Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon - C.40: She’s a Reasonable Person

Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon

C.40: She’s a Reasonable Person

In the corner of the scenic spot behind the school.

Zuo Zichen and a group of problematic students gathered together, with cigarette butts and instant noodles all over the ground.

"Did you find out clearly?" Zuo Zichen's expression was fierce!

Since yesterday afternoon, someone had been spreading the word about him, discussing his unusual relationship with Quan Zhisui.

What exactly was unusual about it?

When this news reached Zuo Zichen's ears, it made him very nervous!

Could it be that someone found out he was Quan Zhisui's illegitimate half brother?

He didn't want anyone to know he was Quan Zhisui's half brother born to a different mother!

He didn't want to admit that his mother was the mistress...

As soon as Zuo Zichen got off school, he gathered all the brothers together and started investigating. At that time, the rumors had just emerged and they didn't find out much in that short time.

But after one night, things started to go wrong.

Videos, photos, audio recordings...

flying all over the sky!

The whole school was discussing it!

The relationship between him and Quan Zhisui was also falsely spread as indecent!

This was even more infuriating than exposing his illegitimate child status!

How could Zuo Zichen tolerate this?!

At this time, his five little brothers were also furious.

"Found it. The source of the videos and photos was Zhou Chun from Class 2 (3) who spread them out."

"That girl looks quite pretty, obviously a goody-goody girl, didn't expect her to mess with our Brother Zuo behind the scenes."

"Daring to spread rumors about our Brother Zuo, we gotta kill her!"


"But Brother Zuo, you're not really chasing after that Quan Zhisui, are you?" someone suddenly asked.

Zuo Zichen fiercely flung his cigarette butt at this person: "Are you fucking asking to die?!"


Lunch break time came.

Kong Mingze woke up on time, just about to call Wei Shixu to eat lunch together, when Zhuge Ying took the lead to pull him away, and also dragged Quan Zhisui along.

"You two come with me to the office, the teacher is looking for you."

Kong Mingze panicked immediately: "What's the matter? I didn't do anything bad!"

Zhuge Ying: "No! To praise you!"

Kong Mingze was pleasantly surprised: "Wow! Really?"

Zhuge Ying: "Of course, the student who scored zero every time actually did the questions this time!"

Quan Zhisui: "What about me?"

Zhuge Ying: "The rumors."

When she said this, she glanced at Kong Mingze and found that the latter did not show any intention to ask more questions, which was completely contrary to his usual gossipy personality.

"Aren't you curious, Kong Mingze?" Zhuge Ying thought about it and still asked.

Kong Mingze: "Curious about what?"

Zhuge Ying: "The rumors about Quan Zhisui, they are spreading all over the school."

Kong Mingze: "Oh, they are false, so what's there to be curious about."

Even if he didn't know the truth, he wouldn't go chat about these things with people. Quan Zhisui sat just across the aisle from him, how could he not know what kind of person Quan Zhisui was?

Although he was a stupid fool, after messing around with Wei Shixu for so many years, he gradually understood one thing.

When looking at something, you can't just listen to hearsay. The truth and rumors can sometimes be completely opposite.

Wei Shixu's reputation at school was not necessarily very good either, but in Kong Mingze's heart, Wei Shixu was the best person in the whole world!

Zhuge Ying smiled slightly, her eyes softening.

Look! This guy is so reliable!

She turned to look at Quan Zhisui and coaxed: "Don't be angry, the school will definitely get to the bottom of this. I already told the teachers first thing about Zuo Zichen being your brother."

Quan Zhisui: "I'm not angry, but if you find out who took those photos and videos, let me know."

Zhuge Ying: "...Then what?"

Quan Zhisui cracked her knuckles: "Then I'll have a talk with them."

Zhuge Ying's mouth twitched: "What a way to have a talk."

Kong Mingze foolishly nodded on the side: "Yeah, that's right, always talk things out instead of using violence."


There were always a lot of people in the cafeteria. High school students had big appetites, so meal times were always bustling.

Zhou Chun went to the cafeteria with several female classmates, chatting as they walked, of course about the explosive gossip.

"Those photos and videos were so real, I didn't expect them to be together."

"I always thought Zuo Zichen was just causing trouble for Quan Zhisui, that they didn't get along. Who knew he actually wanted to pursue her?"

"The rich second generation's way of pursuing someone is really unique."

"But isn't it going too far for them to live together already in high school?"

"Of course it's going too far! What kind of person is Zuo Zichen? A little punk who chases girls, smokes, drinks, and fights all the time!"

"Quan Zhisui got together with Zuo Zichen as soon as she transferred here, she's quite crafty."


Listening to their nonsense chatter, Zhou Chun didn't say a word, but kept smiling the whole time.

That's right, Quan Zhisui was very crafty. On one hand ambiguous with Wei Shixu, on the other hand, going in and out of Zuo Zichen's luxury cars and home.

Her grades were so poor, yet in just a few days she cozied up to the two most famous characters at Liang Zhong.

Zhou Chun's eyes flashed with delighted light. Since Wei Shixu refused to listen to her, she would make Quan Zhisui's affairs known to everyone, and let the whole school know the transfer student's true colors!

She didn't do anything wrong. Quan Zhisui was a bad student to begin with!

Zhou Chun thought this way as she got her meal and started looking for a seat. From the corner of her eye, she saw Wei Shixu sitting in the corner.

Today Wei Shixu was alone.

Zhou Chun instinctively walked over, but suddenly a foot quickly stretched out and tripped her.


Zhou Chun was completely unprepared and fell straight down!


She took a big fall, her tray of food flew out, scattering food and dishes all over the ground, also dirtying her school uniform.

She also fell very hard, her knees hurting badly.

Zhou Chun's face instantly turned red!

How embarrassing, she actually fell down in front of so many people, and spilled all her food.

She instinctively looked towards Wei Shixu's direction, but found that he didn't even glance this way at all, not knowing if he didn't notice the commotion here, or deliberately ignored it.

Zhou Chun bit her lower lip, trying to get up silently.

But just then, more shadows appeared in front of her, and several people closed in and surrounded her.

When Zhou Chun looked up, she saw Zuo Zichen walking towards her.

His expression was fierce and sinister!

Zhou Chun was shocked, thinking it was over.

She had been so careful, could Zuo Zichen have found out?

But so what if he found out, riding in the same car, shopping together, saying "see you tonight", these were all facts!

How could he do it but not admit it?

Moreover, she was a teacher's pet good student, Zuo Zichen wouldn't dare do anything to her.

At this moment, Zhou Chun still had this delusion.

The five little brothers tightly surrounded her, like a round wall, blocking the view of the other students.

Zuo Zichen just strode over, reached out, and grabbed Zhou Chun's hair!

Her hair was very long, easy to grab.

"Ah--" Zhou Chun's screams rang out in the cafeteria hall.

"Fuck your mom!"

Zuo Zichen cursed as he dragged Zhou Chun along by the hair. She couldn't break free at all, her whole body like a mop being dragged.

Zuo Zichen didn't care about the spilled plates and food on the ground, he just walked right over it, getting Zhou Chun's uniform and face all smeared with the dirty food!

Her face and hair were completely covered in soup and oil, looking extremely disheveled.