Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.616 - : Comparable to purgatory (5) _1

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.616 - : Comparable to purgatory (5) _1

Chapter 616: Comparable to purgatory (5) _1

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“Ah! I quit!” He was the leader of a power who had been clamoring earlier, wanting to teach Xia qingchen a lesson on behalf of Yu Qingyang.

He was scared out of his wits on the spot and used his body to hit the wind wall in an attempt to escape.

The result was self-evident.

He was instantly turned into a bloody mist by the wind wall.

The scalps of sacred Lord red embellishment and the others went numb, and they didn’t dare to stay.

They all went around the wall and prepared to climb over it.

The three great demons also made their moves at this moment.

Humph! the demon subduing beast snorted coldly, ” if you guys escape, will we still have our dignity? ‘


The single horn on his forehead released a series of lightning bolts, instantly killing more than a dozen people!

Tian GE was not willing to fall behind. With amazing leg skills, he galloped into the crowd, opened his big bloody mouth, and bit whoever he saw.

One bite and it was cut into two!

“Your efficiency is a little low!” The great demon of West Ridge chuckled.

The great demon from West Ridge spread his wings and countless air currents formed sharp blades that quickly moved through the crowd.

Wherever it passed, lives were reaped.

The demon subduing beast and Tian GE’s competitive hearts were immediately stimulated, and they began to fight.

The three of them were like wolves in a flock of sheep, killing the group of people without leaving a single piece of armor behind.

They wanted to escape, but the three great demons were so powerful that they could not allow anyone to escape.

The sacred Lord red embellishment was on the verge of collapsing.

He could only watch helplessly as the red embellishments Holy Land’s elders and elites were mercilessly reaped.

“Holy master, save me!” ” stop! an elder whose chest had been pierced by a blade suddenly grabbed the red embellishment sacred Land’s pants.

He immediately bent over and prepared to help her up.

Who knew.

A black Thunderbolt flashed past and turned the elder into a mist of blood on the spot.

The sacred Lord red embellishment’s face was covered in blood.

His eyes were filled with grief and indignation as he roared, “I’ll fight it out with you guys!”


Before he could finish his roar, the demon subduing beast stomped on his head and crushed it.

Then, he continued to kill without any expression on his face.

In just a few dozen breaths.

Those who came to cause trouble were all killed.

Not a single one managed to escape.

In the end, only the sacred Lord of Nebula and the others were left. They hid in a corner and looked at the scene that looked like a slaughterhouse with extreme fear.

It was said that demonic beasts were heartless.

Even the wise great demons could not control their ferocity once it was triggered.

The three great demons had no more to kill. They turned their gazes to the sacred Lord Nebula and the others.

In their eyes, there was no such thing as good or bad people among humans.

Just like in the eyes of many humans, demonic beasts were only divided into those that were easy to deal with and those that were difficult to deal with.

The Nebula sacred Lord couldn’t help but shiver when he was stared at by the three great demons, whose eyes were red from killing.

How did Xia qingchen get along with such a brutal great demon?

“Stop!” Xia qingchen’s voice rang out.

He strolled from the backyard and looked at the bloody scene in front of him without even frowning.

Upon hearing Xia qingchen’s voice, the three great demons immediately woke up.

The killing intent that he had suppressed slowly calmed down.

“I’ll have to trouble the three of you.” Xia qingchen spoke.

they’re just some clowns, ” said celestial spear nonchalantly. what’s the big deal? if Grandmaster Xia wants to, he can easily destroy them.

The great demon of West Ridge deeply agreed with this point.

“You guys can go and rest. I’ll handle the rest myself.” Xia qingchen spoke.

After sending the three great demons to the backyard to rest, Xia qingchen waved his hand. “Have the four maidservants of the divine Hall come over and clean up this place,”

The servants quickly brought the four women in with whips.

Two of the four women vomited on the spot as they looked at the tragic scene that was like hell.

One of them fell limply to the ground, while the other held his arms and shivered.

It was too cruel!

It was too bloody!

There were at least 50 to 60 people present, right?

