Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.621 - : The arrival of Yu Qjngyang (3) _1

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.621 - : The arrival of Yu Qjngyang (3) _1

Chapter 621: The arrival of Yu Qjngyang (3) _1

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The life and death agreement was Xia qingchen’s final form of respect for the owner of his body.

After this matter was over.

Xia qingchen would no longer exist in this world.

Some were the former Kings of gods!

He was going to change his past.

He no longer walked in the world as a mortal.

Instead, he descended to the heavens and earth with the bearing of a God King!

Lian Xing tilted her head, not understanding what Xia qingchen was saying.

He had always been here, when had he left?

However, for some reason …

Looking at the familiar back that accompanied him day and night, he suddenly felt a sense of strangeness.

It was as if there was another person living in Xia qingchen’s body.

She smiled and hugged Xia qingchen’s arm from behind, hanging on his body. “No matter if you leave or come back, Lian Xing will always follow you.”

Xia qingchen turned his head and stroked her head dotingly.

“You will never regret it,” he said with a rare gentleness in his eyes.

This was because she was following the king of gods.

At that time.

At the venue.

The broken cliff waterfall was turbulent, and it fell with an earth-shaking momentum.

The sound of the waves rumbled, deafening even the deaf.

At the end of the rapidly flowing river, there was an ancient mountain that was a thousand feet tall. It stood there and endured the bombardment of the huge waves.

If he went any further, the giant mountain would fall off the cliff and shatter into pieces.

He might as well set up four chains on each side of the shore to firmly secure the giant mountain.

This mountain was the arena for tianyue kongxing’s battle.

It was said that an expert from the outer realm had teleported here from ten thousand miles away!

All the participants and spectators were chained up the mountain on foot.

At the peak of the mountain.

The Nebula sacred Lord and the others had already arrived.

They took control of the area and made arrangements in silence.

“Yue Mingzhu, White Lotus saintess, both of you are the hope of the star cloud Holy Land. Try your best to get a good ranking. It will be of great benefit to you in the future.” The Nebula sacred Lord warned the two girls.

There was an antique sedan chair behind the Nebula sacred Lord.

Su Yan and the other three acted as porters and waited at the side.

At this moment, a teasing voice came from the palanquin, “”lf Tian Yue Kong Xing gets first place, what will happen?”

Of course, it was grudges.

The Nebula sacred Lord laughed. the first one is obvious. It belongs to Yu Qingyang. It was said that he had already been taken into the Feng Palace! If it were you, you would be able to become another Palace of the Liang Prince’s residence, the monster Palace.”

“Demon Palace?”

the demon Palace is managed by the Liang King’s demon pets, ” the sacred Lord of Nebula said. they keep all the talented demon beasts in the Liang territory. If you can enter, it will be an opportunity that you’ll never get in your life.

Who knew.

Grudgy’s disdainful voice came from the palanquin, “I, dugu bubai, will never bow down to anyone.” The demon Palace is too small to accommodate me. ‘ Hehe!

The Nebula sacred Lord laughed and continued to warn the two girls.

At this moment.

A loud and clear voice came from the foot of the mountain.

“Yu Qingyang, here!”

His voice shook the sky, and everyone’s expression changed.

The number one genius of the sky moon Ridge, Yu Qingyang, had arrived!

From the foot of the mountain to the peak.

Every ten Zhang, there was a luxuriously dressed sword cliff Holy Land disciple standing straight.

Sacred Lord sword cliff, vice-sacred Lord, and all the elites of the sword cliff sacred land.

They were dressed in bright and beautiful clothes, and their expressions were solemn.

He followed behind a young man with great respect.

The young man had a Jade crown on his head, a golden spear on his back, and a silver-white battle armor. In the gloomy sky, the armor reflected a dazzling white light.

He slowly walked up the stairs with an imposing appearance.

With every step he took, he calmly appraised.

