Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.57 - Lu Li: Go and Kill Ye Chen

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.57 - Lu Li: Go and Kill Ye Chen

Chapter 57: Lu Li: Go and Kill Ye Chen

“Just want… to stay by my side… to protect me?”

Murmuring this phrase, Lu Li spoke in a tone filled with intriguing implications. He had spent over a decade on Lu Ya, eight years on Zhang Ziqin, but what had he gained? What he received was their ruthless humiliation after Ye Chen appeared.

It couldn’t be considered a betrayal, because after all, he and Zhang Ziqin had nothing between them. But that humiliation, Lu Li remembered.

As for Lu Ya… she’s already dead…

Yet, the Yu Meng before him, who had stayed by Ye Chen’s side for so many years, claimed she wanted to protect him. This selfless posture of devoting herself at any cost left Lu Li baffled.

Was it all because of the bond they shared over the years?

Especially the tenderness in her gaze made it really hard for Lu Li to discern the truth, because it seemed all too real.

He was confident in his ability to read people’s emotions; Chen Xiaoyi was one example. She had fallen for him, but in his presence, she showed a natural inferiority complex, hesitating to get closer, afraid of being too forward – all of which Lu Li saw clearly.

But the woman before him was ‘Dark Moon’, a character known for her disguises in the story, an admirer of the protagonist Ye Chen, and the murderer who killed him in the end.

He found it hard to be sure.

“Uh-huh! Big brother, believe me, Xiao Meng will always be your Xiao Meng, and will never betray you.” Holding onto Lu Li’s legs, Yu Meng looked up at him, trembling.

“Alright, since you so wish to stay by my side, but I don’t trust you, how about I give you a chance?”

“Big brother, just say it. Whatever you ask me to do, I’ll do it.” Grasping at straws, Yu Meng couldn’t bear to leave her big brother; she couldn’t live without him!

“The head of your family now lives in the Zhao household, and both he and his family have wronged me. I want you to deal with those people now, especially your ‘master’. I want his head.” Guardedly, Lu Li whispered into Yu Meng’s ear like a devil’s whisper.

With just a slight movement, Yu Meng could touch Lu Li’s neck, presenting a perfect opportunity.

As a top-notch assassin, Yu Meng couldn’t possibly be unaware.

Yet, there was still no movement from Yu Meng, causing Lu Li to frown slightly.

“Alright, big brother, I’ll make sure to take care of those people in the Zhao household, and Ye Chen isn’t my master, please don’t misunderstand.” Looking up at Lu Li with some difficulty, Yu Meng nodded firmly without a hint of hesitation, and couldn’t help but defend herself.

What consequences, what schemes, none of that mattered now. Big brother had agreed to her, after dealing with those people from the Zhang family and Ye Chen, she could stay by his side.

As long as she could prove herself, big brother would accept her.

“Now, get out of my house!”

Pulling away the hand that Yu Meng had on his leg, Lu Li left the room with one last remark, his heart in turmoil.

Even if he told himself that the woman before him was good at disguises, was Ye Chen’s person, was the person who killed him in the last life, his eyes told him that everything Yu Meng said was true.

He had presented her with opportunities to attack him repeatedly, but Yu Meng never touched him once. As an assassin, it was impossible not to notice.

Was she so sure that he would consider past feelings and not harm her, or was it for some other reason?

Is what she said true…?

If it’s true, what should he do?

Yu Meng stood up shakily, fiercely wiping the tears from her face, her sad face breaking into a smile that was uncertain whether it was of happiness or sorrow.

“Big brother said, as long as I kill Ye Chen, I can stay by his side, he will forgive me. As long as I kill Ye Chen, he will forgive me.”

“Killing Ye Chen, I’ll prove that there’s nothing between Ye Chen and me, and I can stay by big brother’s side. I want to prove to big brother, I belong to him, only to him, the person I love is only big brother.”

Yu Meng picked up the clothes scattered around, dressed neatly, and left the Lu estate, her eyes shining with an almost unbearable murderous intent.

Lu Li stood by the window, watching Yu Meng leave. Sending Yu Meng to kill Ye Chen seemed somewhat absurd; after all, he was the protagonist, how could he be so easily killed? If Yu Meng was insincere before, she wouldn’t act against Ye Chen and would only increase Ye Chen’s malice towards himself.

But Lu Li wasn’t afraid; when the time comes, he’d just have to deal with the two of them together. He and Ye Chen were sworn enemies; he longed for Ye Chen’s hatred.

Having your enemy despise you is a kind of pleasure.

If Yu Meng’s previous words were true, and she really acted against Ye Chen, perhaps she would be killed by Ye Chen.

That would be Yu Meng’s fate.

Leaving the window, Lu Li no longer cared about Yu Meng and headed to Chen Xiaoyi’s room. The fully evolved Chen Xiaoyi had already turned into the style he liked, and Yu

Meng’s arrival today had given Chen Xiaoyi a sense of urgency. It was time to puncture that window paper just right.

“Lu Li… why are you here!” Timidly holding the blanket, covering herself, her cheeks flushed red, completely unaware of how tempting she looked.

“The night is long, and I’m not sleepy. I just want to talk with you through the night and watch the sunrise together.” Smiling wickedly, he approached directly.

In terms of adjusting the mood, Lu Li had it under control.

Yu Meng’s appearance not only made Chen Xiaoyi feel threatened. Regardless of the future, he had to reap his reward from this woman.

“Miss Yu Meng finally found you, after going through so much to meet you, aren’t you going to spend time with her today?” A hint of jealousy flashed in her eyes.

But she didn’t break away from Lu Li’s strong grip.

“Don’t mention her!” Lu Li’s brow furrowed.

This left Chen Xiaoyi somewhat confused: “What happened?”

“Yu Meng might be a spy sent by that Ye Chen, and that Ye Chen’s identity is no simple matter!” He didn’t hide it, his disdain plain on his face.

Chen Xiaoyi was deeply rooted in her feelings for him; he didn’t deign to compete like a monkey in a zoo for a woman’s favor against the protagonist, playing those petty jealousy games.

“A spy!” Chen Xiaoyi was taken aback.

“Wasn’t she the one you helped when you were young? How could she…” Having received Lu Li’s help, but then turning around to help someone else against Lu Li, was that Yu Meng ungrateful?

“Not quite sure, but almost. It’s true that she was sent by Ye Chen.”

Chen Xiaoyi covered her mouth: “This…”

Regarding that Ye Chen who had aggressively pursued Lu Li at the old Mr. Cao’s birthday party, she had no good impression. Now that Lu Li said he was no simple character.

And even sent a spy to Lu Li’s side.

“Damn bastard, if you dare harm Lu Li, I’ll kill you.”

Thinking this in her heart, a glint of murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

“Alright, let’s not talk about those unhappy things. When Yu Meng kissed me before, someone seemed almost ready to cry, huh!”

“I was not… mmm…”

Before Chen Xiaoyi could defend her blushing self, Lu Li kissed her lips.

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