Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon - C.52: What are you doing with dimensionality reduction

Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon

C.52: What are you doing with dimensionality reduction

In the afternoon long-distance race finals, all the students from Class 1 were present, and the class committee even brought a camera to film the event. The girls even formed a cheerleading squad, practicing their slogans.

When Quan Zhisui finished warming up, their homeroom teacher, Qian Ya, arrived!

Qian Ya had heard that Quan Zhisui had beaten all the sports students, so without hesitation, she came to watch the competition. It would be a great thing if Class 1 could also have a sports student!

Everyone who made it to the afternoon finals was a sports student, except for Quan Zhisui.

Most of the talented students in Liangzhong were concentrated in Classes 8 and 9, and only a few exceptional students with good grades and talents were allocated to Classes 1 to 7.

Classes 8 and 9 had sports students, dance students, music students, but they didn't have any martial arts students.

At this moment, there were a lot of students from these two classes on the playground. They often trained or competed outside, so it was rare for them to gather like this.

Quan Zhisui was a new face, and most of the sports students present had never seen her before.

Only Ling Ruoyun watched this scene with great caution, not daring to relax like she did in the morning. She glanced at the other sports students.

They were still chatting and laughing, completely unaware that they were about to encounter a formidable opponent.

Two minutes before going on stage, Quan Zhisui took off her outer clothes.

Homeroom teacher Qian Ya reached out and took them directly. "Let me hold your clothes for you. Go for it! Go for it!"

Qian Ya was almost overwhelmed with excitement!

Quan Zhisui smiled brightly and stepped onto the stage.

Instantly, the cheerleading squad from Class 1 started shouting.

"Quan Zhisui from Class 1! The undefeated martial arts prodigy of Wudang! Invincible! Invincible! Invincible!"

Then they started shouting "invincible" like crazy, their voices tearing through the air.

The students from other classes were startled, and the sports students in the finals widened their eyes one by one.

What's going on?

Are the little rookies from Class 1 going crazy?!

Only Ling Ruoyun stared intently at this scene, her gaze following Quan Zhisui's every move.

This time, Quan Zhisui's race track was next to hers again!

Quan Zhisui got into position, took a deep breath, exhaled all the air from her mouth, pressed her tongue against her palate, and lightly tapped her teeth.

Her breathing was steady and prolonged, and her state quickly adjusted to the level of a calm mind.

She ignored the gazes of the people around her, her eyes focused only on her own track, her senses concentrated on her legs, and the rhythmic shouts in her ears seemed faint, moving away from her.

Thump! Thump!

Only her heartbeat remained.


The whistle sounded!


Quan Zhisui's legs burst with energy in an instant!

What was kicked off was not just the friction between the sole of her shoe and the track, but an endless surge of immense power!

The class committee member from Class 1 captured Quan Zhisui's moment of explosive takeoff in detail, and almost blurted out 'Holy shit.'

It seemed like a whirlwind was kicked off by the soles of her shoes?

Even the gravel was flying!

Her eyebrows and eyes exuded a heroic spirit, and at the moment the whistle sounded, her eyes burst with an emotion, an invisible energy, particularly dazzling!

That gaze was incredibly fierce!

It was like the moment a large carnivorous predator hunts, and also like the fierce battle of a determined victor!

Even through the screen, it could startle the class committee member!

What did she set her sights on? To burst out such terrifying determination?

Oh, she set her sights on first place.

The desire to treat the school sports meet as a life-or-death battle intensified! Ling Ruoyun put in her utmost effort from the very beginning, this time not falling behind. She and Quan Zhisui simultaneously sprinted out at full speed.

Although the other participants didn't start slowly, after a few seconds, they realized something was amiss.

What are 0149 and 0930 doing?

Why are they flying?!

Right from the start, the two of them exerted all their strength, leaving the others trailing behind!

The other participants were dumbfounded. Wasn't this supposed to be a long-distance race?

Are you two treating it like a sprint and giving your all throughout the entire course?!

Don't you consider endurance at all?!

As for whether Quan Zhisui considered endurance or not, Ling Ruoyun didn't know, but she had made up her mind from the very beginning to unleash the strongest competitive spirit of an athlete.

She didn't want to lose!

However, as the race progressed, Ling Ruoyun discovered that Quan Zhisui was an absolute monster; she had left her behind by a considerable margin!

Doesn't this person experience fatigue?

How is she maintaining the same speed throughout the entire race?

From the high-speed start to the middle and even the latter half, she continued to surge forward!

How can she maintain that level of explosiveness from start to finish?!

Quan Zhisui's performance in the afternoon finals was even faster and more intense than in the morning. The girls from Class 1 went crazy, shouting at the top of their lungs.

Even Qian Ya was screaming like crazy, running alongside the track, desperately cheering for Quan Zhisui, completely disregarding her teacher's image!

Kong Mingze had a competition in the morning and didn't see Quan Zhisui's run, but since he didn't make it to the finals, he came along with the rest of the group to cheer for Quan Zhisui.

And so, Kong Mingze was left dumbfounded.

What kind of earth-shattering competition was this?

"Ah! Quan Zhisui, go for it!" He joined in with everyone's shouts.

Quan Zhisui's running was not only terrifyingly fast, but it also had a remarkable sense of power, as if she could knock a cow flying to its death with her impact!

A human projectile!

When the rushing wind brushed past everyone, they couldn't help but want to cheer for her!

The running girl was full of vitality, with strong and powerful limbs, generating an upward force, as if she wanted to soar up to the sky!

Destroying everything in her path!

Wei Shixu stood outside the crowd, silently watching with deep and focused eyes.

How can I catch up to a tornado?

"I want to learn martial arts too!!!" Suddenly, a girl shouted, brimming with admiration.

"Ah! Ah! Quan Zhisui, go for it!" Qian Ya's scream broke the sound barrier.

In the final ten meters, Quan Zhisui dashed past with a swift stride, and the people watching beside the track felt as if she had flown past them!

After finishing the race, Quan Zhisui was surrounded by everyone, thoroughly enjoying the moment.

She was truly the hero of Class 1!

Ling Ruoyun remained in second place, but she had actually broken her own record and left the others far behind.

However, she was gasping for breath, in stark contrast to Quan Zhisui, who was beaming with a smile in the distance.

A monster!

As for the other participants, they were even more disheartened, and after completing the race, they all looked towards Quan Zhisui, observing this terrifying human.

There were too many people around Quan Zhisui from Quanzhi High School. Besides his classmates, there were several teachers gathered around him.

Especially his homeroom teacher, Qian Ya, and the physical education teacher. They were both excited as if they had struck gold!

Wei Shixu was the first to approach Xuangui and said, "Give me a copy of the video."

Xuangui was still admiring the footage he had just captured and didn't even look up as he replied, "I'll just send it to the group chat. Quan Zhisui is so cool!"

Only then did Xuangui realize something was wrong. He looked up and saw that the person asking for the video was actually Wei Shixu?

Xuangui was extremely surprised!

You see, Wei Shixu never participated in or cared about these things.


Meanwhile, at Quan Zhisui's location, Ling Ruoyun approached her once again.

Ling Ruoyun was disheartened and asked with a complex expression, "I heard you just transferred here, and you're also an athlete?"

Quan Zhisui shook her head and replied, "I practice martial arts."

She used to be.

Ling Ruoyun immediately felt frustrated and said, "You're undermining yourself!"

If you practice martial arts, then go engage in martial arts competitions. Why are you doing track and field?!