All of them were killed cruelly, and there were almost no intact corpses.

“Ah! The sacred Lord red embellishment!”

“And Mr. Nanguo!”

“The Jade Tree swordsman!”

After careful observation, they realized that all the dead people were famous people in the sky moon Ridge.

The most famous one was the sacred Lord red embellishment and his core members.

Almost all of the red embellishment Holy Land’s higher-ups were here.

In other words, the red embellishment Holy Land had almost been completely destroyed!

The four women felt fear from the bottom of their hearts.

Why? why did Xia qingchen want to kill them?

And how did he do it?

The servants whipped them hard. “Get to work!”

The four women suppressed their fear and tidied up the broken limbs on the ground!

He didn’t dare to be careless.

They were afraid that with a single command from Xia qingchen, they would be beheaded.

In their hearts.

Xia qingchen wasn’t a human. He was a devil!

The most terrifying demon!

At this moment.

A group of elegant purple-robed men walked over from the distance.

Their expressions were relaxed, and their faces were filled with bright smiles.

To them, today was the best day they had ever had in the past year.

Because Xia qingchen was definitely going to die!

They were none other than the purple Star Holy Land’s prodigies, Lin Yu and Chen ran.

The two heaven’s favorites who had been ridiculed by the sky moon Ridge and could not raise their heads …

In the divine ruins.

When they were harvesting the star water, Xia qingchen had trapped them at the bottom of the cliff.

What was even more outrageous was that they had even been tricked by that shameless dog, Xia qingchen, to the point that they had to take off all their clothes and even cut the ropes.

They were trapped on the cliff and were frozen for two days.

Not only that.

Their embarrassing situation was also discovered by Luo shuixian and the others, and they were notorious from then on.

He was still the laughing stock of sky moon Ridge.

but .

All of this was about to pass.

Yu Qingyang had broken through to the ninth transformation of the middle star level. His strength had soared to the heavens, and he would definitely be able to kill Xia qingchen.

As they had a good relationship with Yu Qingyang, they would definitely be able to bask in his glory in the future.

How could they not be in a good mood?

“Aiya! I wonder how Xia qingchen is doing now. Has he been pressed to the ground by the Holy Lady Red embellishments and is kneeling to beg for mercy?” Chen ran couldn’t wait to see the scene of Xia qingchen kneeling on the ground.

Lin Yu replied indifferently,”it’s a dead man, what’s there to care about?” What I’m concerned about is the situation of my sisters!”

It turned out.

Chaoyan arranged for five women to go and keep an eye on Xia qingchen’s group.

However, he did not receive any reply from the five of them.

He also had to look after su Xin and was unable to leave, so he entrusted the purple Star sacred land to handle this matter. In the end, the task fell on the two juniors.

They also came over happily.

“You’re concerned about su Yan’s condition, right?” Chen Yun said with a faint smile.

He knew that Lin Yu had a special liking for su Yan from the temple in the sky moon Ridge.

Unfortunately, su Yan was chosen by the temple and became a member. The two of them never saw each other again.

Now that the opportunity was rare, he naturally wanted to take the opportunity to see her again.

“Who said so?” Lin Yu tried to cover it up, but he could not hide the anticipation on his face.

The two of them came to the front of the courtyard.

“Move aside, we want to go in!” He glared at the guard and said.

The strange thing was …

The guard didn’t stop him at all. He didn’t even say a word.

He made way for her very quickly.


Lin Yu felt that it was strange. He pondered for a moment before entering with Chen ran.

Just as he stepped in, he could faintly hear a guard muttering, ‘”‘Another one is here to die.”

Lin Yu was surprised and became alert.

As soon as he entered the front yard, he saw four women kneeling on the ground and wiping the blood off the green stone slabs.

And Xia qingchen, who was etched in their memories, was sitting at the side, leisurely supervising them.

Lin Yu was shocked.

The four maidservants with chains around their necks and whip marks all over their bodies were not just anyone.

She was the woman sent by the temple.

One of them was the goddess he had been thinking about day and night, su Yan!

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