Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.611 - : Annihilate friends and family (1)

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.611 - : Annihilate friends and family (1)

Chapter 611: Annihilate friends and family (1)

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In the future, when Xia qingchen headed to the Liang Prince Manor, he would have to take care of the sacred Lord red embellishment.

How could they not try to repair their relationship with the sacred Lord red embellishment?

Cave master xuanling smiled apologetically. I was blind in the past. I apologize today. I hope you won’t hold it against me, Holy Lord red embellishment.

And so.

The sacred Lord red embellishment snorted. “This is more like it.”

He felt much more comfortable.

The master of xuanling cave was an ancient family.

Although they were not as good as the four great aristocratic families.

However, it was still an ancient family with hundreds of years of history.

There were many talented juniors in the clan.

Because they were on the same side as the Holy Land of red embellishments, the Holy Lord of red embellishments had personally visited them and asked the xuanling family to send a few of their clansmen to the Holy Land of red embellishments to be trained.

In the end, he was ruthlessly rejected by the old man who was the cave master of xuanling at that time.

He had lost a lot of face and still harbored hatred in his heart.

However, the xuanling family’s power was not small.

If there were no accidents, he would not be able to do anything to the xuanling family.

But he didn’t expect .

Because of Xia qingchen, the xuanling family took the initiative to come and seek peace.

me too, sacred Lord red embellishment. I’m willing to form a good relationship with the red embellishment Holy Land from now on.

“Hehe, this is a small gift. Please accept it, sacred Lord red embellishment.”

All the leaders of the various factions at the table either had a request to make of the sacred Lord red embellishment or hoped to improve their relationship.

In short, the sacred Lord red embellishment was like a moon surrounded by stars, receiving everyone’s compliments.

He was in an exceptionally good mood.

Only he himself understood that he and Xia qingchen were merely acquaintances.

However, he was mistaken to have a deep relationship with Xia qingchen.

He couldn’t help but wonder if he should think of ways to deepen his relationship with Xia qingchen.

“Not good! Cave master!” A young woman hurriedly ran up and said.

Cave master xuanling’s face darkened and she scolded, ‘”What’s with the shouting? Can’t you see that the sacred Lord red embellishment is present?”

The sacred Lord red embellishment was also displeased. cave master xuanling, the younger generation of your xuanling family is really uneducated!

These words made the cave master of xuanling feel ashamed.

“Why aren’t you getting out?” he glared at the young woman.

The young woman, however, said hurriedly,”cave master, things are bad!” Yu Qingyang has arrived at sky moon!”

So what?

The times had changed.

In the current sky moon Ridge, the most popular person was no longer Yu Qingyang but Xia qingchen!

However, the young lady added, “Yu Qingyang has successfully challenged the rank 50 of the universal board!”

Someone was so shocked that the bowl and chopsticks in their hands fell to the ground and shattered.

The people at the table were all shocked.

“You’re saying that Yu Qingyang has reached the 50th place on the universal board?” The cave master of xuanling said in shock.

They had been paying attention to the universal board for a long time and knew what the top 50 meant.

This meant that Yu Qingyang’s power had already reached the 9th transformation of the medium star level!

“Any other news?” The sacred Lord red embellishment asked.

The young woman hesitated. when Yu Qingyang came to skymoon, the first thing he said was that after the life-and-death agreement, he would exterminate Xia qingchen’s family and friends!

A life and death agreement?

Everyone present knew of the life-and-death agreement between Xia qingchen and Yu Qingyang.

At this moment, they all started to ponder.

Yu Qingyang’s strength was too terrifying.

Xia qingchen probably wouldn’t be a match for him at all.

If he were to die …

“Hmph! Wasn’t Yu Qingyang a little too overbearing? Xiahou divine gate is also Xia qingchen’s friend. Would he dare to come and annihilate Xiahou divine gate?” The sacred Lord red embellishment didn’t think much of it.

Xia qingchen’s fame was firstly due to his shocking cultivation.

