Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.30 - Tropes Not Even Trashy Movies Would Use

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.30 - Tropes Not Even Trashy Movies Would Use

“Scram! I’ve already said it last time, dirty rat, don’t talk to me. Can you even compare to Lu Li?” Zhang Ziqin looked at Ye Chen with disgust. This man, in her previous life, killed the man she loved most.

Her eyes couldn’t help but reveal a deep murderous intent, a stark contrast to the abandoned girlfriend facade she had just put on, as a cold aura enveloped Zhang Ziqin.

Making Lu Li angry, making him regret, taking revenge on Lu Li, does this guy think I’m a fool?

Right now, Zhang Ziqin only wanted to win back her lover.

“Enjoy your few more days of life. Once I’ve dealt with the forces behind you, your time of death will arrive.” Thinking murderously, Zhang Ziqin turned and walked into the banquet hall.

Watching Zhang Ziqin walk away, Ye Chen’s face darkened.

“Hahahaha, I say, Mr.… Rat.” A teasing laugh reached Ye Chen’s ears.

Liu Menghan, in a backless red dress, alluring and enchanting, finally spat out the most venomous words: “Do you think you’re incredibly smart, that all women should submit under your petty cleverness?”

Liu Menghan knew Ye Chen’s mentality too well. Always appearing sure of victory, his arrogance was nauseating. From him, one could always sense a disgustingly hypocritical vibe. He could flaunt his petty cleverness, but others couldn’t defy it.

In her previous life, she was actually tricked by such a creature. In a bid to compete with Zhang Ziqin, she repeatedly opposed Lu Li, causing their relationship to fracture.

Her eyes flashed with disdain as Liu Menghan’s voice turned icy: “When a man and a woman are arguing, and suddenly another man appears, telling the woman to make him jealous and engage in some intimate actions with him as a way to split the couple apart, so he can swoop in… Heh!”

“The worst movies wouldn’t even use such cliched plots, but Mr. Rat, you seem to have mastered it!” Sneering at Ye Chen, the murderer of Lu Li, Liu Menghan couldn’t let him go.

It turned out Zhang Ziqin surprised her this time. After being abandoned by Lu Li, she seemed to have smartened up.

And the woman by Lu Li’s side…

Liu Menghan’s expression darkened. For some reason, Chen Xiaoyi had somehow ended up by Lu Li’s side this life. Did that woman also reincarnate?

No, it must be just the butterfly effect.

She’d have to keep an eye on her in the future.

“But Zhang Ziqin got one thing right. What are you, to even compare with Lu Li?” Liu Menghan’s gaze was filled with murderous intent, her face…

“Miss Liu, you…” Ye Chen’s face turned even darker, shocked and angered by Liu Menghan’s words.

Zhang Ziqin was one thing, but this woman, who always clashed with Zhang Ziqin, also said he wasn’t worthy of comparing himself to Lu Li. What a joke. Placing Lu Li and him together was an insult to him.

Liu Menghan, the Miss of the Liu family in Hangzhou, wielded considerable power, holding chilling black forces in her hands, and had very close ties with a powerful family in the capital. Together, they dominated Hangzhou.

Liu Menghan, naturally charming and already managing the Liu family’s influence at a young age, was Ye Chen’s designated woman before he returned to the country.

But now she was speaking of him like that…

Having just witnessed a drama where the lapdog turns against the goddess he licked, the spectators saw another fascinating play, their eyes gleaming with intrigue.

Gazes turned towards Ye Chen, who failed to steal the chicken and lost the rice instead, as if watching a top-tier joke.

Ye Chen felt the gaze of these wealthy onlookers, his eyes flashing fiercely.

“Zhang Ziqin, Liu Menghan, you actually dare to humiliate me like this. Wait for it. I will make you kneel before me begging for forgiveness. And Lu Li, even though I don’t know what happened, you’re as good as dead.”

The consecutive rejection by two women he had designated for himself had ignited Ye Chen’s murderous intent.

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