Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.46 - Youmeng: I Remember Now

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.46 - Youmeng: I Remember Now

And then…

On the plane, Youmeng suddenly woke up, tears streaming down her face, her body trembling uncontrollably, clutching her heart, her lips so dry she couldn’t make a sound.

But from her mouth shape, one could tell Youmeng was continuously saying something.

“Big brother… I remember now, I remember everything.”

Suddenly, Youmeng stopped trembling and sat up straight.

The city she was abandoned in was called Modu.

The orphanage she lived in was called Sunshine Orphanage.

That big brother in her memories was named… Lu Li.

Lu Li from the Lu family of Hangzhou.


Youmeng’s Past

In the last life…

Modu, Sunshine Orphanage.

“Are you… Xiaomeng?” The hunchbacked headmistress, face full of surprise, looked at Youmeng before her.

“Yes, Headmistress, it’s me.” Youmeng was also full of surprise, feeling like a traveler returning home, looking at the children in the yard as if she saw her younger self.

“You child, just ran off without a word, do you know how worried grandma was?” The headmistress held Youmeng’s hand, her aged face beaming with excitement.

Youmeng felt her nose tingle.

“Do you know how close you were to scaring me to death? A perfectly fine little girl suddenly vanished.”

“I’m sorry, Grandma, I’m sorry.”

“Ah, don’t apologize to me. That big brother of yours, he went mad looking for you. You girl, never made it easy for your benefactor.” The headmistress sighed deeply.

“Where is big brother?” Youmeng’s eyes lit up. Finding big brother was her most important goal this trip back to the country. No matter who he was, she wanted to marry him, to be his bride. It was her wish from childhood.

“Ah, after you left, that young master came a few times but gradually stopped. You were gone, what’s the point in him coming!” Holding Youmeng’s hand, the kind headmistress sighed deeply.

“Is that so!” Youmeng was somewhat disappointed, hoping to learn about big brother’s whereabouts.

Over the years, she never stopped looking, but how could she find a big brother whose name she didn’t know.

“Grandma, I’m making money now, I want to donate to the orphanage.” Putting aside her emotions for the moment, Youmeng spoke to the headmistress.

“No need, no need. Now that you’re making money, you should live well, take care of yourself. When you get married, there will be plenty of places to spend money!” The headmistress smiled kindly.

“How could I do that? Grandma, you raised me, it’s time for me to give back.” Youmeng said firmly, pulling out a bank card and trying to give it to the headmistress.

But the headmistress was adamant.

“Alright, girl, no need. Since you came, Sunshine Orphanage hasn’t been short of money. Your big brother, every time he would bring a lot of money. After you left, although the young master stopped coming, he still donates to the orphanage every year. We are not short of money.”

Pushing the bank card back into Youmeng’s hand.

Youmeng was stunned for a moment, her heart warmed by the thought that big brother had been supporting the orphanage all along.

“Then, Grandma, do you know big brother’s name?” She asked eagerly, wanting to find him.

“Nope, the young master always refused to say.” The headmistress shook her head.

Youmeng bit her lip, disappointed. Without even a name, how was she supposed to find him?

In the days that followed, Youmeng was distracted, ignoring even the high-paying assignments from Ye Chen, constantly searching for big brother’s trace among Modu’s wealthy families.

But she never found him, making her wonder if big brother was avoiding her. Yet, she didn’t give up, continuing her search.

Until one day, she returned to the Sunshine Orphanage again.

“Xiaomeng, are you still looking for that young master?” The headmistress asked with a smile that bloomed across her face.

Youmeng nodded: “Yes, I will keep looking.”

“Hehe, if you had come back a day earlier, maybe you could have seen him.” The headmistress’s words brought joy to Youmeng’s heart.

“Grandma, you mean… where is he, what’s his name!” She asked excitedly, almost beside herself.

“Yes, the young master came back yesterday, even gave me a card, said he might not have the chance to come back in the future. A part of it is for use in the orphanage, and he said if you come back, to give the rest to you, for you to live well.”

Youmeng’s joy was uncontrollable, eagerly holding the headmistress’s hand.

“He said that was yesterday, of course, he’s already left!”

Youmeng’s heart tightened: “Then did big brother say his name?”


“…” Youmeng felt a chill in her heart, was she going to miss him again?

“But, grandma, I, using the phone you bought, secretly took a photo of your big brother!” The headmistress said with a mischievous smile, pulling out the phone Youmeng had bought for her.

Although she didn’t know how to use it well, even finding contacts was a struggle, she had learned to take photos.

Youmeng’s sadness turned to joy, snatching the phone from the headmistress. With the photo, she could find big brother, finally know who he was.

This answer that had troubled her for many years was about to be revealed, even Youmeng couldn’t help but have her heart race.

But when she saw the man in the phone, sitting on the grass where they used to enjoy most, staring at the sky, Youmeng froze.

She had seen this man before, in the mission information Ye Chen sent her. This man was on Tianlong’s hit list, initially tasked for her to kill, but she had been busy searching for big brother and ignored it.

He is… big brother?

Ignoring the headmistress’s calls, Youmeng frantically headed to Hangzhou, praying in her heart, faster, faster, and she could save big brother.

But in the end, all she could see was a pool of blood in that dark warehouse, the only trace big brother left behind.

He was dead! His body was taken away by the young miss of the Cao family.

Youmeng felt the world darken, her vision blacked out, and she fainted completely.

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