Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.632 - 631-at all costs (1)

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.632 - 631-at all costs (1)

Chapter 632: Chapter 631-at all costs (1)

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She raised her teary eyes.

However, a familiar face was reflected in her eyes.

“Light … Big brother qingchen?” Moon Pearl cried out.

Xia qingchen panted deeply.

Along the way, he used his ultimate movement technique and didn’t hesitate to use up what Little Star power he had.

He had finally arrived at the last moment.

“You want to leave without even saying goodbye?” Xia qingchen held her wrists and stared into her eyes. “You said you wanted to be my partner, have you forgotten?”

The moon Pearl tried to break free from his hands, but Xia qingchen held onto it tightly. It was as if their hands had been fused together.

Unable to break free, she could only resign herself to her fate and stop. She said guiltily, ‘”‘That’s for the moon.”

“I, am the moon!” Xia qingchen spoke.

The moon Pearl was too ashamed to show its face.

She recalled that she had actually run over to discuss with Xia qingchen, wanting to put on a show that would make Xia qingchen forget about her. She wanted nothing more than to find a hole in the ground and hide in it.

It was too embarrassing!

“You … You’re so bad! Why did you lie to me about your identity for a month?” Moon Pearl was half sad and half angry.

Xia qingchen looked at her and smiled. “Because moon comes from your name.”

The moon was the moon of the moon Pearl.

Yue Mingzhu’s body trembled, as if an electric current had suddenly flowed through her body.

The ‘Yue’ that Xia qingchen had chosen was actually her name?

At this moment.

Yue Mingzhu suddenly felt that all her efforts, all her hard work, and all her love were worth it.

Even if she couldn’t see Xia qingchen again from now on, she was already satisfied.

Because …

In Xia qingchen’s heart, there was a her!

A smile reappeared on his face, no longer sad.

She turned around and looked at the White Lotus saintess.

A gust of wind blew, and the reeds in dream Marsh rustled.

It lifted the White Lotus saintess ‘skirt and her long black hair.

A wisp of black hair blocked her eyes.

It was impossible to see the look in her eyes at that moment.

The only thing he could see was his lonely and desolate face.

The flowers are scattered and the water flows, the green bird is lonely and sad.

The two beauties were silent.

The loneliest thing in the world was not being alone.

Instead, you are in front of him, but he is in your horizon.

Yue Mingzhu retracted her gaze and gently retracted her palm. She smiled faintly and said, “”Brother qingchen, your wife is over there.”

She was no longer sad. With clear eyes, she sincerely wished,”l hope you two will grow old together.” He wished her well.

She brushed past him.

Xia qingchen stretched out his hand, trying to persuade her to stay.

“Do you still want me to stay?” Yue Mingzhu asked. I’m the priest of the Dark Moon, the demoness that the world will kill, the purple-eyed witch.”

Xia qingchen grabbed her wrist and cast a sidelong glance. “No! I’m telling you to wait for me in the dark Moon. I’ll find you when I’m done with my business!”

Yue Mingzhu was stunned, ‘didn’t you hear me clearly? I’m a female devil and I’ve killed many people.”

I don’t care who you used to be. I only know that you are my moon Pearl! Xia qingchen’s gaze was clear and clean as he spoke in a gentle voice.

At this moment.

Yue Mingzhu’s heart was shaken.

What she felt the most inferior about was her identity as a Dark Moon and her past.

How could Xia qingchen like a female devil who had killed people like flies?

However, Xia qingchen’s reply caused a warm current to surge in Yue Mingzhu’s heart.

It was like a ray of sunlight, penetrating the thick dark clouds at the bottom of her heart, warming the coldness that no one knew. Her eyes were wet again, and tears were glistening.

That was no longer sadness.

It was happiness.

thank you, big brother qingchen. I’ve received your kind intentions, but an Yue, don’t go. It’s very dangerous there. Yue Mingzhu said.

Xia qingchen looked at her. for your sake. I’m willing to do anything! he said.

The words “at all costs” reverberated in the quiet dream swamp.

Yue Mingzhu’s tears fell like rain.

