Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.630 - 629-meddling in other people’s business

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.630 - 629-meddling in other people’s business

Chapter 630: Chapter 629-meddling in other people’s business

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Chaoyan lowered her head and saw a fragment of a Broken Sword drilling out from the ground.

It drew a curved trajectory and pierced through his back before coming out from his chest.

The fragment was hidden too deeply.

Chaoyan had just escaped from a desperate situation and was in the midst of emotional turmoil.

He didn’t even notice that a life-demanding fragment had already been quietly buried under his feet.

“Uh … No… Save me …” Chaoyan hurriedly ran toward the shrine master. As long as he was not completely dead, there was still room for survival.

However, would Xia qingchen give him the hope to live?

Under the control of Xia qingchen’s Heavenly Sword heart, the shards of the broken Sword buried in his heart suddenly spun.

His heart had been completely crushed!


Chaoyan opened her mouth and spat out a large mouthful of blood mist. She staggered and finally fell to the ground.

The shrine master rushed over.

He helped chaoyan up and examined her injuries. His warm face instantly turned gloomy.

His heart had been completely crushed.

Even if the daluo immortal reincarnated, it would be impossible to save him!

He suddenly raised his head, and his killing intent surged.”How dare you!” He had killed the black-robed envoy of the divine Hall in front of him!

In Xia qingchen’s eyes, there wasn’t even the shadow of the shrine at all. He had never placed it in his eyes at all.

Who knew!

When he raised his head, he discovered that Xia qingchen had already grabbed Yu Qingyang, who had fallen to the ground, by his neck with one hand!

“Stop!” The shrine master roared.

His eyes were about to crack, as if the person Xia qingchen had killed was his son.

A majestic air current burst out from his body.

The ruins of the arena were all swept up a thousand feet high by the air current.

Then, it fell to the ground with a loud rumble.

His eyes turned red, and his hatred gushed forth. He pointed at Xia qingchen and threatened him openly, “”You dare to kill him! I’ll exterminate your Xia family and your sect!”

The hall master of the shrine was threatening people like this.

It was really beneath her status.

Xia qingchen cast a calm glance at him. “Didn’t Yu Qingyang say the same thing? Since the result will be the same whether I kill him or not, why should I not kill him?”

“I swear to the heavens that as long as you don’t harm Yu Qingyang, I can protect your family and your sect,” the shrine master said as he flicked his fingers.


Who knew.

Right after he made the oath, Xia qingchen had already broken Yu Qingyang’s neck.

The latter groaned in pain, and his eyes were still filled with unwillingness as he closed them powerlessly.

His entire head drooped down on his shoulders.

At this point.

The agreement of life and death was finally settled.

The proud son of heaven, Yu Qingyang, had ended the 20-year promise with his death!

“You! Search! Die!” The shrine master roared!

Xia qingchen casually tossed Yu Qingyang’s corpse away and said indifferently, “”Your oath is not worth a single cent!”

The words he said could be immediately treated as a fart.

Who would believe the oath of such a person?

“In addition! You’ve misunderstood. I don’t need you to let me go.” Xia qingchen sucked in a breath of air.

In the river, a 100-foot-long water pillar gushed over like a long Dragon, circling around Xia qingchen.

“What I want is for your temple to be destroyed.” Xia qingchen spoke indifferently.

Since he had already offended them, he would cut the weeds and eliminate the roots.

No regrets!

“You think you’re worthy?” The shrine master laughed in anger, his killing intent thick.

He waved his hand in the air and a three-section whip appeared in his palm.

He said word by word, gritting his teeth, ‘”‘This Hall master will whip you until not even your bones remain!”


His figure was like a sharp arrow, unbelievably fast.

In an instant, they arrived before Xia qingchen.

Xia qingchen was calm and fearless. He took out a dried-up tree root.

It was the heaven grudge root from du Yangzi.

It was a precious tree that could grow into a thousand Zhang tall ancient tree when it came in contact with water.

