I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - C.2384 - : Provoking the Benevolent to Fury (1)

I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

C.2384 - : Provoking the Benevolent to Fury (1)

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Chapter 2384: Provoking the Benevolent to Fury (1)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The world had suddenly turned ethereal.

The trial-takers of the Four Symbols Secret Realm, the red and white-clothed people, and even the depths of everyone’s souls resonated with the crisp sound of droplets falling and rippling.

“Drip, drop!”

It echoed from nowhere, cleansing the souls and spirits.

As goosebumps spread and pores opened, it seemed to also siphon away some power.

At that moment, everyone raised their gaze, and the world before their eyes had faded into shades of pure black, gray, and white.

A wisp of cold mist summoned the spirits, sketching out the ink-painted azure sky.

In the airspace of the Four Symbols Secret Realm, a hazy mist condensed, and within a blink of an eye, a furious tide surged three hundred feet high out of nowhere!


After the deafening roar, the waves anchored themselves in nothingness, like the sturdiest shield under the sky, pushing forward from behind Cen Qiaofu, shielding him from all harm.

“Long time no see, Ai Cangsheng, I’ve returned.”

As he strode upon the waves, Water Ghost held his left hand to his face while clutching a spear in his right, a subtle smile playing on his lips.

His long hair danced in the wind, his robes billowed, and with the force of the sea at his command, he thrust his spear fiercely at a dark streak shooting through the air.


The Arrow of Evil Sin Bow that Cen Qiaofu couldn’t ever shatter exploded.

The evil energy splattered into the air was intercepted by the sky-shrouding water curtain, completely absorbed without a trace escaping.

The seas contain all rivers, accommodating all things.

The ink-like black seawater remained unaffected by the residual power of the Evil Sin Bow, absorbing everything.

And Water Ghost did not retreat an inch!

“Ai Cangsheng, you’ve grown weaker…”

Hearing this, Cen Qiaofu was momentarily stunned.

He looked up at the Nine Heavens, slightly parting his lips as if he hadn’t yet returned from his shock.

Above the void, the Original Sealing Spear bent under force but smoothly swirled in Water Ghost’s hand, from his left waist to his right palm, like a dragon shaking off water, aiming directly at the second arrow.

With a shake of his arm, Water Ghost only produced a few silver-white spear flowers from the tip of the Original Sealing Spear before piercing through the void and Great Path, straight toward the second arrow.


Another Arrow of Evil Sin Bow exploded.

This time, the power carried by the arrow seemed to be completely sealed, not even able to splash out.

Water Ghost not only didn’t retreat but instead advanced half a step, his lips curling into a smirk:

“Truly disappointing…”

Everyone below widened their eyes.

One spear shattering one arrow, who could this figure be? fr𝐞𝐞𝚠e𝗯𝗻ovel.c𝐨m

Compared to the tyrannical Sea God’s Trident, the Original Sealing Spear was much finer, adding a touch of flexibility.

With these two long-handled weapons, Water Ghost wielded them as naturally as if they were his arms!

As one of the nine supreme divine weapons, the Original Sealing Spear, which rivaled the Evil Sin Bow, was only used for its sealing attribute in Yan Wuse’s hands.

In the hands of Water Ghost, the Original Sealing Spear seemed to possess a soul.

When the third black streak shot through the air, Water Ghost smiled.

“A mantis trying to stop a chariot!”

The ink-colored world suddenly lit up with a Power Upanishad Formation that engulfed the entire Four Symbols Secret Realm.

All trial-takers swore they had never seen such an array diagram.

Seldom did arrays, or even spiritual arrays, have the capability to cover an entire extradimensional space.

And now, this intricate and dazzling Power Upanishad Formation unfolded beneath Water Ghost’s feet.

He was relaxed, casual, as if performing an effortless feat.

The array was so vast that it extended from the extradimensional space to cover the entire Shengshen Continent, obscuring the Gong Yang Mountain.

“Take this!”

Inside the Four Symbols Secret Realm, Water Ghost’s spear met the arrowhead, swirling into a vortex, simultaneously retreating and rolling, discharging the force of the Evil Sin Bow’s arrow!

The waves beneath his feet were drawn into the force of the Original Sealing Spear, turning into towering waterspouts, the sound of water rumbling like thunder.

Retreating to Cen Qiaofu’s side, Water Ghost effortlessly wielded the spear with one hand, while the other supported his golden beast mask. With a malevolent grin, he turned his head to taunt:

“Senior Cen, giving up already?”

“Have you reached the age where you begin to doubt if you’re truly the protagonist of your own destiny?”

Cen Qiaofu glared at him but was somewhat surprised inwardly.

He knew that the Chief and this person had only interacted once, leading to the situation with Abyss Island.

Water Ghost was listed as the fifth seat among the Saint Servants.

But in ordinary times, he had little involvement, only contributing a bit of intelligence—this person was aloof and too difficult to deal with.

However, after the battle at Abyss Island, with his title as a demi-saint of Upanishad, his noble status was second only to the Holy Emperor.

This man might not even obey the Chief’s commands now!

So, why would he come here?

“Be careful.”

Cen Qiaofu glanced at the Arrow of Evil Sin Bow deflected towards him, and he couldn’t suppress his fear as he cautioned.

Unperturbed, Water Ghost shook his head with a chuckle, only glancing back at the Nine Heavens:

“Courtesy demands reciprocity!”

With a mighty swing, the Arrow of Evil Sin Bow was deflected by the force of the spear, sent back from where it came, shooting across the sky.


The vast sky exploded with a deafening noise.

The black and red arrow, connected by the Water of Great Path, traversed all things in the world, ignoring spatial distances…

It pierced through the Four Symbols Secret Realm, tore through the sky above

Gong Yang Mountain, flew over Jade Capital City, and headed towards Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe!

On the cliff above Black Water Stream, the white and red-clothed people held their heads, their eyes filled with fear.

In the Path Principles of the Four Symbols Secret Realm, Wei An’s eyelids twitched, his eyes containing a trace of astonishment as he stared at the man with the golden beast mask.

On the Antelope Peak of Gong Yang Mountain, Yue Gongli covered his forehead with his hand, his eyes following the arrow flying across the horizon, his mouth forming a circle:


Countless spiritual cultivators in Jade Capital City looked into the distance upon hearing the sound, only to see the Arrow of Evil Sin Bow returning.

At the moment it hit Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, a thunderous roar echoed through the Nine Heavens..