The faith in his heart wavered.

Her belief was to become the master of the Dark Moon-Supreme moon.

As a priestess, she had a high chance of success.

But at this moment, she wanted to leave the Dark Moon, giving up on her past pursuits and stay by Xia qingchen’s side.

However, she understood that she could not stay.

That would only bring harm to Xia qingchen.

The people of Dark Moon did not allow their priest to go far away with an ordinary person.

The Dark Moon would spare no effort to destroy Xia qingchen!

“I hope we won’t meet again!” Yue Mingzhu turned around and stepped onto the dream swamp, jumping onto the giant ship that had been anchored for a long time.

That is, if they were to meet in the dark Moon.

She hoped that this day would never come.

The enormity of the Dark Moon far exceeded Xia qingchen’s imagination.

If he went, he would only die!

On the deck.

A hunchbacked old woman with white hair and a walking stick was waiting quietly.

When he saw Yue Mingzhu return, he said hoarsely, “”Why did you return half a year late?”

Yue Mingzhu was undergoing the assessment to become Supreme moon. This was her first assessment, and her mission was to figure out the broken finger of the evil god on the demon suppressing Island with her own strength.

The mission should have been completed half a year ago, but the moon Pearl had been delaying its return.

It wasn’t until half a year later that he was finally willing to return.

Yue Mingzhu had already wiped her tears dry. She said nonchalantly, “”1 just encountered some matters and was delayed.”

the rest of the Dark Moon priests have already surpassed you, ” the hunchbacked old woman warned. if you don’t take it seriously, you won’t be able to become the moon master.

“Please state your second mission, ” Yue Mingzhu said solemnly.

The hunchbacked old woman took out a secret letter. The moon Pearl opened it and murmured, “”Go to the Liang Prince’s Palace and get .

the mission is very difficult. Two priests have already failed and been killed. There’s still one priest who’s still in hiding. He’s helpless. The hunchbacked old woman said.

Yue Mingzhu chuckled, and her purple eyes were filled with a playful look. “A bunch of idiots, don’t compare yourself to me! I’m definitely going to get this!” At the dock.

Xia qingchen watched as the Darkmoon ship left, feeling a sense of loss in his heart.

“Why didn’t you make her stay?” The White Lotus saintess said quietly. She had never let go of the sword hilt.

Xia qingchen was silent for a long time. He then spoke, ” do I have to stop her pursuit just because I like her? ”

Love shouldn’t be so selfish.

He didn’t ask her to stay because the moon Pearl didn’t show any intention of leaving the Dark Moon.

however, her pursuer will definitely be the Dark Moon master. If she really becomes a bloody executioner, will you still accept her? ” The White Lotus saintess was confused.

Xia qingchen smiled. a girl who’s willing to silently give her all for others and is willing to punish flower-picking thieves for innocent victims. Would she really be a murderer who kills people like flies? ” 𝘧𝘳ℯ𝓮𝘸𝓮𝑏𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝘤ℴ𝘮

He did not believe that Yue Mingzhu was such a cold and emotionless person. that’s the truth. The six fan Palace has already collected countless pieces of evidence. All the righteous sects in the world can testify that Yue Mingzhu is indeed a female devil who kills without blinking. The White Lotus Holy maiden stared at Xia qingchen’s back.

Xia qingchen replied indifferently, ‘that’s also from someone else’s mouth! Unless I see it with my own eyes, I won’t believe it.

Seeing how determined Xia qingchen was, the White Lotus saintess ‘grip on the soft sword grew tighter.

After a long while, he returned his sword to its sheath and said,”you’d better pray that she doesn’t continue to make mistakes!” Otherwise, I’ll be the first to kill her!”

The White Lotus saintess felt a pain in her heart.

She had never known that the moon Pearl was actually so important in Xia qingchen’s heart.

Even if she was a devil spurned by the world, even if she was enemies with everyone in the world, Xia qingchen would still stand by her side, believe in her, and support her.

If there was a day when Yue Mingzhu really continued to make mistakes and let Xia qingchen down …

In that case, she must kill the moon Pearl!

No matter the cost!