Secondly, he had a huge network of people, especially the forefather of Xiahou divine gate, zu qianjue.

The young woman lowered her head and said with uncertainty, ” according to the latest news, zu qianjue has left sky moon Ridge. Divine gate of Xiahou has closed its doors and declined all visitors. They have the intention to protect themselves and not care about the outside world.


This matter completely shocked them.

Zu qianjue had left?

In that case, how would Xia qingchen be able to fight against Yu Qingyang?

He was not as powerful as Yu Qingyang, and he had lost his background. How could he be compared to Yu Qingyang, who had Yu Hualong as his backer?


Everyone present could feel a thick sense of danger.

If they were to form a relationship with Xia qingchen, who would be able to back them up when Yu Qingyang settled the score with them?

A trace of decisiveness flashed in the old eyes of the cave master of xuanling. She said on the spot, “Our cave master xuanling and Xia qingchen have no hope of coming.

As soon as he said that, the leaders of the other forces also expressed their opinions.

Our Gang has never had any interactions with Xia qingchen. We won’t have any in the future either.

“We are too!”

They were all secretly rejoicing.

He rejoiced that Xia qingchen had refused to see him when he went to visit him.

Otherwise, he really couldn’t explain it.

Their expressions relaxed.

The sacred Lord red embellishment was the opposite.

Everyone’s eyes landed on the sacred Lord red embellishment.

The cave master of xuanling put down the wine cup heavily and snorted. Holy Lord red embellishment, my xuanling cave abode has nothing to do with the red embellishment Holy Land. We don’t want to have any dealings with you in the future!

“Hmph! The red embellishment Holy Land is overbearing and unreasonable.

The heaven River Palace doesn’t want to be associated with such a force!”

The group that had been complimenting the sacred Lord red embellishments just now …

At this moment, they drew a clear line and left.

He was afraid that Xia qingchen would be indirectly implicated.

At the same time.

They all looked at the sacred Lord red embellishment with pity and gloating gazes.

As they went downstairs, they whispered, “”Haha, the sacred Lord red embellishment is finished! He’s Xia qingchen’s guest, and Xia qingchen even specially sent him out. From this, it can be seen that their relationship isn’t shallow!” once Xia qingchen dies, he will be the first person Yu Qingyang wants to destroy.

The sacred Lord red embellishment sank into the water and felt extremely wronged.

It wasn’t like this!

He shouldn’t have any relationship with Xia qingchen.

It’s all a misunderstanding!

Unfortunately, no one would believe him!

little Xia qingchen, you’ve caused me great harm! In the end, the sacred Lord red embellishment flipped the table in anger.

He was extremely regretful. Why did he have to pay a visit to Xia qingchen?

Now, he was like yellow mud falling into his pants. Even if he wasn’t sh * t, he was still sh * t!

Even if there were ten thousand mouths, it would not be clear!

“No! I can’t be dragged down by you!”

At that time.

In the courtyard, Xia qingchen also received the news.

“His cultivation base has actually reached the 9th transformation of the medium star level?” Xia qingchen felt a hint of surprise.

If Yu Qingyang had such an excellent cultivation speed, he would have broken through to the major star position in three years.

He didn’t just improve by leaps and bounds in the past year.

“Rank 50 on the universal board?” Xia qingchen’s eyes narrowed slightly. with my strength, it’s not difficult to reach the top 50.

“I just don’t know if Yu Qingyang went all out or if he held back!”

If he had held back, his strength would have been far beyond what he had displayed.

In that case, it would be more or less troublesome. However …

No nervousness could be seen on Xia qingchen’s face.

Instead, he was looking forward to it.

“It’s finally getting a little more interesting.” Xia qingchen calmly spoke.

He always felt that life and death agreements were very boring.

Because the outcome had already been decided.

But now, he could finally take it seriously!

“Yu Qingyang, don’t let me down!” Xia qingchen mumbled indifferently.

Tomorrow would be the day of the showdown!

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