Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.53 - Grand Master Cao’s Matchmaking Is Ruthless

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.53 - Grand Master Cao’s Matchmaking Is Ruthless

“Grandpa…” Cao Yingying’s exceptionally beautiful face showed a trace of grievance, her eyes couldn’t help but redden.

“What’s wrong, did the Lu family’s young man bully you?” Grand Master Cao’s eyes widened with concern as he looked at his granddaughter.

His granddaughter, whom he couldn’t bear to see sad, and here was this young man from the Lu family making Yingying cry.

“Don’t be afraid, Grandpa will teach him a lesson for you!”

“It’s not that, it’s me, I think I said something wrong, and Lu Li was particularly cold towards me.” Cao Yingying shook her head, her eyes glistening.

“Hmm… Tell me, what happened?” Grand Master Cao furrowed his brows.

“It’s like this…” Cao Yingying recounted everything that had happened to her grandfather.

After listening silently, Grand Master Cao sighed helplessly, rubbing his granddaughter’s hair: “You girl, everything is fine, but when it comes to matters of the heart, you just can’t see clearly!”

“Grandpa, why did Lu Li suddenly become so cold?” Cao Yingying still didn’t understand.

“Ah, you, you! You’ve been ensnared by that young man from the Lu family.” Seeing his granddaughter with tears in her eyes, Grand Master Cao couldn’t help but sigh.

His granddaughter had always been intellectual and beautiful, never once so heartbroken over a man.

“Well, let Grandpa tell you!” Cao Yingying dried her tears and began to listen attentively.

“You know about the young man from the Lu family pursuing that girl from the Zhang family for eight years, right?” Grand Master Cao didn’t directly answer but instead asked Cao Yingying.

“Yes, I know, but that woman doesn’t deserve Lu Li!” Mentioning Zhang Ziqin, Cao Yingying’s eyes involuntarily flashed with disapproval.

Even though she had briefly allied with Zhang Ziqin against Ye Chen in her previous life, Zhang Ziqin’s repeated humiliations towards Lu Li, breaking his heart time and again, were something Cao Yingying couldn’t accept.

Especially since that bastard Ye Chen was brought into the picture by Zhang Ziqin.

Grand Master Cao looked at his granddaughter and sighed helplessly, realizing she truly cared deeply for the young man from the Lu family: “Whether she deserves him or not, we’ll talk about that later. The young man from the Lu family pursued the girl from the Zhang family for eight whole years without giving up. What do you think of him?”

Of course, Lu Li is the best!

Whether it was through the lens of love or not, Cao Yingying believed so. The time spent with Lu Li in her last life let her know a lot about this man, things others didn’t know, but she also realized her grandfather’s words carried an unusual meaning.

Hesitating a bit: “Lu Li is someone who takes relationships very seriously.”

“Exactly! Eight whole years. Even now that the young man from the Lu family has given up on the girl from the Zhang family, it’s her fault. But the young man from the Lu family is truly affectionate!”

Grand Master Cao looked at his granddaughter, sighed, and said: “Yingying, you like the young man from the Lu family, then confess, pursue him. Why opt for pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend? The young man from the Lu family takes relationships so seriously, do you think he would accept such a seemingly frivolous approach?”

“Um!” Cao Yingying realized her mistake.

Right! How could someone who takes relationships so seriously like Lu Li enjoy such a transactional approach?

“Then Grandpa, what should I do?” she asked nervously.

“Girl, you can’t have anyone but the young man from the Lu family?” Grand Master Cao asked back.

“Yes, I’ve set my mind on him.” Cao Yingying confirmed without hesitation, having lost Lu Li once from her last life to this one, she couldn’t lose him a second time.

She hadn’t fallen in love with anyone else but Lu Li, Cao Yingying knew her feelings for Lu Li.

“Ah, well, well, I really don’t know if the young man from the Lu family has fed you some sort of love potion.” Glaring at his granddaughter, Grand Master Cao said irritably.

“Grandpa, I know you must have a way; please help me!”

“The next time the young man from the Lu family comes, talk to him properly, express your feelings,” Grand Master Cao said leisurely, teasingly looking at his granddaughter: “How about it, got the courage?”

“Express… everything?”

A blush of shyness crossed the beautiful, intellectual face of Cao Yingying.

“Yes! If you like him, then say it openly. What fake boyfriend and girlfriend? You girl, are you out of your mind.” Grand Master Cao nodded, glaring at his granddaughter irritably.



What to say about Lu Li? A bit disillusioned, perhaps!

But not much of a feeling either. Although grateful to Cao Yingying, after all, they hadn’t communicated much. In his last life, although he didn’t know why Cao Yingying stayed by his side during his final days.

But Lu Li thought it must be because he had helped her treat Grand Master Cao.

It was a not too big, not too small favor. Plus, he was numb at that time and indifferent to her, perhaps igniting Cao Yingying’s competitive spirit.

But at that time, he was genuinely not in the mood to pay attention to Cao Yingying. Not because of indifference, but because he was numbed by the torments of Lu Ya and Zhang Ziqin.

Although grateful, it didn’t reach the extent of liking. As long as Cao Yingying didn’t run to Ye Chen’s side, and the Cao family owed him a favor, that was enough.

Although Cao Yingying’s proposal was indeed attractive, just pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend to get the Cao family’s support, it would be tempting for any family, a shortcut to the top!

It could save Lu Li several years of effort, but he didn’t like it.

He couldn’t accept fake emotions. Having gone through his last life, he accepted it even less.

Even if it was about love, he must be the one in absolute control. Lu Li wanted absolute control.

Shaking Cao Yingying out of his mind, not thinking about her anymore, Lu Li didn’t expect the little girl he had helped as a child to find him.

To think, he hadn’t even told her his name! How did that girl find him?

He also didn’t know how the girl had been these past few years. Initially running away from the orphanage, Lu Li thought she was probably doomed, not expecting there would still be a chance for her to come back.

On the day before his final chapter in his last life, he visited the Sunshine Orphanage again, giving all his bank cards to the kind headmistress. He heard Xiaomeng came back, but unfortunately, his final chapter arrived the next day, not allowing for one last meeting.

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