Heretic Doctor Useless Consort - C.580 - : Miss Goddess, You’re the Best!

Heretic Doctor Useless Consort

C.580 - : Miss Goddess, You’re the Best!

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“Bang!” As the countless pieces of flesh and blood split open, they exploded into a blossoming viburne flower and dissipated into a cloud of mist.

Obviously! At the most critical moment, Elder Princess Qiong Hai used her natal viburnet flower. It was a secret technique of the Qiong Hai clan that could be used to replace death.

However, each of the Life Jasper Flowers was born after the Jasper Sea Tribe awakened their innate talent. They were watered with blood and were connected to the person. Therefore, if the Life Jasper Flower “died”, the person would also lose half of his life.

However, it was also because of this connection that Princess Qiong Hai was able to survive at the most critical moment! She wanted her life essence Jasper Flower to die in her place.


“Roar!” He was only left with half his life! Princess Qiong Hai, who could only lie on the ground bleeding, welcomed Zhengs second attack.


The moment the sharp blade that could tear through space tore out, the space trembled! It was so terrifying and so fast that Princess Qiong Hai, who was on the verge of death, felt despair.

After all, she couldn’t possibly have a second Natal Jasper Flower to die in her place. Usually, she could only nurture one Natal Jasper Flower at a time. After all, her main body’s blood essence was limited. It was impossible to nurture two Natal Jasper Flowers at the same time. That would hurt her foundation.

Therefore, at this moment, Princess Qiong Hai could only watch as the claws of the ferocious beast tore at her. She didn’t even have the strength to dodge and could only wait for death.

“Jade…” Outside the arena, Emperor Qiong Hai was also holding his forehead in pain. He couldn’t bear to watch anymore! After all, he knew that his eldest daughter, who had lost her natal viburne flower, would definitely not be able to dodge this fatal blow.

However, the truth was that when Zhengs sharp claws tore down, it tore through the hard stone mountain! He didn’t even manage to tear Princess Qiong Hai apart. He was just a little bit away! About half a zhang?

This …

“l know! Zhengs attack range was ten Zhang! After Princess Qiong Hai was torn apart, she fell a little more than 100 feet away.”

“Oh my god, that was close! Princess Qiong Hai is really lucky.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” At this moment, the experts quickly analyzed the situation and felt their hearts beat faster! It was so exciting to watch. He was really so close.

There was more! This strange beast was indeed a strange beast. Its body clearly still had the aura of a seal, but it could erupt with such terrifying power. It was simply …

It scared the babies outside the arena to death. Wang Chenxiao was very happy to see it. After all, the injured and dying people had nothing to do with him! Especially that Grand Princess Taixu, who was actually seriously injured! Cool.

However, Wang Chen’s smile only lasted for a while, and his heart was immediately raised because the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator was leading the way! Ye Qianli, Liao Zongming, and the First Prince of Taiyin followed closely behind. With Prince Taixu holding the fort, they were about to encounter Zheng.

“These people ran so fast!”

“Nonsense! There are so many ferocious creatures about to break the seal. If it was you, you would have run for your life!”

“Then the speed of these people is also ridiculously fast! The two eldest princesses in front were trapped by these pillars! They are all formations, like a maze. There is only one way out. How do they know which way is the way out?”

The experts were all excited and couldn’t calm down. They were all talking excitedly.

This made the onlookers who couldn’t see feel especially heartbroken. They only felt that after they went back! He had to work hard and cultivate well so that he would not be a spectator in the next batch!

” The Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator is indeed not simple. He was the one who led the way, and not a single step was wrong. ” Gong Mingche was feeling a little heavy-hearted. After all, such a powerful Yin Demon Cultivator would be his opponent even if he was on the same side as them.

“Don’t worry about this for now. It’s good that we can get out!” Wang Chenxiao was only concerned about this. After all, he had already seen the pillar with an eye in front of him, which was cracking rapidly.

And this pillar! It was very close to Zheng and was also on the path that they had to take to get out. It was right in front of them! They were about to encounter each other.

“Quick, quick! Hurry up!” Wang Chenxiao was so anxious that he lost his composure and shouted, attracting Gong Liuyun’s envious gaze. He also wanted to swallow the Explosive Divine Pill so that he could see. The problem was that with his cultivation, he couldn’t see even if he swallowed the Explosive Divine Pill.

At the same time

“Kacha! Crack!”

As the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivators brushed past the rapidly cracking pillar, they could feel the overwhelming baleful aura surging out.


“Coo!” Little MO, who was sleeping in Ye Qianli’s stomach, woke up ” abruptly and laid on the ground.

“Run! “Oh my god!” The First Prince of Taiyin was so scared that his forehead was covered in sweat. This was no joke! He could feel that the thing inside was even more terrifying than Zheng.

“Run! The Zheng in front can also tear us apart.” Liao Zongming could only hope that the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator was strong enough to kill Zheng.

And then! The Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator was really super awesome. He showed no signs of stopping. He had already taken out a completely black sword with one hand.

“Heavenly Demon Transformation!” After the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator finished his roar, his entire body was like a cannonball that had been released from a barrel. He charged towards Zheng without hesitation. He was especially heroic!

“Awesome!” Liao Zongming quickly praised her and was ready to lie down, but-


The Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator was like a black rainbow that soared into the sky. It shot out in a parabola in front of Liao Zongmings eyes! It landed behind Zheng at an extremely fast speed.

Liao Zongming was speechless. What happened to bringing them along?

The First Prince of Taiyin was speechless. Motherf * cker! Abandoned, it’s over …

However, just as the two of them were completely dumbfounded, the goddess in front of them! Oh no, Ye Qianli! She didn’t abandon them. She had already used her drop of water.

“Taiyi Primordial Water!” Ye Qianli, who had not slowed down from the beginning to the end even without the help of the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator, struck out with the Taiyi Primordial Water as she approached the Zheng.


The crystalline Taiyi Primordial Water streaked across the air! It dripped onto Qiong Xiong-Zheng, making Liao Zongming and the First Prince of Taiyin’s hearts almost jump out of their chests.

They all knew! Ye Qianli wanted to stop it so that they could pass as long as they were not affected! At this moment, he could only take a gamble and hope that it would hit Zheng! He hoped that Shuishui was reliable.

At the same time…


Behind them, an even more terrifying existence was acting up! Liao Zongming and the First Prince of Taiyin were so frightened that they jumped up and ran away. They couldn’t care less about whether the Taiyi Primordial Water was reliable or not. They could only hope that it was reliable. They had no way out! There was no time to delay.



Zheng caught the Primordial Unity Primordial Water with one claw under their expectations. It used its fiendish aura to isolate the Taiyi Primordial Water and wrapped it up.

This time…

“It’s really over.” Ye Qianli was also stunned. She thought that this was a dead end, but what happened? After Zheng “got” the Taiyi Primordial Water, he put it into his mouth..

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