“l don’t know him. Anyway, he’s a good-looking handsome man. He seems to know the section chief of our floor. He was just invited to the office for tea by the section chief, but he said that he would ask you to look for him when you come back.”

Who was it? Such a big face?

Anhao’s subconscious thought of Zuo Hancheng first, but she also thought that Zuo Hancheng would not be so unreliable as to come to the political F to cause trouble for her. Moreover, Zi Ran and the rest had seen Zuo Hancheng at the banquet. Since they said that they did not know him and that he was a handsome man, then who was he?

She didn’t remember having any luck in love. It was impossible for a handsome man to come and look for her.

After she put the glass of water into the office, she glanced at the phone on the desk and immediately had a bad feeling. She picked up the phone and looked at it again. Other than the call that she had deliberately hung up on, there were no other missed calls.

That man was so calm after the call was hung up today. He probably didn’t give up so easily. Perhaps he just… They were charging over!

Anhao picked up her phone and cursed under her breath. She cursed herself for not being prepared for this. She turned around and walked out quickly, ignoring the surprised looks of the female colleagues in the office. As the director of the design office, even if a woman came to look for her, they would look at her with all kinds of gossiping eyes, hoping that she would be in big trouble, let alone a man.

I didn’t see the section chief in the office, but I did see Rong Qian, who had rushed to Shanghai, sitting on the biggest desk in the section chief’s office.

That’s right, he was sitting at someone else’s desk, and he was casually reading a document beside him.

No one came in to stop him, and he did not seem to be afraid that the Section Chief would see this scene when he returned.

“Why are you in A City again? Didn’t you go to Shanghai?” Anhao felt her stomach ache even more when she saw Rong Qian.

When he heard her voice, Rong Qian looked up at her and immediately curled his lips into a smug smile.””What’s wrong? Why are you so excited to see me?” Excited my ass, he was about to vomit to death.

Anhao couldn’t be bothered with him. He treated the Section Chief’s office like his own home and asked indifferently,””What are you doing here?”

“l just arrived at your building, but you didn’t pick up my call, so I had to come up.”Rong Qian said as he walked over. At the same time, he stared at Anhao’s lips and suddenly said in going on? He knew that I would come in advance, so he specially drew a red lips and waited for me to kiss him?”

“You really don’t know how to write the word shameless.”Anhao raised her hand and pushed his face away.””This is the office of the Chief of the political department. Don’t mess around..”

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