Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.69


Chapter 69: Preferring Such Favoritism

After the meeting ended, Chen Xiaoyi was brought to the CEO’s office, and as soon as she entered, she couldn’t help but deliver her own passionate kiss. The temperature in the room seemed to soar instantly, and this state lasted for quite a long time.

After who knows how long, the intense sensation gradually subsided.

“Aren’t you afraid of people gossiping, saying you became the general manager through unspoken rules?” Lu Li looked tenderly at the girl clinging to him like a koala.

“It’s exactly that. I willingly let you ‘exploit’ me; let them say whatever they want.” Chen Xiaoyi pouted, not caring in the slightest.

The appearances of Cao Yingying and You Meng brought her significant pressure. Let’s not talk about You Meng, who has been parading in front of Lu Li as a white silk maid, a black silk maid, day in and day out. It’s clear what she’s aiming for!

But a small maid carrying a criminal’s stigma really has no chance before Lu Li puts away his prejudices.

As for that Miss Cao, it’s more evident that, without fighting or grabbing, with her quiet demeanor, she even maintains a good relationship with herself. Every time Chen Xiaoyi sees her, she feels immense pressure.

That ‘smile of the big madam’ is really terrifying.

Not to mention the high-class temperament Cao Yingying developed over the years naturally makes Chen Xiaoyi involuntarily bow her head.

Chen Xiaoyi truly worries that one day, Lu Li will forget her. That’s the only thing she can’t accept.

“You’re quite forthright.” Lu Li chuckled, already quite familiar with Chen Xiaoyi.

“There’s nothing to hide. In the future, I’m your little darling, as we agreed. You’re not allowed to go back on your word.” Staring at Lu Li with deep affection, her cheeks flushed a slight red. This was what Lu Li promised her the first time they were together.

“Why would I regret it?” Chen Xiaoyi, in many senses, is competent and particularly obedient. Lu Li likes the kind of favoritism she shows him.

“That’s good.”

Just then, the office phone rang.

Lu Li answered. It was from the receptionist.

“President Lu, Zhang Company’s President Zhang and Miss Su Bingqing from the Su family are here. Should we let them up?” the receptionist asked tentatively.

Even though Lu Li had previously instructed that Zhang Ziqin should be told to get lost whenever she came, today Su Bingqing was also with her, making it necessary for her to report.

“Again? Looks like it’s time to take action against Zhang Company.” A hint of hostility flashed in his eyes. Zhang Ziqin appearing at the Lu family estate’s gate last time disgusted him, and now she dared to show up in front of him.

“Tell them to leave. From now on, no matter who Zhang Ziqin brings, there’s no need to call me.” Lu Li replied coldly, not really blaming the receptionist for such a minor matter but dismissing it with a cold statement.

“President, the ladies said they have very important business matters and hope to collaborate with you.” The receptionist paused, indicating Zhang Ziqin had said something.

“I won’t repeat myself.” Annoyance flashed in his eyes as he decisively hung up the phone.

There are several female protagonists Lu Li is determined to deal with: Zhang Ziqin, Su Bingqing, Liu Menghan. All of them were most vehement in egging on Ye Chen when he insulted Lu Li, and none will escape.

Among them, Lu Ya and Zhang Ziqin disgust him the most. One, a relative of many years, and the other, a long-time pursuit. Their insults were what truly chilled the previous Lu Li’s heart.

“Don’t get angry over those people. It’s not worth it,” Chen Xiaoyi looked at Lu Li tenderly, worry in her eyes.

She also hated Zhang Ziqin, especially knowing how she treated Lu Li. Lu Li was so good to her, helped her through her company’s crisis, and gave her so many company resources. What envy-worthy affection!

Such a gentle Lu Li was disdainfully pushed away by Zhang Ziqin. Now that Lu Li has achieved success, she shamelessly sticks to him, truly disgusting.

“I know, so my little darling should work hard to bankrupt Zhang Company soon, and then I can deal with Zhang Ziqin once and for all,” Lu Li raised his eyebrows, knowing this woman would not go against his wishes.

“I will definitely do my best,” Chen Xiaoyi said determinedly, having promised to do anything for Lu Li.

Not to mention her own full hostility towards that woman who repeatedly hurt Lu Li.

“Indeed, my good darling, let’s talk about some of the groups we need to deal with later!” He loves this girl who shows him unconditional favoritism.

It’s just that one always longs for what they lack, and Lu Li loves this kind of favoritism.

“The two of you, our president is very busy. Please leave!” The receptionist hung up the phone, sweat beads forming on her forehead.

Her one extra question might have already annoyed the president. It’s all because of these two people in front of her.

Su Bingqing’s smile froze slightly. She hadn’t expected Lu Li to be so decisive in cutting off ties, not willing to see them even when she, the Miss of the Su family, brought Zhang Ziqin along.

A glee filled her heart. Since Lu Li had given up on Zhang Ziqin so thoroughly, could she pursue him without any reservations?

Reincarnated for a second life, would she really miss out on Lu Li again because of Zhang Ziqin?

For a moment, Su Bingqing felt a strong urge to leave Zhang Ziqin behind and go see Ye Chen by herself, but seeing Zhang Ziqin’s abandoned kitten-like appearance, with tears about to fall, she ultimately softened her heart.

“Ziqin, don’t be sad. You treated Lu Li the same way before. He’s just returning to you the way you treated him!”

Zhang Ziqin tried her best not to let her tears fall: “I know, I know, this is all what I owe him. I don’t blame him, but I just want to see him once!”

“Lu Li probably wanted to see you once before, but it must have been difficult, right?” Su Bingqing said softly, though she felt pity, seeing Lu Li taking his revenge gave her a secret thrill.

Zhang Ziqin bit her lip, her eyes reddening further, feeling the cutting pain more acutely, struggling not to lose her composure, her hands clenched, her fingernails digging into her palms, droplets of blood falling between her fingers.

“I have to keep trying. One day, Lu Li will see. What’s happening now is nothing compared to what Lu Li has endured,” she silently cheered herself on.

Feeling the pain she once caused Lu Li, if she didn’t encourage herself, given Lu Li’s current attitude towards her, Zhang Ziqin might indeed break down.

“Let’s go. You won’t see Lu Li today.”

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