Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby - C.585 - : Mr. V, Zuo Hancheng (4)

Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby

C.585 - : Mr. V, Zuo Hancheng (4)

Chapter 585: Mr. V, Zuo Hancheng (4)

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Mobai felt that this scene was very strange, but when he saw the impatient expression on Anhao’s face, he did not ask anything. He directly took out the key and key card and handed it to her.”This is the key to the seaside villa. Take some time to take the measurements. Mr. V is quite busy. After you take the size, tell him briefly about your design ideas for the villa. I might be going overseas for a business trip in a few days. If you have anything, you can contact Mr. V directly.”

Anhao took the keys and looked at them before putting them into her bag.””Alright, I’ll go and take a look in the next two days. But is it inconvenient to contact Mr. V by phone? Was he the kind of person who was not used to showing his face? If that’s the case, I’ll try my best to communicate with him through emails and hand-written messages in the future. I won’t violate his privacy.”

Mobai raised an eyebrow.”

“I understand.” Anhao nodded.” I don’t know how to thank you for this. When I’m done with my work, I’ll treat you and Lin Qing to a meal. Anyway, we haven’t been in contact for more than three years. You and Lin Qing should still have time for a meal, right?””

“Only Lin Qing and l?” Mobai smiled meaningfully.

Hearing the hidden meaning in his words, Anhao curled her lips.””Back then, you and Lin Qing helped me a lot. Now that I’ve returned to the country and coincidentally met you, you and Lin Qing helped me again and again. I can’t be so heartless and not feel grateful at all. I don’t know how to repay you now. I’ll treat you to a meal first as a token of my appreciation.”

“Alright, Lin Qing and 1 will be waiting for your news when I come back from my business trip.”Mobai raised his hand and gestured a phone beside his ear, meaning that he had to leave now and would contact him later.

Anhao nodded. After Mobai got into the car, she took a step back so that she wouldn’t occupy the road in front of his car.

Mobai was about to drive away when he suddenly received a phone call. He sat in the car and answered the phone. It sounded like they were talking about some project. Anhao glanced at him and didn’t want to disturb him anymore. She turned around and was about to leave.

Rong Qian looked suspiciously at Mobai in the car and then at Anhao,””What Mr. V?”

Hearing his voice, Anhao, who had almost treated him as an invisible person, turned around and rolled her eyes at him.”Can’t you just mind your own business?”

“I’m asking you a question. Who is Mr. V? Where did Mr. V come from? What is that key of yours?” Rong Qian said as he reached for the keys in her bag to see what was going on.

Anhao quickly avoided his hand and covered her bag at the same time. She looked up and glared at him.”Do you have any morals? He casually went through a woman’s bag, but didn’t he have any sense of shame?”

Rong Qian pursed his lips and looked at her with a dark expression.””Who exactly is Mr. V?”

” I don’t know him. I’m short of money recently, so Mobai introduced me to a job that requires interior design. The owner of that villa is called Mr. V or something. I’ve never met him, nor have I had the time to contact him. Anyway, it’s just a lucrative job. It’s just interior design. It’s very easy for me. I don’t care if he’s Mr. V or Mr. P. As long as I can make money. Why do you care so much?”

Anhao said as she flung his hand away from her bag.

Rong Qian’s face darkened as he looked at her greedy expression.””You didn’t tell me you were short of money? If you follow me, you won’t be short of money.”

“Hehe.” Anhao resisted the urge to give him the middle finger.””You really can break my patience time and time again. Rongqian, I really want to curse at you.”

Rong Qian rolled his eyes at her. Where was he? When are you going? Shall I

go with you?”

“There’s no need. 1 have a chauffeur at home, and it’s a female chauffeur.”Anhao was talking about the yellow-haired guy. She threw a cold glance at Rong Qian as she spoke. “Why would I bring you to the seaside resort? If you want to develop your career in China, go back to Shanghai. Don’t harass me in City A.”

“What do you mean by harassment?” Rong Qian looked at her ungrateful face.” 1 finally transferred the project to City A. From now on, 1 will stay in City A for a while. Do you think I can go to Shanghai just because you want me to?””

Anhao stopped in her tracks and looked at him in surprise.””No way, why did you bring the project to A City? Isn’t Shanghai pretty good?”

“Why do you think I came to A City?”Rong Qian asked with a faint smile.

“..”Anhao rolled her eyes at him and took out her phone to read the email she had just received. She walked into the main entrance of the political hall without looking back, too lazy to deal with him.

Rong Qian was already used to seeing Gu Anhao’s cold and merciless back, but now he was staring at Gu Anhao’s back, his handsome brows almost creasing.

Gu Anhao knew that Zuo Hanchengs English name was Vllen when he was in America, so Mr. V was most likely Zuo Hanchengs idea.

Was it because she did not know Zuo Hanchengs English name to the public, or did she not expect the relationship between Mr. V and Vllen?

Gu Anhao was about to go back to the office, but when she entered the hall, she took the folder that Zi Ran had brought for her. She didn’t have to go back

to the office and could go home straight from work. Hence, Anhao took the folder out and put it in her bag. She wanted to go around Rong Qian’s direction and take a taxi on the other side of the road.

Rong Qian raised his hand and put his hands on his waist. He looked at Gu Anhao’s back view, which was constantly opposing him. Seeing that she had walked away, he picked up his phone and called her.

The call was hung up again. Rong Qian gritted his teeth and looked in the direction where Anhao had gone.”Damn woman! You hung up on me again!”

Anhao had indeed gone far away. Anyway, if she couldn’t get a taxi, she could still take Zi Ran’s ride. As long as it wasn’t Rong Qian’s car, it was fine.

As she hung up the phone, she turned around and glanced at Rong Qian. She raised her hand and made a disdainful gesture at him. Then, she pulled Zi Ran and quickly left the scene.

A few meters behind Rong Qian, a military green military SUV’s window slowly rolled down, and a cold gaze fell on Rong Qian’s back.

The provincial secretary, who was sitting in the car and chatting with Zuo Hancheng, who had finally found the time to come over, also looked at the young man with a different expression. There was also Gu Anhao, who had just quarreled with the young man. He remembered that she was the chief designer of the renovation project, Gu Anhao.

However, she did not expect Zuo Hancheng to be paying attention to the conversation outside the car window..

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