I Pioneered Scientific Magic - C.53: The Girl Who Yearned to Soar

I Pioneered Scientific Magic

C.53: The Girl Who Yearned to Soar

"It must be those halflings up to some new antics again," Theodore sighed, leading the way through the dense crowd.

Lynn quickly realized the esteemed status of wizards. The crowded harbor residents, upon seeing the emblem on Theodore's chest, spontaneously made way for them. They soon found themselves in the front row, witnessing the scene in the square.

On the smooth, paved stone road, there stood a massive flying contraption, about two meters tall and with a wingspan of nearly seven meters.

Well, to describe it as a "flying contraption" might not be entirely accurate. It looked rather rudimentary, like a framework of wood and steel, tightly bound at the joints with leather straps. The frame was covered with a canvas made from camel leather. It appeared like a monstrous creature hovering above the ground, eliciting continuous gasps from the onlookers.

"It's enormous!" Jonny gazed in astonishment at the contraption. He couldn't find the words to express his shock. "Is this a new alchemical invention of the wizards in this land?"

"Of course not!" Theodore slapped his forehead, turning his head away, not wanting to embarrass himself in front of outsiders.

Lynn, on the other hand, found it quite intriguing. He hadn't expected to witness such a peculiar sight right after arriving at Iyeta Harbor. Was this a test flight?

Lynn immediately noticed the propellers hanging from the double wings. However, if it relied solely on steam for power, the results could be questionable.

Despite his doubts, Lynn kept his eyes fixed on the contraption. Every human attempt at flight was worth celebrating, especially in a world where magic existed. Nothing was truly impossible here.

"Hey there!"

Just as he was thinking, Lynn saw a petite figure nimbly climbing to the top of the contraption. She secured the final connection point with leather straps and then settled inside the cockpit.

She looked no more than eight or nine years old, wearing a dirty, dust-covered, yet exquisite short robe. Her hair was windswept and disheveled, her face smeared with dusty grime. She had rolled up her sleeves and pants, and she wore oversized wind goggles on her head. Her entire presence exuded vitality and determination!

"She's so young... Why did they choose a child to operate this contraption?" Lynn asked in amazement.

"No, you've got it wrong. Lydia is a halfling, and in fact, she's already sixteen this year," Theodore explained.

Is that so? Lynn took a closer look and noticed the slight pointiness of the girl's ears, as well as her unique eye color and hair. It was often challenging to distinguish between halflings and ordinary humans during their early years. Coupled with her youthful appearance, Lynn hadn't recognized her.

"Lydia, maybe we should reconsider..."

In the square, a few halflings were gathered around the contraption, conducting final checks. An elderly halfling placed his hands on the "body" of the contraption and gave it a few strong shakes, seemingly testing its sturdiness.

Of course, if it were to fall apart, that would be even better. This way, the other side would have to give up this impractical fantasy.

"Don't worry, Uncle Darren. This time, I've prepared for everything, and I'm sure it will work," the girl named Lydia brushed off the other's teasing hands, tugged on her wind goggles, and placed her hands on the controls. She exuded confidence. "Alright, I'm taking off now. Everyone, please clear the area!"

"But you said the same thing last time..." the group of halflings silently commented in their hearts. Nevertheless, they moved aside. They felt quite embarrassed to be gathered here and were afraid of the impending embarrassment.

Moreover, the wizard nobles, though not vocal about it, definitely had reservations about the chaos caused by the halflings occupying the city square.

Vroom, vroom...

Accompanied by puffs of smoke continuously billowing from above the contraption, the steam-powered contraption's side propellers started spinning. Once everyone in front made way, Lydia pulled the lever, using the straight street as her runway. The massive contraption charged straight ahead.

"Can this thing really fly?" Jonny was immensely curious. She could see that this contraption was designed for ascending, resembling an extremely large bird.

"It should be able to, but most likely, it can only fly a little..." Lynn hadn't sensed any magical energy fluctuations throughout, so he had an idea of what the outcome would be.

Jonny, on the other hand, was puzzled. What did he mean by "it can only fly a little"?

Theodore, however, shook his head. He believed this contraption couldn't fly at all.

Independent flight was a privilege of high-ranking wizards. Other than the griffin knights trained by the Secas Empire, no one else could freely soar in the sky.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, the contraption picked up speed and charged across the city square.

On the opposite street, there was a large, sloping structure to provide the necessary height. Lydia was tense, her pupils fixed firmly on the path ahead.

When the contraption reached the top of the slope, the girl pressed the controls hard, causing the contraption's massive wings to shudder abruptly. With the last burst of lift, it soared over the slope.

"It actually took off!" Theodore was in complete disarray, his face filled with an expression of disbelief. The common folk who were also watching were equally astounded.

"My goodness, she did it!"

"She truly deserves to be called 'Lydia the Artisan.' She's amazing. I've even bought some of the little gadgets she made, and they're just as magical as the wizards' tools..."

"She's definitely going to pass the selection this year..."

The halflings below were ecstatic, dancing and cheering. "Lydia is the pride of the halflings..." "She's sure to become the first halfling wizard..."

However, their celebration was premature. Once the contraption ascended with the assistance of the thrust, numerous issues were exposed simultaneously.

Lydia was happily adjusting her course, planning to fly around Iyeta Harbor. But within a few seconds, she realized her contraption was losing balance and descending rapidly.

In a panic, Lydia pulled on the lever, trying to control the wing's oscillations and imitate the way birds provide lift. Unfortunately, her efforts only made things worse. The contraption's flight path immediately became erratic, like a young dragon hit by a spell, spiraling down from the sky...

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