Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon - C.47: Is She Cold


Zuo Zhiyu certainly wouldn’t come back just because of a phone call from Quan Zhisui. He even completely disappeared for another two days.

On Monday morning, after practicing martial arts, Quan Zhisui went to eat breakfast. Seeing the weather getting cooler, she wore an extra piece of clothing inside her school uniform.

The only jacket she had worn for two days over the weekend was still in the dirty clothes hamper unwashed. It would take three hours to wash and dry it.

So now Quan Zhisui was wearing an undershirt plus a long sleeve martial arts uniform, with a school uniform jacket over it.

It was still tight and cold.

She decided to give Zuo Zhiyu two more days. If he didn’t send money, she would dismantle his study on the third floor!

After arriving at Liang Zhong, Zuo Zichen got off the car first, carrying Quan Zhisui’s schoolbag, “Sis, I’ll take you to class.”

His plaster cast was removed, as if he was reborn.

Quan Zhisui glanced at him and walked to the second floor of the teaching building.

At the same time when she arrived at the door of Class 1, she bumped into Wei Shixu who was also entering the classroom.

Wei Shixu's expression was indifferent as he glanced at Zuo Zichen following behind her. He didn't say anything and went to his seat.

Quan Zhisui was holding a notebook. It was the summary of key knowledge points in the second half of Grade 10 she had prepared over the weekend. She wanted to ask Wei Shixu about it.

But seeing his indifferent attitude, she didn't hesitate and went to find Zhuge Ying instead.

After sending Quan Zhisui to the classroom, Zuo Zichen went straight to Class 3 of Grade 10. He was chewing gum nonchalantly, and walked to the back door of Class 3...


He kicked the door.

"Surnamed Zhou, come out!"

He didn't say he would let Zhou Chun off.

Zhou Chun had already changed seats by now. She looked at the door being kicked and shook tremulously, on the verge of being kicked broken.

She had already been given a demerit and also removed from the monitor position.

Wasn't the matter over!

Zhou Chun didn't expect Zuo Zichen to be so ruthless, fearing nothing. He even dared to cause trouble in Grade 10 during morning reading class!

The continuous troublemaking and kicking the door soon attracted teachers. As soon as the head teacher of Class 3 saw it was Zuo Zichen, he felt a headache. He immediately called the discipline master.

After making a racket for a while, Discipline Master Zhang Li scolded him in the corridor.

However, Zuo Zichen looked completely nonchalant, chewing gum and making ‘pop pop’ sounds. While listening to Zhang Li’s scolding, he stood by the window staring straight at Zhou Chun inside the classroom.

Zhou Chun hurriedly avoided eye contact, her heart pounding rapidly!

What should she do? If Zuo Zichen came every day, wouldn't she not even be able to leave the classroom?

Could she still go to school properly!

Class 1 and Class 3 were separated by one classroom. Quan Zhisui was listening to Zhuge Ying's explanation very carefully and quickly clarified several difficulties.

"It feels quite simple after understanding it, right?" Zhuge Ying asked very proudly.

"Yeah!" Quan Zhisui nodded her head and made a fist to blow on it.

Zhuge Ying looked at her, "Are you cold? Period?"

Quan Zhisui said, "No, class is starting soon, I'll go back to my seat first."

Zhuge Ying said, "Okay, let me know if you have your period. I'll bring brown sugar water boiled by my mom for you."

Quan Zhisui said, "It's not my period!"

Wei Shixu, who was twirling his pen in the front row by the window, paused for a moment, and glanced at the slender figure from the corner of his eye.


She still looked the same as others on the surface.

But how could she look slender?

The moment the class bell rang, Wei Shixu got up and walked out of the classroom.

"Wei Shixu, where are you going?" Qian Ya stood at the door and asked in surprise.

"Dormitory." He said.

Qian Ya said, "But class is starting..."

"Feeling unwell." He said, and the person was already gone.

Qian Ya still wanted to show some concern, but soon couldn't see anyone in the corridor.

"Let's start class!" Qian Ya said as she walked to the podium.

The students in the class were not surprised at all. Wei Shixu had always been weird. His grades were good anyway, so it didn’t matter if he attended class or not. He would still be the first place.

Qian Ya was both the head teacher and math teacher. Quan Zhisui listened very attentively in class.

Wei Shixu was absent for the entire class, and only came back from the back door when the class bell rang.

Quan Zhisui felt something extra on her arm and looked back to see a black windbreaker.

"Mine, worn once." Wei Shixu's voice was emotionless. After giving her the clothing, he walked away.

Quan Zhisui looked at the jacket, then at his back.


So touching!

She hurriedly put on the clothes and zipped it all the way up.


Zhuge Ying in the front row just happened to look back and saw this scene, then silently turned her head back.

Wei Shixu got it!

Anyway, Kong Mingze came to class and slept through the morning, sleeping for a whole morning. When he opened his eyes at lunchtime, he first rubbed them several times, then started laughing out loud.

"Hahaha! Quan Zhisui! Hahaha!" He laughed exaggeratedly, laughing until the whole class looked back.

Quan Zhisui was organizing her morning class notes. Hearing him yelling, she looked up and yelled at him, "What are you laughing at!"

Kong Mingze was still laughing, "Why are you wearing such big clothes? Do you know what you look like now?"

Quan Zhisui asked, "What do I look like?"

Kong Mingze said, "Like a kid trying on adult clothes, like a cat wrapped in a blanket, hahaha! Whose clothes are these, so ugly and black!"

Quan Zhisui rolled her eyes at him. Indeed, the clothes she wore of Wei Shixu's were too big. She was the one practicing martial arts. Why was Wei Shixu so much taller than her?

Kong Mingze didn't see Wei Shixu when he woke up.

In recent days, Wei Shixu ignored everyone and was a loner. Kong Mingze was used to it by now.

Quan Zhisui was still busy with her studies. So Kong Mingze got up and was about to look for the class monitor.

But at this moment, Zuo Zichen's voice came from the corridor outside, "Sis! Lunch!"

Quan Zhisui frowned and shouted, "Wait a minute!"

She wanted to finish organizing her notes before going.

Zuo Zichen looked to the front row again, "Sis Ying! Let's have lunch together!"

Zhuge Ying frowned, somewhat disgusted, "What's up with you?"

Zuo Zichen had one hand in his pocket, chewing gum, "What's wrong? Sis Ying wouldn't look down on me, would you? I'm your good friend's brother! For my sister's sake, you should date me too!"

Zhuge Ying was even more disgusted. She looked back.

Quan Zhisui still had the last bit of notes to organize, just a little bit left.

So when she stood up, she was in an explosive state.


She directly kicked Zuo Zichen out the door.

"Don't come in!"

Quan Zhisui was really annoyed!

At the end of the corridor in the girls' bathroom, Zhou Chun trembled and hid in the corner. Seeing Zuo Zichen come to the Grade 10 corridor again during lunch, she didn’t even dare to go to the cafeteria to eat, and directly hid in the girls' bathroom.

Fortunately, Zuo Zichen went to find Quan Zhisui, and then...

He was kicked flying by Quan Zhisui!?

Zhou Chun's eyes were wide with shock.

So fierce...