Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.51 - Grand Master Cao’s Matchmaking

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.51 - Grand Master Cao’s Matchmaking

“This sounds like… something a pimp would say!”

Lu Li couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his eye. He had little interaction with Grand Master Cao in his last life and hadn’t expected him to be like this in private.

With Grand Master Cao speaking so directly, he had no good reason to decline, especially with Cao Yingying looking at him expectantly. He nodded, agreeing to it.

But it still felt quite odd!

The plot never showed Grand Master Cao setting up Cao Yingying and Ye Chen like this!

Cao Yingying couldn’t help but blush, gratefully glancing at her grandfather. She really had no idea how to pursue Lu Li. After thinking all day, she just came up with the excuse of him needing to treat her grandfather and ran to Lu Li’s company.

The daughter of a wealthy family, after falling under the spell of love, behaved no differently from an ordinary girl.

Even if Cao Yingying was confident, elegant, and intelligent, she became uncontrollably flustered in front of the man she liked.

The treatment was indeed very simple. After a brief session of acupuncture, today’s treatment was over.

“Let’s go to dinner, Lu Li!” Trying her best to present her best self in front of Lu Li, Cao Yingying’s light makeup added a touch of gentleness to her expression.


“Young people should act young. That’s the spirit. You two have a good time, but of course, don’t overdo it,” Grand Master Cao said cheerily as he settled back into his wheelchair.

“Grandpa… what are you saying! It’s embarrassing.” Cao Yingying’s face turned even redder at his insinuating remarks.

Cautiously glancing at Lu Li, she found him still wearing that calm smile, which couldn’t help but deflate her spirit.

“Does this big idiot not understand the implication of Grandpa’s words? So dense, so dense!!”

“…” Lu Li didn’t know how to respond to that. Being reborn, he could face anyone mercilessly, but he was at a loss in such situations!

Facing Grand Master Cao, who was acting like a pimp, he was simply overwhelmed!


“Lu Li, I apologize for today. Grandpa knows there’s hope for him to stand again after the treatment the past few days, and he’s gotten a bit too excited,” Cao Yingying, her beautiful face tinged with red, couldn’t help but speak to Lu Li.

“Although Grand Master Cao is old, he has a young heart, which is good for his treatment,” Lu Li also felt somewhat helpless, completely unable to grasp Grand Master Cao’s thoughts.

“Let’s take my car. It’s not right to ask a lady to drive when she’s treating you to dinner,” Lu Li changed the subject, recalling the awkward scene just now made him helpless.

“Alright, I have a special place I’d like us to go to today for dinner,” Cao Yingying smiled softly, her tender gaze full of affection as she looked at Lu Li.

Lu Li’s heart skipped a beat, “Does this woman like me?”

That shouldn’t be! In this life, he had hardly any interactions with Cao Yingying, and even in his last life, they barely communicated.

Shaking his head, he didn’t want to think further. If Cao Yingying truly liked him, that would be a good thing for him. He genuinely had a good impression of this supporting character.

When you’re successful, everyone around you is a good person, but when you’re down and out, those who stay by your side are truly precious.

In those numb days of his life, this woman was always there by his side. It was impossible for Lu Li not to feel touched.

Cao Yingying directed Lu Li through turns, arriving at a nondescript small restaurant.

This was where she first shared a meal with Lu Li in her last life. After Lu Li passed away, she came here alone many times but could never find the original taste again.

Just like Lu Li would never appear before her again.

Now that she was reborn, she could finally have a meal with Lu Li, just the two of them. Cao Yingying’s heart was full of gratitude, her eyes brimming with tenderness as she looked at him.

“Do you like the food here?”

The surroundings were tidy, showing the place was well-kept, but the simple small restaurant seemed out of place with Cao Yingying.

“Yes, I’ve always wanted to come here at a specific time to try the food,” Cao Yingying said, taking a seat in a corner with Lu Li, nodding and gazing at him.

With you in this life, it’s wonderful!

“If you don’t like it here, we can go somewhere else.” Though she was hopeful, Cao Yingying was willing to change locations if Lu Li disliked it.

“It doesn’t matter. Since Yingying is treating, I’ll go along with it,” Lu Li smiled, not particular about the food.

He casually ordered a few dishes.

Then, Lu Li’s phone rang.

It was Chen Xiaoyi calling. He apologized to Cao Yingying with a smile: “Excuse me, I need to take this call.”

Cao Yingying didn’t mind.


“Lu Li, aren’t you coming home for dinner today?” Chen Xiaoyi’s gentle voice came through the phone.

Hearing a woman’s voice on the other end, Cao Yingying couldn’t help but look at Lu Li.

“Um, I won’t be coming back. I’m eating out with Miss Cao,” Lu Li said.


There was a brief silence on the other end, then she spoke: “I see. Also, a girl named Xiaomeng came looking for you. Security didn’t let her in. Do you know her?”

“Xiaomeng?” Lu Li frowned.

“Ask her if she’s Xiaomeng from Sunshine Orphanage?” There were many regrets left in his last life, including not saying goodbye to Li Zichuan properly and not seeing that girl he had helped one last time.

“She said yes!” Chen Xiaoyi replied after a moment.

A look of surprise appeared on Lu Li’s face. He hadn’t had much contact with that little girl last time. He didn’t know if he could change his destiny this time, so to not make the little girl too sad, he never told her his name.

And then the little girl went missing, impossible to find. But this time, she had found her way here.

He had avoided her, not even daring to tell her his name. But now, it didn’t matter. He had already dealt with one female lead and torn his face with the protagonist. What was there to fear?

“Let her in. She’s someone I know. I’ll have a good chat with her when I get back.”

“Got it!”

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