Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.619: 618-a massacre


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Could it be that the ground was full of corpses?

But, what kind of corpses could there be, so many?

He was probably thinking too much!

He twisted his fingers, picked up a corner of the bloody cloth, and lifted it to have a look.

The scene that entered his eyes caused his pupils to constrict.

Under the White cloth, there were really broken limbs and remains!

Of course, as the master of a Holy Land, he had seen far more brutal scenes.

He was just surprised.

Until he saw a familiar Broken Head.

the sacred Lord red embellishment? ” Sacred Lord Purple Star exclaimed in shock.

Looking at the rest of the corpses, one could recognize many red embellishments of the Holy Land!

His heart suddenly contracted and beat wildly.

He finally understood why the sacred Lord red embellishment and the others had not arrived.

They had actually arrived a long time ago.

However, they were all resting in peace.

At this moment, Xia qingchen’s faint sigh rang out in his ears. “Did you find him?”

When the purple Star sacred Lord heard Xia qingchen’s voice once more, he instantly felt a chill run down his spine.

He quickly put down the White cloth and couldn’t help but shiver. “I misunderstood young master Xia! Goodbye!”

Xia qingchen stood with his arms crossed and calmly said, “”lf you can’t find sacred Lord Purple Star, you can go in and take your time.” Go in and search slowly?

Does that mean I’ll turn him into one of the corpses?

How could sacred Lord Purple Star dare to stay?

He immediately executed his movement technique, wanting to escape from the small courtyard.

He didn’t have the slightest intention of resisting.

None of the dozens of sacred Lord red embellishments ‘people managed to escape. They all died in the courtyard. He was all alone, how could he survive?

Who knew.

A black shadow flashed in front of him.

Tian GE opened his fierce eyes and blocked his path. “There’s still one more fish that escaped the net!”

“Heavenly dagger-axe?” Sacred Lord Purple Star was terrified.

It was as if something was stuck in his throat.


A hot stream of air came out of his nostrils and came from behind his shoulder.

Sacred Lord Purple Star turned around and shivered. “Demon subduing great demon?”

The two greater demons surrounded him, one from the front and one from the back!

but .

The two great demons did not look at him. Instead, they looked at each other.

“Hehe, let’s see who’s faster!” The heavenly dagger-axe flew out and bit toward sacred Lord Purple Star with its bloody mouth.

The demon subduing beast didn’t want to fall behind. Black Lightning shot out from its horn.

With a miserable shriek, sacred Lord Purple Star was killed by the two demons.

He couldn’t even beg for mercy.

“I killed him!” Tian GE spat out half of sacred Lord Purple star’s body.

The demon subduing beast’s horse hooves stepped on the other half of sacred Lord Purple star’s body, which had turned into blood. “Wrong, it’s me!”

“Su Yan, come here!” Xia qingchen spoke calmly.

Not far away, su Yan, who was weeding in the garden, trembled when she heard him.

She ran over in a hurry, her body trembling uncontrollably. “Lord Xia, please give your orders.”

Xia qingchen tossed a dagger to her. behead the purple Star sacred Lord. Hang his head in front of the courtyard.

Since his rebirth.

Today should be the first time he killed.

The number of people he had killed was more than several times that of the past two years.

He didn’t do this just to intimidate the small fries.

Instead, it was to eradicate future trouble!

He would have to leave the sky moon Ridge sooner or later.

However, there were still some potential hostile forces left here.

Now, he would kill as many as he could.

It would reduce the threat to his family and friends.

How could su Yan dare to refuse?

He immediately cut off the head of the purple Star sacred land and ran to the entrance of the hall in fear.

At this moment.

Lin Yu and Chen ran were waiting patiently at the entrance.

senior brother Lin, I believe that su Yan will be saved soon. You don’t have to be sad anymore. Chen Yun consoled.

Lin Yu frowned and sighed. su Yan will be safe with the sacred leader. I’m just feeling indignant.

He clenched his fists. why is Xia qingchen so lucky? why must he live until tomorrow instead of being executed right now? ”

This was because he was someone that Yu Qingyang wanted to kill personally.

He was destined to die in Yu Qingyang’s hands.

No one dared to do it for him.

don’t worry. Chen Yun patted his shoulder and said, ” the Saint Lord won’t kill him, but he will teach him an unforgettable lesson. Don’t worry.

At the thought of this, Lin Yu felt a little better, “”Maybe.”

He was a little regretful that he didn’t go with the sacred master.

If not, they would be able to see Xia qingchen’s regretful face.


The palace door opened.

The two of them immediately turned around and revealed knowing smiles.

Everything was done.

However …

The person he saw was su Yan.

“Su Yan? Why did you come out first?” Lin Yu stepped forward enthusiastically.

However, he stopped halfway.

He stared at su Yan’s right hand without blinking.

Her fair, Jade-like hands were holding a bloody head.

That head was the purple Star sacred Lord’s.

“Holy master!” Chen Yun also realized this and screamed.

Lin Yu was unable to accept the reality before his eyes. “Su Yan, tell me this isn’t our Purple Star sacred Lord.”

In his mind, sacred Lord Purple Star was a heaven-shaking giant who could cause a huge commotion in the sky moon Ridge with a stomp of his foot. He was an all-powerful figure who was respected wherever he went.

It was the back that he had always wanted to surpass in his life.

However …

At this moment, only his head was left.

Lin Yu’s life’s faith crumbled at that moment!

Su Yan didn’t say anything and hung sacred Lord Purple star’s head on the board.

It was eye-catching and shocking.

She landed in front of Lin Yu and said with pity, “”Let’s go! You don’t even know who you’re facing!”

After he finished speaking, he obediently returned to the mansion.

She could have escaped.

However, she did not even dare to have such a thought.

Xia qingchen had already left an indelible shadow in his heart.

She turned around and sighed.

The purple Star sacred land was finished.

Without a Holy Lord, a group of Dragons without a leader would quickly fall into internal strife. In the end, their strength would weaken, and they would gradually decline and disappear.

In a single day, one of the two Holy Lands had been destroyed and the other had declined.

Su Yan suddenly felt that it might not be a wise choice for elder Chao to go against Xia qingchen.

At this moment.

Many people gathered around, and when they saw sacred Lord Purple star’s head, they were shocked.

The small venue immediately set off a huge uproar!

Furthermore, none of the people who had entered the courtyard, including the sacred Lord red embellishment, had come out!

The purple Star sacred Lord’s head would explain their fate!

Many forces that were ready to make a move felt a chill down their spines.

They didn’t even dare to get close to Xia qingchen’s courtyard, much less find trouble with him. They had to stay as far away as possible.

No one else dared to interfere in the battle between Xia qingchen and Yu Qingyang!

Sacred Lord sword cliff was hiding in the crowd.

His heart turned cold as he looked at sacred Lord Purple star’s head. He lowered his hat and said, ” tomorrow, I will use Xia qingchen’s head as a sacrifice to your spirit in heaven. Rest in peace.

At that time.

In the dream swamp, two beautiful figures were running on the water.

They were not just anyone.

They were Yue Mingzhu and the White Lotus saintess.

Under the cold moonlight, the two women looked exhausted, but they did not dare to rest.

They each held a scroll and rushed to the broken cliff waterfall.

“Sister xuexin, you can’t beat me! I have a wide range of information, so I know

Yu Qingyang’s strength better than you..”

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