Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon - C.58: Pull it, buy it for You

Chasing You Like a Tenacious Falcon

C.58: Pull it, buy it for You

“For the first blow, she strained her muscles.”

Wei Shixu said, then suddenly grabbed him again and slammed him forcefully against the wall!


“For the second, my forearm wound.”

Bang bang!

“The third and fourth, the two stitches Kong Mingze sewed.”

In total four blows, Zuo Zichen's head was slammed full of blood, and stars flashed before his eyes.

Zuo Zichen could no longer stand, his whole body slumped against the wall and sat down.

Blood gushed!

Wei Shixu looked down at him, his expression indifferent: “There is still one blow, you hit yourself.”

There was still one blow?

Zuo Zichen was almost fainting from the pain, he remembered Zhuge Ying was not injured, so why was there still one blow left!

But he dared not resist or ask, he crawled up with difficulty and slammed himself against the wall.

With a loud bang!

He hit very solidly, after hitting, his vision became blurred and he collapsed on the ground unable to get up.

If these five slams against the wall could make the Wei family let him go, it would be worth it!

The five little brothers were panicking and terrified, hurriedly carrying Zuo Zichen to the medical room.

As they left, their eyes toward Wei Shixu were full of confusion and fear.

Why could he make Brother Zuo so humble?!


The medical room.

Zuo Zichen's head was wrapped up like a mummy, he lay there sighing, his heart chilled to the bone.

Wei Shixu had come to beat him up personally, didn't that mean his sister had little hope with the Wei family?

How could he beat up his future brother-in-law!

Even disregarding Quan Zhisui’s relationship, Zuo Zichen now understood that he had no goodwill at all with Wei Shixu.

Let alone becoming online friends.

Thinking of this, Zuo Zichen was nearly furious, why was Kong Mingze so lucky?

The five little brothers accompanied him the whole time, they were very puzzled!

"Brother Zuo! Why didn't you fight back?"

"You didn't even let us fight back!"

"That brat surnamed Wei doesn't look like he can fight, what are we afraid of him for?"

"We outnumber them!"

At this time Zuo Zichen was too weak to even scold them: "You idiots! Do you know Brother Chen off campus?"

The five collectively shook their heads: "Don't know."

Zuo Zichen: "Brother Chen is the boss of that street to the west, all the shops on that street are his, and the group we often play pool with are all Brother Chen's minions."

The five began to exclaim.

"Is Brother Chen that powerful?"

"A whole street is Brother Chen's turf?"

"Brother Zuo! When can you introduce us to Brother Chen?"

"Brother Zuo, do you mean we should get Brother Chen to come settle that brat surnamed Wei?"

Zuo Zichen was about to roll his eyes, cursing: "Are you all idiots! What I mean is that even the great Brother Chen, his boss's boss's boss, would have to call Wei Shixu's grandfather boss!"

Saying this in one breath made his wounds hurt again, so he closed his eyes and lay there breathing deeply.

How stupid were these five, still wanting to beat up Wei Shixu.

After thinking about it for a good while, the five finally understood the severity of the situation, then shut up and said nothing.

No wonder Zuo Zichen was so afraid of Wei Shixu!


Zuo Zichen's head was wrapped for several days in a row, and his spirit was low.

Quan Zhisui didn't even ask, it was normal for him to get injured from fighting at school or off campus.

But it scared Xu Zhiyi and made her hug her son and cry in the yard, thinking it was beaten by Quan Zhisui again.

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This week passed very quickly, and the relationship between the four became closer. Wei Shixu's original plan to ask Quan Zhisui out was expanded by Kong Mingze into the four of them going shopping together and then having hot pot.

At 1 pm on Saturday, Zhao Lin sent Quan Zhisui to the agreed mall entrance.

Zhuge Ying was already there.

Zhuge Ying looked different without her school uniform, she wore a nice little skirt, let her hair down in curled waves, carried a single-shoulder bag, without any of the usual class monitor's sternness, looking lively and cute, the best of her 17 years!

Zhuge Ying saw Quan Zhisui from afar at the first floor entrance, standing on her tiptoes and waving to her: "Zhisui!"

Quan Zhisui was still wearing the sportswear Wei Shixu gave her, and walked quickly over to walk alongside her.

It was obvious Zhuge Ying was especially happy today, chatting and laughing: "This is my first time coming to this mall! Thanks to you!"

Quan Zhisui was surprised: "Aren't you from Liangxi originally?"

"I am!" Zhuge Ying laughed, "I can't afford to buy things in this mall, so I've never been."

Quan Zhisui's expression was not so good: "How expensive?"

Zhuge Ying spoke positively: "Wei Shixu won't let you pay."

Quan Zhisui: "I can't afford it."

Zhuge Ying just smiled without responding.

Soon Wei Shixu and Kong Mingze arrived as well.

Wei Shixu seemed to like wearing black clothes, this time wearing another style of black jacket, paired with a black t-shirt inside, black pants on the bottom, and black shoes as well.

He was very tall and good-looking, dressed all in black looked cool, and attracted quite some attention as he walked over.

While next to him Kong Mingze was very colorful, wearing an orange hoodie, white athletic pants, and grass green sneakers.

This colorful contrast made one's eyes almost go blind!

The two with such different styles walking side by side, one silent, one laughing and chatting, the visual effect was quite explosive. It made Quan Zhisui and Zhuge Ying who were familiar with them both pause and stare blankly in unison.

An ancient question once again rose in Quan Zhisui's heart.

These two, why, how, did they, become, friends?

Zhuge Ying found it really hard to keep smiling, she sighed and waved at the two.

Quan Zhisui expressionlessly waved along.

Kong Mingze circled around Zhuge Ying as soon as he arrived, exclaiming loudly: "Wow class monitor you look so pretty today!"

Zhuge Ying teased him: "Doesn't Quan Zhisui look pretty?"

Kong Mingze glanced at Quan Zhisui and shook his head: "She looks the same as usual."

Zhuge Ying was shown up by his frankness: "What I mean is... oh never mind!"

Kong Mingze: "I'm just telling the truth! But class monitor, how did you do your hair, it's so pretty!"

And he started praising again.

The two walked together very naturally, chatting as they went.

So Wei Shixu and Quan Zhisui silently followed behind them.

She looked up at the dark devil for a moment, silent.

Kong Mingze had shown up Zhuge Ying.

She was also shaded black by Wei Shixu.

Wei Shixu observed subtly and asked: "What's with that look?"

Quan Zhisui: "So dark!"

Wei Shixu: "..."

Quan Zhisui: "It's fine if you like it."

Wei Shixu: "Can I hold your hand?"

Quan Zhisui: "No."

Wei Shixu: "What about forcing it?"

Quan Zhisui: "I'll break your hand off."

Wei Shixu: "Do you still want new clothes?"

Quan Zhisui: "I'll buy my own."

Wei Shixu: "The clothes here start at five digits."

Quan Zhisui: "..."

Wei Shixu: "Let me hold for a bit, I'll buy you clothes."

Quan Zhisui: "Let's go to another mall."

Wei Shixu sighed: "Nevermind holding hands, I'll still buy you clothes."