Global Game: Ten Billion Spirit Energy Coins From The Start - C.131 - : , Ten Consecutive Draws in the Tavern (Request for First Subscription)_1

Global Game: Ten Billion Spirit Energy Coins From The Start

C.131 - : , Ten Consecutive Draws in the Tavern (Request for First Subscription)_1

Chapter 131: 131, Ten Consecutive Draws in the Tavern (Request for First Subscription)_1

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South of Aphi Village is the Moonlight River, and to the north lies a dense forest, abundant in timber resources.

The village is also endowed with several large and small mines of stone, iron, gold and others to the east and west. It could truly be described as a treasure trove!

As the village required a lot of timber for basic construction, Snow Leopard volunteered to lead 400 players following Jenny and Wendy to cut trees.

The remaining 100 players, led by the one who touted ‘range equates to truth’, followed Mike on a hunting trip to gather food.

Although Su Yu had bought a fair amount of food from Orleans City before he came to the territory, this food did not count towards the Food resource in the territory panel.

To attract migrants, he must accumulate enough surplus food.

Instead of going with Snow Leopard’s group to chop wood, Su Yu sat by the thatched cottage, outlining the future city layout based on the actual conditions of the territory.

Where to place the residential area, the business district, the industrial area, the college, the entertainment area… All these had to be planned in advance to save manpower and resources in future constructions.

At the same time, he did not forget to chat with the last farmer.

“Ah, Robert,” Su Yu said pleasantly, “I heard you’re skilled at construction. What kind of buildings can you build?”

“I can build a lot, m’lord!” Seeing the easy demeanor of his lord, Robert opened up: “I can build a town hall, houses, taverns, mills, lumberyards…”

As Robert listed each of his building skills, a piece of construction information would float beneath his nameplate.

[Town Hall lv1]

Construction requirement: 275 Timber, 100 Stone

Function: Set policies, Research basic technology.

Note: The Town Hall can only research basic technology. Advanced technology requires the [Research Institute] and [University].

[Houses lv1]

Construction requirement: 25 Timber

Purpose: Welcoming migrants.

Note: Without enough homes, even if the prosperity and livability indices are maxed out, the populace will not increase.

[Tavern lv1]

Construction requirement: 200 Timber

Function: Recruit talent.

Note: Lad, are you ready for the [Ten Consecutive Draws]?

[Mill lv1]

Construction requirement: 100 Timber

Function: Grind grain, Store food.

Note: Due to its windmill model, it is very prone to challenges from Don Quixote.

[Lumberyard lv1]

Construction requirement: 100 Timber

Function: Improve logging efficiency, Store timber.

Note: Chop, chop, chop, chopping the timber.

“Well, you indeed know quite a few blueprints!” Looking at Robert’s properties, Su Yu nodded approvingly:

“When the troops are back, you command them to build the [Tavern] and [Houses] first. I’ll arrange a stone gathering team and when there’s enough stone, we will build the [Town Hall]… By the way, your remuneration is the same as Wendy and Jenny’s, 50 spiritual energy coins per day.”

“Really? Thank you, my lord!” Robert was thrilled, and his loyalty had promptly reached maximum at 100.

NPC farmer’s resource gathering efficiency is generally 10 Timber/2h, 5 Stone/2h, or 1 Gold/2h.

The commodity gathering efficiency of players, who are beginners, is only about half of that of NPCs, which means they can only gather a unit of 5 timbers in two hours.

However, Su Yu had purchased a considerable number of [Double-man Saws] from Orleans City, and using these saws to chop trees improved efficiency by 50% compared to the regular axes.

Moreover, because players were numerous and efficient, a huge amount of timber was transported back in just a few minutes.

Looking at the timber, Su Yu clapped his hands at Robert: “Robert, let’s get to work!”

“Yes, boss!” Robert went back to his thatched cottage to pick up a hammer, preparing to build the [Tavern].

Su Yu himself stopped over thirty players who hauled wood for Robert, so he could help with the construction of the [Tavern].

If Robert worked alone, the construction of the [Tavern] would take roughly ten hours.

But now he was being assisted by the players.

Even though the players were less efficient than Robert, they had strength in numbers.

Under Robert’s guidance, some were digging the foundation, others were sawing wood to produce planks…

Within just over an hour, a complete [Tavern] had been erected!

[Tavern lv1]

Function: Recruit Talent

The probability of recruiting talent of [Common] quality is 99%, and of recruiting talent of [Outstanding] quality, 1%.

Only one talent can be recruited every 24 hours.

“1% chance? That’s enough!” Su Yu brimmed with unyielding confidence.

He immediately sent Sky Dragon a private message: “Where did you run off to?”

“Huh? We’re hunting! We just caught a massive black wild pig! The meat’s abundant!”

From her words, Su Yu could sense the little girl’s joy.

But he still replied: “Come back quickly, there’s work to do.”

Su Yu had initially invited Sky Dragon to join the guild not because she was a little rich girl or a lolita… okay, maybe a tiny bit due to those reasons.

However, the main reason was that Sky Dragon was a “super lucky player”!

In his previous life, there were a lot of players with outrageous luck, but those with luck on the level of Sky Dragon were less than ten throughout the entire game realm!

That was why Su Yu invited her to join his guild and to participate in territory management.

With Sky Dragon managing the territory, her “fortune buff” would greatly reduce harmful events such as [Extreme Weather], [Flood and Drought Disasters], and [Bandit Invasion] – it was even more effective than placing an idol of a Bodhisattva in the area!

Moreover, now that the territory was newly established, it was time for Sky Dragon’s luck to shine.

The [Tavern] building has a single [Ten Consecutive Draws] option per day, which means a maximum of 100 talents can be drawn, out of which one is selected for recruitment.

A Level 1 [Tavern] has a 1% chance of drawing green outstanding talents.

If it were Su Yu himself, the chance of drawing with a 1% probability might not be fulfilled, but switching to Sky Dragon would massively increase the odds!

Su Yu was eagerly anticipating Sky Dragon’s upcoming performance.

Before long, Sky Dragon returned to the territory riding on a Howling Moon Wolf.

At that moment, she was holding a string of roasted wild boar, eating ravenously.

“President, what did you need me for?” Sky Dragon handed her half-eaten skewer of meat to Su Yu.

Su Yu took the skewer, then told her about the [Ten Consecutive Draws] at the [Tavern].

“Ten Consecutive Draws?” Sky Dragon’s eyes lit up: “This is my area of expertise. I never fail at it! Just watch! I will draw you a legend!”

After saying this, she jumped off her Howling Moon Wolf and walked into the [Tavern] confidently.

“Eh….” Su Yu initially wanted to explain that she wouldn’t be getting a legend but decided to hold his tongue and followed her into the [Tavern].

The [Tavern] signage presented two options: a draw for a cost of 10 spiritual energy coins each, or [Ten Consecutive Draws] for 95 spiritual energy coins.

Sky Dragon didn’t hesitate and pressed the button for [Ten Consecutive Draws].

The signboard exploded into a white light.

Ten cards appeared on the board and Sky Dragon began to flip them over one after the other.

The first nine were all white. On the last one, a burst of green light erupted as the card flipped!

Surprisingly, Sky Dragon managed to draw the 1% chance Outstanding quality talent with her first [Ten Consecutive Draws]!

Yet, staring at the [Ten Consecutive Draws] screen, Sky Dragon looked dumbfounded. She seemed devastated: “Where is my legend? Where is my epic? This isn’t my drawing skill at all!”