When he passed by a sword cliff disciple, the latter let out a loud shout.

Ten Zhang! “Yu Qingyang, here!” Twenty Zhang! “Yu Qingyang, here!” Thirty Zhang!

The world was silent.

All that was left was that unending cry that reverberated in the sky.

Yu Qingyang.

They’re here!

On the mountain peak.

All the people of the same generation stood up and looked at the stairs with respect and admiration.

The elders also held their breath and focused on the stairs.

Everyone fell silent in tacit understanding.

They waited quietly.

They were waiting for Yu Qingyang’s arrival!


A ray of silver light flashed. Yu Qingyang’s posture was vigorous. He carried the Golden spear on his back and ascended the mountain peak!

He looked around with a cold gaze.

Those who were swept by it were all shocked and lowered their heads.

He didn’t dare to look into those eyes that looked down on the world.

Everyone of the same generation was like dust under the blazing sun, lowering their heads humbly.

He did not dare to look at the sun in the nine Heavens.

Xia qingchen, where are you? ” Yu Qingyang swept his sword across with a heavy and powerful voice as he asked.

This question made the mountains and rivers majestic and the waves roar.

Everyone held their breath, not daring to respond to this question.

No one responded.

Yu Qingyang’s eyes were fixed on the side of the Nebula sacred land. He shouted, “”Xia qingchen, come up! Accept your death!”

Yue Mingzhu’s expression was calm. She played with a folding fan in her hand and said slowly, ” when sky moon travels in the sky ends, big brother qingchen will ascend the mountain to take your life!

Many people were surprised.

Xia gingchen actually didn’t want to participate in such a grand event like skymoon?

However, they quickly understood.

What’s the point of a dying man participating in skymoon?

On the contrary, Yu Qingyang would be able to see through his strength during the competition.

“Al! I feel a little pity for Xia qingchen. A seven-foot man is forced to the point where he doesn’t dare to participate in skymoon flight. How sad.” the most lamentable thing is that all his efforts and struggles to survive are in vain.

Everyone sighed.

Xia qingchen was destined to die.

This had already become a permanent residence and could not be changed.

Yu Qingyang’s eyes were indifferent, as if he was not surprised.

His gaze landed on Xia Yuan, who was beside the Nebula sacred Lord, and he didn’t conceal his contempt. “Your son must be a disgrace to you, right?” He didn’t even dare to show his face in front of a life and death battle.

As a father, how could he have any pride?

Xia Yuan looked straight at him. In his life, he spoke with a rarely seen boldness, “”Qingchen is the pride of my life! Where was the shame? You, on the other hand, must be a disgrace to Yu Hualong!”

you’re here! he looked around. it’s a life-and-death battle, but he won’t even see you!

His words hurt Yu Qingyang.

Indeed, for such an important occasion, Yu Hualong didn’t come in person, nor did he send anyone.

It was easy to imagine who his father’s disgrace was.

After Xia qingchen dies, you will be the first one to be killed! Yu Qingyang said calmly and indifferently.

But no one would question the truth of his words.

If he said it, he would definitely do it.

“Hahaha, I’ll be waiting for you!” Xia Yuan wasn’t afraid.


The sound of a Gong.

The shrine master and the black-robed envoy arrived at the peak of the mountain and went to the grandstand.

Everyone respectfully faced the shrine master.

The strength of the shrine master was inferior to the patriarchs of the two gates of God.

However, their status was extraordinary and they were above the gate of God.

Even the two patriarchs had to show some respect to the shrine master.

Who would dare to slight yuren?

“We pay our respects to the hall master!” Everyone in the hall saluted.

“It’s the once-in-a-year sky moon again. I represent Prince Liang to host this event, ” the shrine master said with a pleasant expression.

as usual, the sky moon parade will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of each participant’s strength based on the principles of fairness and justice.

“The placings of each of you will be sent to the Liang Palace for them to inspect and determine your future..”

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