Global Beast Taming: Awakening Top 10 SSS Talents at the Beginning - C.260 - 259 I never just sit around and wait for death!_1

Global Beast Taming: Awakening Top 10 SSS Talents at the Beginning

C.260 - 259 I never just sit around and wait for death!_1

Chapter 260: Chapter 259 I never just sit around and wait for death!_1

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“Even if Wu Yan took action, that mixed-breed bird can’t cause much of a stir!”

At the top of the Tower of Eternity, one of the twelve shadowy figures spoke. His voice was deep and echoed through the darkness. He had the form of a child who was only about 1.2 meters tall.

However, given his position, he was undoubtedly nontrivially powerful.

“Didn’t we think the same when the clone made its move?”

The words of the red-haired youth caused slight displeasure to flash on the child’s face, but he said nothing.

Everyone’s attention turned to Wu Yan’s battle with The Great Golden Sun Crow. Simultaneously, Ye Feng and the other five Imperial Beasts were faced with new adversaries.

Ye Feng narrowed his eyes. Even though the man before him concealed his aura impeccably, looking no different than an ordinary person, Ye Feng’s instincts told him that this foe was countless times stronger than the previous one.

This person poses a real threat to him!

Considering this, Ye Feng knew that the Tower of Eternity was restless. On the other hand, the previous man seemed more like a bluff, trying to size him up.

Now that they had unleashed such a strong opponent, it meant they were confident.

But did they truly know the extent of his ability?

Ye Feng watched silently as a character slowly emerged from the depth of space, his expression inscrutable.

Elsewhere, The Great Golden Sun Crow saw a grey light appear in front of her true form almost instantly. Too late to react, she transformed into her elemental form and employed her talent skills immunity to damage and immortality.

A formidable explosion erupted in the fabric of space resulting in a blast of Yuan Qi, the collapse of the area, and harshly shaking the entire Eternal Tower, even the structure itself swayed.

But, the current Eternal Continent was already in a state of massive disorder, nobody paid attention to the shaking of the self-contained world of the Tower of Eternity.

Moreover, the Tower of Eternity was enveloped in a layer of Eternity’s Light, and its vibrations went unnoticed by ordinary people.

Even the Eternal Clan had once tried to break through the defenses of the four major forces, but the Light of Eternity was too strong.

Moreover, the Eternal Clan had once been defeated by a ferocious beast of the Chaos World, so naturally, they didn’t dare to infringe on the vital interests of the four major forces again.

The Eternal Continent alone was already more than enough for them to fill their coffers.

“It worked!”

At the peak of the Tower of Eternity, the childlike figure’s eyes lit up. Wu Yan was his man, of course, he hoped that Wu Yan would come out on top.

However, when he saw the perfectly unharmed Great Golden Sun Crow on the screen, his face grimaced.

“It seems that Wu Yan must be careful. After all, at the end if he hasn’t subdued the opponent, he might be taken down by them.”

“You should know, a Guardian with the Power of Eternity in his body is beyond compare to mere collectors. If they obtain it”

The enchantress’s words darkened the child’s face even more.

“Alright, let the six Guardians distract those six Imperial Beasts, the other six shall deal with that foreigner.”

“He is the biggest variable.”

The figure hidden in the shadow in the middle of the twelve spoke up and shook everyone’s body slightly.

“Is such a grand response necessary?” asked the white-haired old man, raising his tone a notch.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the saying: ‘When a lion fights a rabbit, it still uses all its might’, considering your age?”

Following that man’s remark, everyone else fell quiet.

Yes, near endless life spans had almost made them forget that saying.

However, having made it to this point, none of them were idiots, so they knew what needed to be done next.

Consequently, Ye Feng found the number of enemies he was facing rise, going straight from one to three.

“Shit you can’t play fair, huh!”

A feeling of crisis skyrocketed in Ye Feng’s heart and he withdrew, creating distance between him and his enemies.

While new changes were taking place in the Tower of Eternity, all creatures on the Eternal Continent huddled and hid, but could not avoid being captured by the Eternal Clan. Meanwhile, in the West of the Eternal Continent, a rainbow descended from the sky, landing in an endless range of low mountains. It was Ao Hai from the Tian Long Clan. 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

In the blink of an eye, the powerhouses of the Thunder, Sovereign Ling, Li Heng and Jie Kun appeared, not far behind him.

“Didn’t expect Brother World to be prepared with a mythical Breaking Boundary Symbol.”

“It seems, Brother World also came prepared.”

Li Heng’s words held a jovial curiosity his gaze toward Jie Kun.

“Heh, don’t tell me your Nili Clan doesn’t have any other tricks up its sleeve, considering I had to step in and assist that suicidal Ao Hai.”

Upon hearing their conversation, Lei Yan and Sovereign Ling, standing to the side, couldn’t help but curse under their breath.

Previously, it was their clans who were the most dominant, but now the Li Clan and World Clan had usurped their place.

Neither of them could do anything about it given the fact that this time it was their factions seeking the alliance of the others.

If they had not allied with the Li Clan and the World Clan, the fallout for both their clans within the Eternal Secret Realm would have been catastrophic.

Thinking of this, both of them utterly loathed the Six-eyed, Taotie Clan, Dark Serpent, and Tian Long Clans.

They knew that intense hatred could be transformed into immense power.

So when they saw Ao Hai appear, the killing intent in their eyes was almost palpable.

“Ao Hai, at the end of the road, today, in these mountains, your death awaits.”

“I wonder, how will the higher-ups of the Tian Long Clan feel when they discover that you, their most promising candidate to reach the Supreme realm, have been slain by us?”

Lei Yan felt an indescribable pleasure in his heart. Even though Sovereign Ling remained more composed compared to Lei Yan, he was extremely excited as well.

“It’s amusing how you think you can escape this Eternal Secret Realm. We’re all going to die eventually, I might as well die before you lot since you lot are bound to die more miserably than me.”

Ao Hai grinned, showing a cold, dreadful smile.

“And besides, waiting to be slaughtered has never been my style!”

The moment Ao Hai’s words ended, the boundless elemental force within the endless mountains began to churn rapidly. An aura of sealing emerged between the heavens and the earth.

“Hmm? This is the Zhou Tian Sealed Array. Damn, it’s a trap!”

Jie Kun’s heart pounded, his face paling swiftly. Without caring about anything else, he turned to run in the direction they came.

“Hold up, hold up”

“We’ve spent so long preparing, if you escaped easily, wouldn’t that make us look incompetent?”

Six-eyed Tian Jie’s voice echoed as he was followed by the appearances of the strongmen of the Six-eyed clan, it was as if a signal had been released.

On the other three sides, the emergence of the Tian Long, Taotie, and Dark Serpent Clan powerhouses was followed by the appearance of the strongest members of the trio, who were participating in the Eternal Secret Realm this time.

Jie Kun’s eyes twitched, his expression becoming incredibly unpleasant.

Not to mention him, Li Heng, Lei Yan and Sovereign Ling all looked displeased as well.

“If that’s how it is, then let’s fight. What are we waiting for!!”

Li Heng roared, his mighty power bursting forth, heading straight for the Dark Serpent Clan’s Ming Kui.