Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.623 - 622-all trash


Chapter 623: Chapter 622-all trash

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For a moment, the entire place was silent.

All of them were staring at the antique palanquin with extreme fear in their eyes.

At the same time, the image of a Sage-like old man who had lived for countless years appeared in his mind.

Grudgy’s indifferent voice rang out from within the palanquin, “”Who else is there?”


Many of his peers shrank back and closed their mouths tightly, not mentioning their names.

Just one move!

He shocked all the heroes in the world!

Even the shrine master, who was the organizer, was caught off guard.

If the other party was really an unparalleled old monster, was there still a need to compare notes?

“After all, this is the Qiong Huang wilderness. Even spatial attacks can be used to scare people.”

A faint laugh came unexpectedly.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

He was surprised to see a young man in his twenties with long silver hair and a light blue robe standing quietly in the corner of the audience stand.

The weather was gloomy.

But it did not rain.

He was holding a red umbrella.

Coupled with his long silver hair and handsome face, he looked very demonic.

With a faint smile, he gently turned the red umbrella in his hand.

The palanquin grudgy was in immediately shattered into pieces!

Grudgy, who was sitting in it, was unscathed!

The palanquin suddenly exploded, revealing grudgy inside. It was holding a crystal-colored gourd in its arms, its dog eyes dazed.

He still didn’t understand how the palanquin had been broken. Xia qingchen’s dog! Immediately, many people recognized it.

“After all this, it’s actually a dog!”

“What otherworldly expert, what Divine Art ruins, they are clearly using Nirvana artifacts to play tricks.”

They couldn’t tolerate that they were being played by a dog!

However, they were still afraid.

After all, the dog had just shouted Li Xinrui’s name and made her disappear.

“Everyone, it can’t do anything to us if we don’t tell it our names!” Chen Yun shouted. Don’t be afraid!”

After the reminder, everyone came to their senses.

All of them revealed ill-intentions.

“Arrogant dead dog, let’s see how you end this!” Chen Yun glanced at the devastated Lin Yu and his eyes were filled with the flames of revenge.

Grudgy calmed down after a brief moment of shock.

It held the crystal gourd and looked at Chen ran. a maggot that doesn’t even dare to make a sound in front of Lord Chen, don’t be so arrogant in front of Lord dog!

Chen Yun laughed. you don’t have to deliberately target me. No matter how bad I am, I’m still better than a dog!

He, Chen ran, should be considered a slightly famous God’s favored son in the sky moon Ridge, right?

When did he end up being humiliated by a dog?

Grudgy immediately shook its dog head, “No…” You’ve misunderstood, I’m not targeting you! ”


Chen Yun sneered. Wasn’t it too late for him to apologize now?

However, the enemy stood up and placed the crystal gourd on the ground. He said coldly, “”l’m saying … Everyone here is trash!”

The audience was in an uproar!

It actually insulted the many human powerhouses who were besieging it?

Humans should be angry.

Moreover, they were not just humans, but heroes!

“You should be punished for your impertinent words!” A teenager drew his sword and wanted to attack.

“If this dog is not taught a lesson, it will definitely bring disaster to mankind in the future!” A scholar with a righteous face took out his Nirvana artifact.

Countless people took action.

Clearly, grudgy’s ‘everyone here is trash’ had thoroughly enraged them!

Grudgy laughed.

I’ve been grudging you all my life. I’ll only submit to Lord Chen. Compared to him, calling you trash is nothing but giving you face! In its heart, Xia qingchen was indeed an extraordinary Saint.

No one could compare to a single hair!

“Damn dog!” Chen Yun laughed angrily. I’ll give you two slaps and you’ll know to be good!”

He activated his movement technique and strode over.

Grudgy chuckled and shouted, “”Zhang San!”

Chen ran scoffed.

Grudgy still didn’t know his name, so the Nirvana artifact was useless to it!

However, in the end, Chen ran suddenly felt an extremely powerful devouring force sucking him away in an instant!

With a cry of surprise, Chen ran disappeared from where he was.

It was quickly sucked into the crystal Calabash.

Everyone was shocked and stopped in their tracks, looking at grudgy in fear.

Why was it that when he called for Zhang San, Chen ran was the one who was taken away?

“Li si!” Grudgy shouted again.

Another person was taken away.

This person’s movement technique was not ordinary. He slowed down the speed at which he was being taken away and shouted, “”Ah! I’m not called Li si…

“Wang er Mazi!” Grudgy said.


Another person was taken away, and he shouted in horror, “”Ah! I got it wrong. I’m Wang fugui, not Wang Erma … MA …”

Grudgy’s dog paw pointed at them, and it kept saying, ‘”‘Goudan! Cuihua! Iron pillar! Er Gou! A ‘San …”

One by one, the proud sons of heaven were taken in.

The rest of the heroes were shocked and jumped off the ring in a hurry.

“Holy shit! This damn dog is setting us up!”

“His Nirvana artifact doesn’t even need to be called, it can be taken at any time!”

Grudgy grinned. you’ve finally discovered it? ”

“Come on, idiots, come into the gourd!” Grudgy pushed the gourd to its limit.

The devouring power was ten times stronger.

In an instant, the remaining seven or eight people were sucked into the gourd!

On the field, only grudgy was left.

It patted its paws and said, “no wonder Lord Chen refused to come to sky moon!” If I had known, I wouldn’t have come. It’s a waste of time!” The crowd was stunned.

The elders who had accepted the young man felt even more humiliated!

“Let them go!” They all shouted angrily.

Who knew if the gourd would harm those youths.

The group of youths was enraged. Grudgy said unhurriedly, ” so be it. A bunch of trash. I don’t even think they’re taking up space.

“However, I need to cast a spell!”

Grudgy held the gourd, shaking it three times to the left, then three times, throwing it up three times, and smashing it on the ground three times.

It shook the gourd back and forth dozens of times before it opened the lid under the gazes of the many elders who looked like they wanted to eat someone.

Then, he rolled the gourd on the ground and shouted, “”Come out! The gourd!”

With a flash of light, the youths who were taken in all fell to the ground.

They were all dizzy and vomited.

He fainted on the ground and groaned in pain.

Of course, the feeling of shaking the sky and earth was not good.

Grudgy slowly picked up the gourd, carried it on its shoulder, and swaggered down the stage.

Ding- –

In the middle of the venue, a new number appeared on the combat value of the two sides.

Many of the youths ‘scores were five. As they had not used a single move, their scores were extremely low.

Grudgy was … One thousand!

Grudgy turned its head and looked back when it heard the sound. It raised its dog head in disdain, “”Trash with a combat power of 5!”

Back at the Nebula sacred land.

The Holy Lord was dumbfounded. He simply didn’t dare to believe that Xia qingchen’s dog was actually so terrifying!

He had single-handedly fought more than half of the participants and won!

Grudgy sighed lightly and shook its head in disappointment, ” I, dugu qiubai, actually attracted attention by winning a few scums! “Al! Has the world of martial arts fallen into decline?”

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