Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby - C.587 - : Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (1)

Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby

C.587 - : Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (1)

Chapter 587: Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (1)

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After wiping the water off her bag, Anhao opened it and checked the contents. She was relieved to see that there was no water on it.

The car stopped at a red light at the intersection in front of them. Zuo

Hancheng did not ask where she was going. It was very quiet in the car.

Only the sound of water dripping down from Anhao’s hair and body could be heard.

She wiped her neck, arms, and face with a tissue, but her body was already drenched. There was a white lady’s shirt in her light-colored business suit. It was almost translucent and stuck to her body because it was wet, outlining her slender figure. She lowered her head to wipe the obvious water on her body while trying to hide her small coat so that the scene under the shirt would not be seen.

Zuo Hancheng did not look at her at all. He only passed her a piece of clothing before the traffic light turned green. Then, he continued to drive into the traffic ahead.

Anhao looked down at the man’s jacket that was suddenly handed to her. It was a casual suit jacket.

“Put it on.”

Hearing Zuo Hanchengs voice, Anhao placed her coat back on the back seat of the car. Then, she buttoned up her coat to cover the embarrassing translucent shirt on her chest. At the same time, she said,””No need. I’m covered in water. Your clothes are too expensive and of good quality. If 1 get wet, you won’t be able to wear them even if I take them to the dry cleaning later.”

Zuo Hancheng raised his eyebrows and glanced at her. Anhao sat in her original position and stared ahead. The heavy rain outside the car made a dull sound, but it made the silence in the car even more obvious.

It was obvious that she didn’t want to get involved in his personal finances because of the divorce. She didn’t even want to dirty his coat. It was too obvious.

Zuo Hancheng did not force her. Although the buttons on her professional suit were all buttoned up and looked a little awkward, at least it could help to show off her naked body after getting out of the car.

Anhao couldn’t help but shiver again because the water on her body was too cold.

In less than half a minute, she suddenly felt a lot warmer. She didn’t notice it

just now, but now she turned her head slightly and realized that he had turned on the heater in the car.

“Thank you.” In the end, Anhao still felt her conscience and thanked him again. Then, she raised her head and looked out of the car.”You can drop me off at the bus stop in front. The bus here can send me home directly.”

“I’ll send you back.” Zuo Hancheng had no intention of stopping the car. Anhao didn’t dare to ask him if he was near Zheng F just now. She didn’t know if he saw her pulling Rong Qian outside.

Even if she did see it, it didn’t seem to be a big deal. There was nothing shameful between her and Rong Qian. Moreover, when she left Huangge Hotel, she had already made it very clear.

“No need. I’ll take the bus back by myself. There aren’t many people on the bus on this route. Just now, I didn’t plan to take the bus here because it was quite far from here. Now that I’m here, I can take the bus myself.”Anhao said as she placed the tissue in the ?????????? made water everywhere in this car. I’ll get out of the car now.”

Anhao was about to open the car door.

In any case, she could not let Zuo Hancheng know that she was staying in the private villa…

As usual, the car door was locked and the car did not slow down at all. Anhao raised her hand and did some useless work on the car door for a while. She remembered the car accident that she and Zuo Hancheng had experienced together three years ago that was comparable to a murder. She did not force him to open the car door.”Then you can drop me off at the next station ahead…

“It’s raining so heavily. If you go down and wait for the bus, you’ll get drenched again?”Zuo Hancheng did not look at her. The car had already turned around and changed direction.

The direction he had been heading in was actually in the direction of Grand Court. Anhao didn’t know if it was a coincidence. After all, there were only two main directions on this road. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that he had taken this direction.

However, he suddenly turned around in the middle of the road and drove in the opposite direction. Anhao sat in the car and did not say anything, lest he found out that she was secretly staying in Hua Ting Private Park. However, she was anxious to get further and further away from her place.

” Are you sure you can just leave me at the bus stop…”

Zuo Hancheng did not take her words seriously at all. His attitude of doing things his own way made Anhao feel uneasy. In addition, she was secretly staying in the private villa of Hua Ting. In fact, she was more or less in the wrong and felt guilty, so her tone was not too harsh. She only emphasized her desire to get out of the car.

“What happened to Rong Qian?”

Anhao was thinking about how to get out of the car so that he wouldn’t find out where she lived and she could go home smoothly. Suddenly, Zuo Hanchengs voice sounded. His tone was cold and calm, but it sounded a little abrupt.

At the very least, this question had indeed shocked her.

She looked up at the direction he was driving in and thought of the way she and Rong Qian were pulling in front of the government gate. He must have really seen it.

“You should know his situation better than me. After all, the Rong family is currently expanding their business. This year, they finally expanded into China. As a giant in the domestic business, it’s impossible for you not to know about the Rong family’s movements.”

Anhao then looked out of the car window.””lf you don’t suggest taking the bus now, I think it’s more convenient to take a taxi near the People’s Square in front. Put me by the side of the People’s Square and I’ll take a taxi home.” Anhao repeatedly requested to get out of the car. Zuo Hancheng knew where she lived, but he did not expose her. He only continued to drive in the opposite direction of Luxury Court Private Park. Anhao did not know where he was taking her, but he continued to drive forward when they reached the intersection in front.

Could it be that he was going to the Gilded Scenic Garden?

This didn’t seem to be the direction to the Gilt Scenery Garden, but… She seemed to be going to Shengling Group.

Anhao felt a little guilty about the place she was staying at, so she did not want to continue nagging about getting out of the car. After all, Zuo Hancheng would not eat her up.

If he was really such a beast, he wouldn’t have let her go at Huangge Hotel.

Thus, she felt at ease as she picked up a tissue to wipe the water droplets from her hair. At the same time, she took advantage of her boredom to pick up her phone to contact Mr. V.

After all, Mobai had already given her the key. It would be impolite to go to someone else’s house without informing her..

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