Xia qingchen pointed the root of the tree toward the shrine master while placing it in the water current that was swirling around before him.

With the special characteristics of the heaven grudge root, killing him would be a piece of cake!

but .

At the critical moment.

A majestic voice chided, “”Hall master of the heavenly moon divine Hall, hear my order!”

The shrine master turned his head to look!

A middle-aged woman in plain clothes sat indifferently in the seat where he had been sitting before.

Her expression was cold as she stared at the shrine master with disappointment.

The latter shuddered.

He immediately stopped and hurriedly went to the middle-aged woman, ‘”‘Greetings, princess’s emissary!”

Prince Liang had several princesses in his life.

However, there was only one famous one!

Commandery Princess yanyu!

The middle-aged woman in front of him was the trusted aide of Princess yanyu, the nanny!

She had a deep relationship with Princess yanyu.

He was one of the most trusted people of Commandery Princess yanyu.

She could totally represent Commandery Princess yanyu.

“Take the people from the divine Hall and get lost.” The middle-aged woman said indifferently.

The shrine master clenched his right fist and said, “please make the decision!” Xia qingchen killed the guards of my shrine, annihilated the black-robed emissaries of my shrine, and even killed Yu Qingyang. His crimes are heinous

Before he could finish, he was slapped in the face.

The middle-aged woman was even stronger than the hall master, and had almost caught up to the Xiahou forefather.

“You still have the face to say that?” The middle-aged woman’s eyes were filled with disdain. Xia qingchen and Yu Qingyang are having a life-and-death battle.

What right does your shrine have to interfere? ‘

That was a private agreement between the two of them.

What right did the temple have to interfere?

“It’s fine if you want to interfere, but from the guards to the black robed emissaries, and now to you, all of you have gone too far! You feel that Xia qingchen’s background is too weak and that the various powers in the skymoon Ridge are too weak, so you can do whatever you want to him, right?”

The middle-aged woman had been watching the battle in secret the entire time.

She did not stop the temple because she wanted to see how low the temple could go.

However, the result left her greatly disappointed.

The actions of the higher-ups of the divine Hall had completely lost the Justice, nobleness, and sacredness that the divine Hall should have.

She only appeared at the last moment.

The shrine master took a few steps back, but his eyes were still gloomy.”Princess’s emissary, you also have no right to interfere with the divine Hall’s Affairs!”

The shrine was not under the jurisdiction of the Commandery chief.

He was only afraid of Princess yanyu’s authority.

Xia qingchen has harmed a member of the skymoon Ridge shrine. He must be executed! He had already given face to the other party. If the other party didn’t want it, why should he still be warm to the cold?

Today, Xia qingchen had to be killed no matter what!

“Hehe! You can try!” The middle-aged woman raised her hand and threw it at Xia qingchen. “Catch it.”

Xia qingchen subconsciously grabbed it.

It was a thumb-sized Jade plate.

Xia qingchen wasn’t unfamiliar with this item.

Back in West Ridge’s territory, the three people sent by Princess yanyu had carried her token.

However, he threw it into the fire pool.

The shrine master immediately stopped in his tracks and hesitated.

“Commandery Princess yanyu specially ordered me to come to sky moon Ridge to find you. She also appointed you as a member of the yanyu Commandery Prince’s residence, the hall of wonders,” the middle-aged woman said.

The shrine master’s eyes narrowed.

He clenched his fists so tightly that they creaked!

The hall of eccentrics was an organization established by Princess yanyu herself.

He wanted to recruit all the strange people and people with strange abilities in the sky moon Ridge.

Every one of them was heavily protected by Commandery Princess yanyu.

As long as a member was injured, Commandery Princess yanyu would personally take care of it and punish them severely.

If he dared to kill Xia gingchen in public today, there might be a decree from Princess yanyu tomorrow-to wipe out the divine Hall in the sky moon Ridge!

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