Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.628 - 627-the emperor’s descent

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.628 - 627-the emperor’s descent

Chapter 628: Chapter 627-the emperor’s descent

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“Man and sword as one!”

The ten Zhang sword shadow appeared again!

It cut through time and space!

This time, Yu Qingyang did not have the Golden spear. He would definitely be split into two by the sword!


Yu Qingyang raised his palm and made a grabbing motion.

He actually held the 100-foot sword shadow in his palm.

The sword shadow was extremely powerful, but it could not hurt the palm at all.

A gust of wind blew past slowly.

It blew away Yu Qingyang’s messy black hair, revealing a pair of dark and listless eyes.

His cultivation level had skyrocketed to … A major star position!

“You can rest in peace now that you’ve forced me to this extent!” Yu Qingyang said coldly.

With a grab of his palm, the sword shadow shattered!

Xia qingchen, who was very close to him, was even pushed back by a hundred feet by the air current that erupted instantly!

The broken Sword in his hand.

Finally, it could not withstand the attack and broke into five pieces!

Blood could be seen on his purlicue.

A trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

He finally understood where Yu Qingyang’s cultivation base had skyrocketed in just a few months.

He also finally understood what the Golden light that Messenger suxin had seen when she was attacked by the painting of the mortal fairy was!

It was Yu Qingyang!

Calculating the time, it happened to be right after Yu Qingyang left the Nebula sacred land in anger.

He ran into the injured green-robed Messenger, who was alone, and could not help but attack!

Her golden spear flashed with a golden light, which was caught by the messenger!

The air currents between heaven and earth surged wildly.

It formed a howling wind.

The wind caused Yu Qingyang’s clothes to roll and his black hair to dance wildly.

He walked out of the ruins of the arena, step by step, and the ruins creaked as he stepped on them!

A pair of pitch-black eyes looked down at Xia qingchen with a sinister gaze.

It was as if the demonic monarch was alive!

“Now answer me, who won?” Yu Qingyang asked in a low voice.

His voice was like a Devil’s voice, reverberating between heaven and earth.

It lasted for a long time!

The major star position had already surpassed the level of the medium star position.

Who was the true winner? was there a need to ask?

It was Yu Qingyang!

Everyone’s heart gave the final answer!

There was only one person who was certain and indifferent. of course it’s me, Xia qingchen!

He stretched out his palm!

A beautiful figure ran over from the ring and pulled his palm into a soft embrace!

She was Lian Xing!

The spatial spiritual body that Xia qingchen had nurtured up until now!

A power that wasn’t inferior to Xia qingchen’s was gathered in his body!

Only Xia qingchen alone could use this power!

With a light grab of his palm, he extracted all the energy stored in Lian Xing’s body!

Lian Xing gasped and ran down with a red face.

Xia qingchen obtained boundless strength and took a step forward.


The arena had collapsed!

He threw a punch forward! Boom- –

The atmosphere exploded!

Yu Qingyang’s pitch-black eyes were filled with shock, “”You …”

Xia qingchen walked over, his gaze deep and cold.

He was like a Supreme God overlooking the world. “A mortal is also worthy of competing with me?” The powerful hongtian voice shook the dark clouds.

Hundreds of cracks appeared.

Wisps of sunlight took the opportunity to fall, casting white spots of light on the ground.

Light and darkness, heaven and earth.

They reflected each other to form a peerless wonder-the earth and the starry sky!

The White spots of light were like stars that were cast on the dark earth.

It was like the starry sky above the earth!

And now, a Supreme youth, like the Lord of the earth and the starry sky, had come to the human world!

“Kneel down!” Xia qingchen’s robes fluttered, and his black hair fluttered in the wind.

He was arrogant and cold, and he commanded the ants of the mortal world! heart trembled and his knees went weak. He almost knelt down.

