Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon - C.42: Are the five of us part of your play

Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon

C.42: Are the five of us part of your play

“Are you looking to die?”

As she spoke, Quan Zhisui immediately grabbed the nearest plate of food and smashed it into Zuo Zichen’s face!


A loud noise rang out!

Zuo Zichen was stunned as food dripped down his face.

His hand grabbing Zhou Chun's hair also instinctively let go.

Wei Shixu, who had been calmly eating, blinked. He watched as the flying plate disappeared and glanced down at his uniform.

The meal Quan Zhisui had snatched belonged to him.

The instant she had grabbed it with immense speed and force, leaves of food were scattered onto Wei Shixu's collar.

He brushed them off with his hand.

Then he turned and sat at an angle, watching the scene unfold.

Another cry of shock erupted from the crowd, with fear from some, anticipation of drama from others, and shock all around.

Zuo Zichen hitting Zhou Chun, Quan Zhisui hitting Zuo Zichen?

What was going on!

Zuo Zichen was also stunned, looking at Quan Zhisui in disbelief: "Why did you hit me?"

"Why?" Quan Zhisui laughed angrily, "You're really shameless!"

You start bullying classmates as soon as your hand gets better, hitting girls, making trouble in the cafeteria.

You still have the nerve to ask why?

If it wasn't for her familial kung fu training last time, you would have treated her the same way, right?

As she finished speaking,

Quan Zhisui lifted Wei Shixu's tray high overhead and smashed it towards Zuo Zichen's head again!


With immense force.

Zuo Zichen crouched down from the pain, crying out miserably!

His five lackeys rushed forward to protect their boss. How dare this Quan Zhisui hit their Brother Zuo?

But before they got close...

Quan Zhisui turned with the tray in hand, crashing it down on each of them in turn, one, two, three, four, five!

Five strikes! All five crouched down just like Zuo Zichen, clutching their heads and grimacing in pain.


Quan Zhisui threw down the tray and scolded: "Apologize!"

Zuo Zichen hurriedly said while holding his head: "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!"

He didn't know why his sister hit him, so he apologized first.

"Not to me," Quan Zhisui said, turning back, only to find the girl had left.

"I was wrong! I was wrong! I was wrong!" Zuo Zichen kept apologizing sincerely.

His five lackeys were confused, looking between their Boss Zuo and the intimidating Quan Zhisui.

Weren't they supposed to beat up Zhou Chun?

Why was he now cowering and admitting fault!

And Boss Zuo...

Didn't you say you weren't pursuing Quan Zhisui? Why are you apologizing and acting like a wimp?

The five felt this was all too bizarre!

By now the crowds had started whispering, looking at them curiously and gossipingly.

Just then, Kong Mingze and Zhuge Ying squeezed through the crowd, equally astonished.

"What's going on?"

"What happened?"

Wei Shixu started complaining: "Quan Zhisui smashed my food and won't buy me a new one."

Quan Zhisui's mouth twitched.

Kong Mingze was the epitome of justice, immediately saying: "Quan Zhisui, that was wrong of you. How could you smash Wei Shixu's food?"

And Wei Shixu has a weak stomach, he can't miss meals!

Zhuge Ying didn't believe things were so simple. She looked around sensing something off, then questioningly at Quan Zhisui.

Obviously people were fighting here!

What's all this about smashed food...

Quan Zhisui collected herself and took out her meal card, handing it to Wei Shixu: "Sorry, here, go buy yourself another meal."

She was in the wrong here.

Wei Shixu pinched a corner of the card, looking at her meaningfully: "Together."

Quan Zhisui thought about it then nodded: "Alright."

She had to eat anyway.

The two walked off side by side, leaving the crowds behind with such meaningful gazes!

"What's going on here? Anyone know?"

"Don't know, it's confusing."

"Let me sum up. Zuo Zichen and Quan Zhisui have something unclear between them. Zhou Chun took and spread gossip videos and photos, so Zuo Zichen beat up Zhou Chun. Then for some reason Quan Zhisui beat up Zuo Zichen. Right?"

"Right. And in the end Quan Zhisui left to buy food with Wei Shixu. Those two really do have an intimate relationship as rumored."

"This is the first time I've seen Wei Shixu be so patient with a girl. He only used to have patience for Kong Mingze before."

"They must be dating right?"

"Then what about Zuo Zichen? He goes to and from school with her, they share a car, and even meet at night!"

"Zuo Zichen got beaten up, watching the girl he loves leave with Wei Shixu, silently bearing it?"

"My brain's going to explode! What's the deal with these three?"

"So bizarre! A love triangle?"

"Too shocking!"


Zhuge Ying maintained order: "Disperse, everyone disperse."

She also didn't know exactly what happened. If Zuo Zichen was beating someone, that should be reported to a teacher. But Quan Zhisui beating Zuo Zichen was just family dispute at most.

The key was, who was the girl that got beaten?

Covered in oil and food, Zhuge Ying didn't recognize her.

Kong Mingze reacted slowly, only now asking: "Wait, wasn't there a fight just now?"

Zhuge Ying: "..."

She really wanted to roll her eyes!


Only after his sister left did Zuo Zichen stand up, gingerly touching his head and sucking in a breath. Damn, that really hurt!

His five lackeys looked at him blankly, their eyes full of incomprehension.

"Boss Zuo...she hit you?" one of them asked.

Zuo Zichen nodded: "Yeah, hurts like hell."

Another said: "She hit us five too."

Zuo Zichen kept nodding: "I got hit so of course you'll get hit, obviously."

Utter nonsense!

Yet another spoke: "Boss Zuo, she left with Wei Shixu."

Zuo Zichen said irritably: "Could I have stopped her? Stop asking!"

With that, he turned and walked out of the cafeteria, deciding to go to the snack shop to calm down and get cleaned up.

His sister really held nothing back, would start hitting whatever the occasion!

Right now Zuo Zichen's face was covered in food, and his hair oily.

The five silently followed him out, the silence deafening. Each touching the spot on their head that Quan Zhisui had hit, shocked and resentful inside.

Didn't expect you were capable of this Boss Zuo, wedged between Wei Shixu and Quan Zhisui without any temper.

Then what were they, just taking a beating for nothing?

Were they part of your threesome play?