Heretic Doctor Useless Consort - C.570 - : The Sixth Talent!

Heretic Doctor Useless Consort

C.570 - : The Sixth Talent!

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A circle of shocking lightning appeared from the Dragon Mountain Ruins! The waves surged out, scaring the experts so much that they all used their strongest defense. All the camps activated their defensive formations.

Even though they had set up their defenses, when the terrifying electric current surged over, many people were still frightened, afraid that their defenses would be useless! They were going to be finished collectively.

Fortunately, the lightning tide was relatively ” mild “. At the very least, the various Great Emperors and Divine level experts in front had already worked together to discharge a lot of lightning energy. Otherwise…

“F * ck! What’s going on?”

“l don’t know. In the past, the competition for the Innate Talent Rankings wasn’t as thrilling as this year! Now, not only is it dangerous inside, but it’s also very dangerous outside.”

“Brother is right! But I’m still curious, what’s going on?” The onlookers were almost electrocuted to death. Although they still had lingering fears, they were still eager to know what had happened in the ruins.

However, no one knew! Until …

“Look! What’s that in the sky?” Someone suddenly saw a drop of water appear in the sky. It was very big! But there were no signs of it dripping?

Uh . . .

So, the loud thunder and lightning just now was all because of this drop of water? The key was that it was still not coming down, and there was no more water vapor gathering around it.

“Is this the legendary truth of thunder and no rain?” All the onlookers felt that this scene was trying to clarify this matter.

Of course, some knowledgeable onlookers realized that something was wrong! For example, Wang Chenxiao, who was a know-it-all, thought of a possibility, but he was not very sure.

However, Wang Chenxiao was still strong and brave! He voiced out his guess. This, this, could it be that the little princess is awakening her, her sixth talent? ‘

As soon as he said that, the surroundings were silent for a moment, because…

“That’s possible.” Gong Mingche felt that it was not impossible! Although he had never seen such a phenomenon before, he seemed to have seen relevant

i ecU1us.

However, he could not quite remember what the record said. It seemed to say novelbuddy. com

“Taiyi Primordial Water!” Some knowledgeable expert suddenly shouted in shock and excitement, ” This is a talent phenomenon! Someone has awakened the Taiyi Primordial Water talent.”


Everyone was in an uproar, but all the monarchs calmed down and thought! The legendary Taiyi Primordial Water talent seemed to be like this when it was awakened.

However, since ancient times, only the legendary Taiyi True Lord had awakened the Taiyi Primordial Water talent. Moreover, the records in the ancient books also said that the records were based on legends and might not be true.

But, but . . .

What kind of lightning was this? If the mountain is about to collapse, the earth is about to crack, the sky appears the Yuan River, but it is about to fall but has not yet fallen,… The descriptions in these ancient books were very f * cking consistent with the phenomenon at the scene.

So, could this really be it? When the Taiyi Primordial Water was awakened, there would be a talent phenomenon? So, there really was someone in the Netherworld River who had awakened the Taiyi Primordial Water talent?

Then, who were the Awakened ones?

“Could it be Prince Taixu?” Emperor Yan Huo couldn’t help but guess. Then, Extreme Yin Emperor rolled his eyes and said, ” Prince Taixu is already a ninth-grade talent. Do you think he can awaken the tenth talent? ‘

Emperor Yan Huo was speechless.

“It can only be the little princess of Kun Luna” Emperor Taixu said in a more reliable manner, ” Among the top ten in this line, only the little princess of Kunlun is here. City Lord Liao is not a ninth-grade talent yet, and the latter has just awakened the Netherworld Ghost Flame. ‘

“Congratulations, Empress!” Emperor Bu Zhou immediately congratulated the empress. At the same time, he was even more determined to let his son steal the girl. This was simply a magical little princess.

Taiyi Primordial Water was a legendary item! Upper three grades, a super talent of the eighth grade! It was another upper three grades, the eighth grade…Simply…

However, the Water Empress pondered for a moment before asking, ” May I ask, if it’s really the Taiyi Primordial Water talent, what’s the use of it? ‘

“Uh …” The emperors were stumped.

Compared to the Taiyi Divine Flower, the Taiyi Primordial Water had a record of awakening, but the problem was! Lord Taiyi was a weirdo. It was said that there was such a person, but no one knew what he did with his talent.

“Your daughter should know about this.” Emperor Taixu said. After all, those who awakened their talents would receive feedback from the skills of their talents.

However, the empress shook her head and said, ” Not necessarily. She has to figure out the use of the Taiyi God Flower herself. She’s not too sure what other uses it has.

“Uh …” The monarchs couldn’t say anything, but they all felt that it was impossible. There was such a thing? The empress was probably lying to them.

However, the truth was! The empress wasn’t lying to them. Ye Qianli didn’t even know what this drop of water that she had awakened was for. She didn’t even know what it was called.

“Uh, it might be called Taiyi Primordial Water.” This time, the magic box recognized the water in Ye Qianli’s palm. It should be the Taiyi Primordial Water.

So, Ye Qianli asked directly, ” Are all Taiyi series so bad? He didn’t even tell you how to use it and just appeared quietly?”

Rong MO, who was beside Ye Qianli, saw her confused expression and asked, ‘ How do I use it? ‘

” “Ye Qianli nodded heavily.

At the same time, Liao Zongming and the First Prince of Taiyin, who had been startled by her movements, rushed back and saw her dumbfounded face.

“What’s wrong?” Liao Zongming was confused and asked, but he immediately realized something and said in surprise, ” Little sister, you’ve awakened! ‘

“Yes, it has awakened, but I don’t know how to use it. Sigh! Let me try it first.” Ye Qianli pondered for a moment, and with a ‘biu’ sound, she conjured a small trumpet flower.

Everyone was from the Taiyi series, so they should know each other better. Ye Qianli asked the little flower to get close to Xiaoshuishui, but…

Little Flower turned her head in rejection. This …

“Fatty, do you want some water?” Ye Qianli even offered the water to the fat golden dragon, but the latter quickly waved his paws and refused? This … Was it poisonous?

Ye Qianli looked at Rong MO with confusion. The latter reached out his slender fingers to touch the drop of water, but Ye Qianli stopped him.

Rong MO raised his eyebrows in confusion, but Ye Qianli didn’t look at him. She poured her water onto the little flower.

For a moment…

” Ah! ” Flowey, who had never made a sound before, suddenly screamed. Ye

Qianli was so scared that she quickly sank her consciousness into her Sea of Consciousness to see Flowey herself.

In the end…

Huahua was gone?

“Flower! Little flower?” Ye Qianli called out in disbelief and tried to send a message to the Taiyi Divine Flower. She realized that she could no longer sense the existence of the Taiyi God Flower.

so …

No more?

This …

No way!

Her sixth talent ate her second talent? This ….

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