Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.24 - If You Don’t Cherish Him, Then I Will

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.24 - If You Don’t Cherish Him, Then I Will

If you don’t cherish Lu Li, then I will cherish him!

In her previous life, Su Bingqing always saw Lu Li as an unforgivable villain due to Zhang Ziqin and Ye Chen’s influence. She thought he was harassing her bestie, maliciously causing trouble between Zhang Ziqin and Ye Chen out of unrequited love.

But later, she realized how kindhearted Lu Li truly was.

What Su Bingqing couldn’t understand the most was her friend’s behavior. At the time, including Su Bingqing herself, everyone thought Zhang Ziqin was dating Ye Chen, and Lu Li was the one love-stricken and spiteful.

Only later did she learn that her friend had always liked Lu Li and that nothing had happened between her and Ye Chen.

But who would believe it then? Even if Zhang Ziqin truly ended up with Lu Li, how would others view Lu Li? Would they see him as a fallback guy?

Su Bingqing couldn’t understand at all. If you didn’t like Lu Li, that’s one thing. After all, if you don’t have feelings for him, and he keeps bothering you, any cruel rejection is justified. But you clearly liked him, so why torture him?

Was it fun to make him lose face in front of many people repeatedly?

Was it to satisfy your wicked tastes, Zhang Ziqin?

Thinking of this, Su Bingqing’s gaze towards Zhang Ziqin carried a bit more malice.

This woman was like a spoiled child, wildly squandering Lu Li’s love, wasting his deep affection time and again, breaking his heart repeatedly. Zhang Ziqin’s actions were bound to push Lu Li further away.

A man’s love is finite. Once exhausted, it’s gone…

Thinking of what Lu Li went through, Su Bingqing couldn’t accept it.

In her previous life, after Lu Li died, their relationship had already shattered. Su Bingqing disdained to be sisters with such a woman.

“Bing Qing, let’s find a place to chat, I have something to consult with you,” Zhang Ziqin smiled at her sister in front of her.

She could only turn to this sister. Her assistant had told her the story of the prince and the princess last time, making her realize her terrible mistake. But some things couldn’t be shared with her assistant.

After all, she was just an employee, not that close.

“Perfect, I also want to ask if anything interesting has happened to you lately.” Su Bingqing smiled too, but her smile concealed a knife.

She wanted to see if the terrible outcomes had already begun.

Truthfully, after understanding her friend’s character, Su Bingqing had no desire to associate with her again.

In her previous life, Lu Li might as well have been killed by Zhang Ziqin.

Relying on Lu Li’s favor, she mingled with Ye Chen, breaking Lu Li’s heart. Then she used Lu Li’s resources shamelessly.

Tea leaves, twenty-one jin, how much do you, Zhang Ziqin, want! (tln : Tea leaves, twenty-one jin in this context, “茶叶” (tea leaves) metaphorically represents the resources or benefits being offered. so its just BingQin is upset with how gluttonous Zhang Ziqin)


“Are you waiting here, or coming down with me?” Lu Li turned to look at the anxious Chen Xiaoyi, smiling gently.

“Maybe… I’ll just wait here for you guys. It’s not good for me to join when you meet your friend,” Chen Xiaoyi didn’t even know how forced her smile looked.

Grasping Chen Xiaoyi’s hand, which was rough from long hours of labor yet as white as milk, “What if I insist you come with me?”

“If you insist on me going, what else can I say?” Silently cursing inside, Chen Xiaoyi’s reluctantly smiling lips seemed to undergo a slight change.

“You’re the boss; if you ask me to do something, can I even refuse?” Turning her head, her fair and bright cheeks slightly reddened.

“Let’s go, why are you still standing there? Do you expect me, your boss, to open the door for you?”

With a gentle smile, his words lacked any semblance of gentlemanly demeanor, shedding all pretense to act according to his true will. This simple act, which plagued Lu Li for an entire lifetime in his previous life, felt really good now.

System, damsels!

“Tch, stingy boss.” She murmured softly, knowing her boss was especially unkind – no, rather, unpretentiously kind – but still felt somewhat upset.

You rescued me like a prince on a white horse; can’t you try a bit harder?

Maybe if you were a bit nicer, I might fall for you!

Casting a deep glance at Lu Li, a complex emotion surfaced in her heart. Lu Li, the renowned young master of the Lu family with exceptional abilities, and she was just a lucky girl. From any perspective, she wasn’t a match for Lu Li.

“No, no, Chen Xiaoyi, what are you thinking about? When did you ever say you wanted to be worthy of Lu Li? It must be because the man treated you, you’re just grateful, yes, just grateful,” Chen Xiaoyi panicked, hastily justifying herself internally.


A resounding thump brought her back to reality.

“Ah! What are you doing?” She looked at Lu Li, aggrieved, holding her forehead.

“Don’t overthink; thinking too much will damage your brain. I, your boss, am still counting on you to make money for me. Can’t have your brain going bad.” Lu Li spoke, tapping Chen Xiaoyi’s forehead felt really good.

Truly addictive!

“Money, money, all you know is making money, damn capitalist.” She cursed Lu Li fiercely in her heart.

But that sense of loss and gain suddenly disappeared.

Truly a deeply sinful man, always like this. Whenever she felt emotional, he’d break it with a thump to her head.

Not letting her feel upset at all.

Bad man!!!

But it really felt warm!

Chen Xiaoyi herself didn’t notice, the arc of her lips becoming even more gentle.

Exiting the car, they walked towards the airport. Knowing Li Zichuan’s character, if Lu Li didn’t go personally, that guy really could stubbornly refuse to leave.

God knows who he learned that small temper from. Outside, this guy has a good reputation.

But towards himself, all the problems come out, without any concealment.

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