Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby - C.592 - : Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (6)

Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby

C.592 - : Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (6)

Chapter 592: Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (6)

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When Anhao came back to her senses, the salesperson in the discount section was looking at her.

She removed her hand from the household items and looked at them for a while before deciding not to buy them.

When he returned to the elevator, he was actually planning to leave first. It was rare for Zuo Hancheng to come to this mall now, and the staff and person-in-charge would definitely pull him over to chat about business and performance.

They probably wouldn’t be able to leave for at least an hour.

She would take a taxi home first and call him later to tell him to forget about it.

She looked up at the elevator and saw that it was slowly descending from the twelfth floor.

No…What a coincidence…

Anhao stood in front of the elevator until the door opened. Zuo Hancheng was indeed inside, and there was a young man beside him who was talking to him with a smile. The man glanced at Anhao and said to Zuo Hancheng,””Then

President Zuo, please do it first. I’ll go to each floor to inspect first. Tomorrow,

I’ll ask them to summarize the things you want and send them to the company.”

Zuo Hancheng did not say anything. He only glanced at Anhao, who was standing outside the door.

Because there was no longer nothing under her clothes, she was much more relaxed than before and no longer bent over carefully.

When the staff member standing behind Zuo Hancheng saw this, he did not wait for his response and smiled politely. He walked out and walked past Anhao. He could tell that President Zuo had accompanied her here, so he nodded politely at her before walking away.

“l thought you would be in a meeting for at least an hour. I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”Anhao said as she walked into the elevator. At the same time, she turned to look at Zuo Hancheng.”Shengling Group is indeed an existence that cannot be underestimated in City A. Your company’s shadow is almost everywhere. Even if it’s not built by your company, it’s still funded by your company. I don’t know what Minister Qin’s goal is, but it’s better for you to be on guard against the movements of the political forces. They might have encountered some difficulties and want you to take the blame or…”

“I know.” Zuo Hancheng interrupted her calmly.”I know what to do with Minister Qin. I will never let people who are blinded by greed continue to do whatever they want. However, I haven’t opened the gift he gave me last time.

This evidence is not enough.”

Zuo Hancheng glanced at her as he spoke. There was a faint light in his eyes, but there was a profound look in them.

Anhao immediately laughed dryly in an exaggerated manner.”This kind of joke is not funny at all.”

Zuo Hanchengs eyes finally showed a hint of a smile. It was obvious that he was joking. However, Anhao’s heart tightened when she saw the smile in his eyes. She avoided his gaze and looked at the number on the elevator.

“Actually, I’m not very clear about Minister Qin’s character…”

Anhao stared at the number on the elevator as she spoke. Before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly felt half of the lights in the elevator go out. The number that had already descended to the second floor suddenly went out at the same time, and the elevator stopped at the second floor.

She was stunned. She couldn’t be that unlucky, right?

In the next moment, the elevator suddenly dropped a little as if it had lost its weight. At the same time, there was a sound that sounded like a machine had loosened and broken.

When the elevator suddenly stopped, Anhao quickly leaned to the side.

However, Zuo Hancheng suddenly reached out and pulled her over just as she was about to lean against the door. Before Anhao could react, she had already leaned into his arms. At the same time, she felt that the elevator they were in seemed to have lost its gravity and was sinking a little.

In the end, when she was stuck between the first and second floor, all the lights in the elevator dimmed. For a moment, it was dark around her. Anhao’s mind buzzed and she was about to push away the person beside her to press the button on the elevator, but Zuo Hancheng held her firmly and said in a low voice above her head,””Don’t move.”

“l heard that when the elevator is about to have an accident, you should press all the buttons…” Anhao felt a nerve in her brain throbbing violently due to the darkness around her, and her voice involuntarily became much softer. “Fortunately, the elevator has already landed between the first and second floors. Even if it really descends rapidly in the end, there won’t be too many accidents.”Zuo Hancheng said in a low voice. At the same time, he held her with one hand and pressed a few buttons with the other.”Obviously, this accident is related to the elevator’s power supply. All the buttons inside have failed.’

” But there’s still the basement level one and two below. If we really fall down, there’s still about three levels…” Anhao whispered,”lf you fall down, you’ll be crippled even if you don’t die, right?””

Zuo Hancheng did not answer her question. Instead, he continued to restrain her body so that she would not run to the side and lean against the wall of the elevator. Instead, he pressed the button for the basement floor and basement floor a few more times. There was still no response. He felt the elevator descend a little further, and it was still accompanied by the terrifying sound of something breaking.

“You should be glad that the third floor is much luckier than the thirtieth floor.””Come here,” Zuo Hancheng said calmly.”

He pulled Anhao to a corner and said,””Keep your knees bent, maintain a half-squat, and try to maintain your balance. We’re only descending bit by bit from zero gravity. At worst, we’ll land directly from here to the underground parking lot on the second floor. As long as we take protective measures at the height of three floors, there won’t be any major problems.”

Anhao nodded. In the dark, she could feel that Zuo Hanchengs hand had never left hers. When he was holding her and standing in the corner, he pressed down on her shoulder and gestured for her to bend her knees. Anhao did as he said.

Actually, she really wasn’t afraid of death…

It was just that all the power in the elevator seemed to have failed in an instant. It was not scary without the lights. What was scary was that the darkness around her made the memories hidden in the bottom of her heart emerge layer by layer. It was not just the nightmares of being kidnapped and locked in a dark room when she was young, nor was it just a simple claustrophobia.

She was slightly relieved to be surrounded by Zuo Hanchengs aura and temperature. However, because there was no electricity, no air conditioning, and the enclosed space in the elevator was too good, Anhao felt that she was almost out of breath after only a few minutes.

Zuo Hancheng held her hand as he helped her stand up. He could feel that her hand was getting colder and colder. He looked down at her in the dark and said,””Gu Anhao, I don’t remember you being so timid.”

Anhao closed her eyes and did not say anything. She did not explain either. The scene of her hitting Qi Weiran with her car three years ago kept replaying in her mind. She kept replaying the scene of Zuo Hancheng unbuckling his seatbelt and standing in front of her when she and Zuo Hancheng were almost hit by a dangerous goods vehicle..

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