“I am Yu Qingyang, the number one person of the same generation in the sky moon Ridge! Only the people of the world can kneel to me, I can not kneel to anyone!” He roared.


Xia qingchen waved his sleeves lightly.

An unimaginably majestic power swept out.


Both of Yu Qingyang’s knees were broken. He knelt on the ground with a plop.

He had really knelt down!

The number one genius of the sky moon Ridge was now kneeling in front of an ant.

At this very moment.

The entire place was silent and overwhelmed with shock!

When they looked at Xia qingchen, it was as if they were looking at an ancient Emperor!

With the body of a mortal, he was the Emperor of the world!

The agreement of life and death had been settled!

Xia qingchen spoke indifferently. it’s your honor to be my enemy. It’s also a tragedy!

The honor was because Yu Qingyang had once been the enemy of the king of Pantheon. It was enough for him to die with honor. The sad part was that his fate had already been decided!

“Go!” He snapped his fingers.

The terrifying power was destructive!

Yu Qingyang’s death was the end of the life and death agreement!


At this moment.

A long gray robe suddenly appeared between the two of them, blocking Xia qingchen’s finger!

“The agreement of life and death is temporarily suspended!” Chaoyan’s palm pressed together, crushing Xia qingchen’s finger force. She then raised her head high and announced loudly!


The spectators immediately burst into an uproar!

the life and death agreement between Xia qingchen and Yu Qingyang. Why should the shrine stop it? ‘

“This has nothing to do with the temple!”

The one who was the most shocked and furious was the Nebula sacred Lord.

“Shameless!” He trembled with anger,”who was the one who set the three rules that no one was allowed to interfere with the agreement of life and death?” Did you just treat your own words as a fart?”

Even someone as shrewd as the Nebula sacred Lord could not help but curse.

They thought that Xia qingchen would die for sure. Hence, they made a pact that no one was allowed to obstruct him.

Now that the situation had changed, he ignored the agreement and forcefully stopped the finals.

His shamelessness was infuriating.

The crowd was infuriated, and they all cursed!

Chaoyan glared at him coldly and shouted in a dignified manner, ‘”‘The final power of interpretation is in the hands of the temple! If we feel that the agreement needs to be terminated, then it must be terminated! No one is allowed to have any objections!”

“Unless you want to be the temple’s enemy!” He said sinisterly. The moment he said that, everyone immediately shut up.

Who would want to be enemies with the temple?

Aren’t you afraid of being destroyed?

Seeing that they had quieted down, chaoyan then grabbed Yu Qingyang and said, ‘”‘The agreement of life and death is temporarily over. Everyone, disperse!”

Yu Qingyang lay on his back and looked at Xia qingchen. He suddenly grinned.

He knew that the temple would make a move.

“Xia qingchen, you’ve still lost! The battle of life and death between us has never been between the two of us, but the two of us!”

On Xia qingchen’s side, it was him and his weak clan.

On Yu Qingyang’s side, it was him and his powerful father, as well as his huge network.

For example, the temple of the heavenly moon Ridge!

The Shen temple was entrusted by Yu Hualong to take care of Yu Qingyang.

Therefore, this was destined to be an unfair agreement.

It was impossible for Xia qingchen to win.

“I’ve decided, I don’t want to fight you one-on-one,” Yu Qingyang’s face turned cold.

Xia qingchen was too terrifying, so terrifying that he felt fear.

For such a person, the most suitable method was to kill him in a group.

starting with you, then your father, your aunt, your sect, everything you once loved, all of them will be burned to nothing! Yu Qingyang laughed without restraint.

That was the smile of a winner!

Xia qingchen stood at his original spot, not moving at all.

He didn’t even look at Yu Qingyang, nor did he listen to his words.

He only silently took out a pill furnace and stared at chaoyan’s back. “You’re just a mortal. Who gave you the right to meddle in my Affairs?”

He wanted to be enemies with the temple?

It wasn’t!

He was going to destroy the temple!

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