Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.36 - Chen Xiaoyi Can Start Working Now

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.36 - Chen Xiaoyi Can Start Working Now

“Do you know much about Zhao Corporation?” Lu Li suddenly turned serious, looking earnestly at Chen Xiaoyi.

A fully-fledged business genius, Chen Xiaoyi, was what he needed, not just a cute little girl. If this woman couldn’t progress to the state he hoped for, he would have no choice but to apologize to her.

No, not even an apology was needed. This woman still owed him money!

It was only because in his previous life, Lu Li didn’t have much contact with this Chen Xiaoyi.

She hadn’t humiliated him, and she was capable; otherwise, he would have dealt with her like Lu Ya.

He was so certain because, in his previous life, Lu Li had never meddled in the affairs of the Lu Corporation. Even if there were any frictions, it was Lu Ya who handled them.

Thus, he knew this woman was one of the few female leads who had no grievances with Lu Li.

“Zhao Corporation is the external business of the Zhao family in Hangzhou City and is the economic lifeline of the Zhao family. They mainly engage in real estate development and property management.”

Chen Xiaoyi immediately presented everything she knew solemnly. Under Lu Li’s supervision, she had been continuously improving.

Being a top student, she naturally had her unique insights into business.

“Then let me ask you, if I have some dirt on Zhao Corporation, how should you act to maximize the benefits, or even bankrupt Zhao Corporation?” Having nurtured this girl for some time, it was time to put her to use.

Lu Li was not running a charity. Every investment must yield returns, and treating Chen Xiaoyi gently was also an investment. Judging by Chen Xiaoyi’s current attitude towards him, this investment was successful.

“If it’s dirt, then we can use it to incite public opinion, blow the issue up, and short-sell Zhao Corporation’s stocks in the market to maximize the benefits. If we want to bankrupt Zhao Corporation, we can also dump our stocks at a low price in a short time, causing panic among the stockholders. Many steps are needed afterwards, requiring cooperation from various departments.”

Chen Xiaoyi was earnest, meticulously answering Lu Li’s question.

Lu Li nodded in satisfaction; the female lead from the original story was indeed useful.

“I’ll give you the dirt on Zhao Corporation later, and have the company’s departments cooperate with you. Try to take down Zhao Corporation in one go.

With the size of the Lu Corporation, if you can’t do it, it would be a huge disappointment to me.”

This was the first time Lu Li showed his authority in front of Chen Xiaoyi.

“Yes, I promise to complete the mission.” Chen Xiaoyi’s eyes sparkled with joy; anyone could tell that Lu Li was paving the way for her.

Seeing Lu Li’s authoritative demeanor, she felt somewhat intimidated, now understanding her boss’s position.


With a nod, devoid of frivolity, he had already given enough gentleness. From now on, this woman had to officially start working for him, no need for further indulgence.

His gaze sneakily glanced at Ye Chen next to him, noticing the guy looked as if he was about to breathe fire. Lu Li smirked at him, wrapping his arm around Chen Xiaoyi’s slender waist, walking away.

Anything that could frustrate his enemy was a source of joy for him.

Lu Li understood Ye Chen, the protagonist of a wish-fulfillment novel, all too well. My woman can’t be touched by anyone but me, including the women I fancy.

Arrogant and self-centered, anything that defied him could enrage him.

A hint of mockery flashed in his eyes.

Ye Chen’s face darkened. In his eyes, Lu Li’s smile was a clear mockery.

“This damn trash, daring to offend me like this, a mere playboy, wait and see, I will make you die in front of me.”

Abroad, his status was extraordinary, having fought for many years to establish his own empire. How could he be humiliated by someone who relied on his family background?

“And Zhang Ziqin and Liu Menghan, I will make you kneel before me, watching how miserable Lu Li is under my hands.”

A trace of ferocity flashed across his handsome face, regarding those two women who were not as good as Lu Li as betrayal and humiliation to him.

“Grand Master Cao has arrived.”

A loud announcement rang out, causing everyone including Ye Chen to stop talking.

The doors opened, and a beautiful woman pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair slowly emerged.

Ye Chen was momentarily dazzled, not expecting to encounter such a beauty. Apart from him, who else could be worthy of such a woman?

She must be mine.

He thought to himself, his gaze burning with passion.

Securing her would mean gaining the support of the Cao family, beneficial whether for getting Tianlong Corporation into the domestic market or seeking revenge on Lu Li.

Lu Li also looked towards the woman on the stage. This woman, who had accompanied him until his last moments in his previous life, he also had a fondness for her, although unclear of her thoughts.

But that period of companionship was a rare light in the dark life of Lu Li’s past life.

Cao Yingying, pushing Grandfather Cao slowly to the center of the stage and standing firm, had an impeccable smile, surveying the entire hall. When she saw Lu Li’s familiar figure in the crowd, her elegant face bloomed with a beautiful smile.

“Long time no see, Lu Li!” she said to herself.

A trace of excitement and the joy of regaining something lost made Cao Yingying’s eyes slightly red, but she suppressed her impulse.

This simple smile made it seem as if all the colors in the hall were converging towards Cao Yingying.

Lu Li’s heart skipped a beat. In his previous life, he was numb, mechanically going through the motions of the plot, never really paying attention to Cao Yingying. Now, he seemed to understand how beautiful the only woman not won over by protagonist Ye Chen was.

Her intellectual beauty was perfectly displayed, like a fairy gathering all the wonderful things, her almond eyes filled with wisdom, every frown and smile, every movement exuded intellectual beauty.

Reason, wisdom, beauty, nobility.

A woman who embodied all these virtues.

“Thank you all for attending Grandfather’s birthday banquet. I, Cao Yingying, express my sincere thanks to all guests here,” she said, gracefully bowing slightly to the people below, dignified and proper.

“Your presence at Grandfather’s birthday banquet amidst your busy schedules is an honor for the Cao family and for me, Cao Yingying, personally. Thank you for your sincerity.”

With just a few simple words, all attendees’ fondness for Miss Cao increased significantly.

In the crowd, Zhang Ziqin’s gaze at Cao Yingying on the stage was complex. She bit her lip, blood seeping into her mouth, but she was completely unaware.

In her previous life, this woman took Lu Li away, preventing her from even seeing Lu Li’s last moment.

She didn’t even know when Cao Yingying got entangled with Lu Li.

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