I Pioneered Scientific Magic - C.56: To Be Frank, the Magic Theories in the Wizard’s Land are Outdated!

I Pioneered Scientific Magic

C.56: To Be Frank, the Magic Theories in the Wizard’s Land are Outdated!

Kora's good friend, a scholar of the Society of Mystical Arts, an official wizard...

These were the three identities that Lynn had bestowed upon himself, capable of making most potential troubles vanish into thin air.

To uncover these lies would not be easy. For the people of the Wizard's Land, Kora's experiences in the Secas Empire were a complete blank, even though they could communicate through magic. It was plausible to say that they had only recently met.

Anyway, Kora's mentor had already been taken to the Holy City by the Church. By calculating the time, it was hard to say if he would survive the ordeal, but one thing was certain—he couldn't escape to correct Kora's words.

The only one who knew the truth was Jonny, whose life Lynn had saved twice. They had a bond forged through life and death, and more importantly, they were now inextricably linked. Even if it was to avoid being held accountable, Jonny had no choice but to remain silent.

As long as he could solidify his identity during this time, who would believe the words of a wizard's apprentice? Sometimes, the truth was less believable than lies.

No one would believe that someone who had only been studying magic for less than half a year could kill a Grand Archbishop, destroy half a seaside town, and possess extensive knowledge.

After Lynn's brief introduction, the professors present exchanged glances. Theodore was the first to speak, questioning, "You're not a Grand Wizard, are you?"

In Theodore's mind, the kind of magic that could cause such widespread destruction was at least High Circle Magic, something only Grand Wizards could perform. Yet Lynn appeared much too young, probably around twenty.

This seemed quite unreasonable. The most talented wizards in the Wizard's Land, like the "Star of Magic," Ougust, had become Grand Wizards at the age of twenty-four, and he was considered the hope of the entire wizarding world, the most likely candidate to reach the realm of legendary wizards!

Theodore couldn't believe that this newcomer, whose origins were unknown, possessed greater talent than the "Star of Magic."

"I'm certainly not a Grand Wizard. Destroying the seaside town was just a stroke of luck, and it was also thanks to the assistance of Lame Loude," Lynn explained casually.

"Luck?" Theodore was momentarily stunned, remembering that Lynn had ordered Lame Loude to collect a lot of basic materials before the conflict with the Church broke out completely. Was it the influence of a powerful alchemical array?

The professors from the various academies racked their brains but couldn't think of any powerful alchemical array that required such basic materials. They turned their gazes to Grand Wizard Herlram.

He pondered for a moment before speaking, "I heard a few years ago that the alchemists in the Wizard's City discovered a unique alchemical formula that didn't even require the use of magic. With a sufficient quantity, the resulting power could rival some high-level magic."

Lynn's face revealed a slight hint of surprise. Had the alchemists of the Wizard's City actually stumbled upon gunpowder technology? It wasn't surprising when you thought about it. After all, black powder wasn't something particularly advanced, having been discovered in the late 9th century in his previous life. Its power was also fairly average.

Back in the seaside town, the key was the sheer quantity, coupled with Lynn's addition of white phosphorus to enhance its strength, resulting in such impressive results.

In fact, if time had not been so limited, he would have let the natives experience a true spectacle.

After Herlram's explanation, Theodore and the others couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. It turned out to be some sort of alchemical product that required employing thousands of people and several days of preparation to unleash its power. This thing could only serve as a trap and certainly wouldn't be used in battle.

Regardless of what the academy professors thought, Lynn continued his narration.

"Kora's journey to the capital of the Nordan Dominion was, in fact, to meet another scholar from the Society of Mystical Arts to discuss a very important magical theory. As for the abduction... um... as for the apprenticeship, it was merely a cover. Unexpectedly, the Church personnel still caught wind of it..."

"Just before departing, Kora implored me to compile a manuscript from the Society of Mystical Arts. He had foreseen that this meeting might not be as easy as it seemed. If he couldn't return this time, he asked me to do whatever it took to get these precious manuscripts to Iyeta Harbor."

At this point, Lynn sighed with regret and looked at the academy professors around him, speaking in a subdued tone, "Kora told me that the Wizard's Land is too closed off, with many magical theories that are likely outdated. These new ideas might bring a revolution to the Wizard's Land."

"Absurd! How dare he say such things!" Kevin stood up immediately, his eyes wide, practically ready to vent his frustrations.

What place was the Wizard's Land? It was the birthplace of countless top academies! It was the center of magical development and the sanctuary of wizards! They had spent hundreds of years transforming this once-barren island into a paradise of magic. Here, every wizard was dedicated to the pursuit of truth, and nearly every week, new elements or magical theories were discovered.

Now, the other side dared to claim that their magical sanctuary had become obsolete, falling behind the times...

This was simply absurd!

"Kora must have been away from the Wizard's Land for too long and doesn't understand today's magical theories well enough," Kevin sneered. He believed Kora's thinking was stuck in the time of his first journey to the Secas Empire, and that's why he was so amazed by one or two novel theories.

Little did he know that in the years since, the Grand Wizards and Legendary Wizards had developed enough magical theories to fill an entire bookshelf!

The other professors chimed in, all accusing Kora of speaking nonsense and tarnishing the reputation of the Wizard's Land.

Lynn didn't offer much explanation and instead placed the prepared "research manuscripts" on the table.

Kevin was the first to pick up a manuscript. He wanted to see exactly what kind of novel theory could make Kora entertain such unrealistic thoughts.

"Free-fall law? Kinetic energy formula? Ha, I knew it. Kora must not have read Master Yad's magic book while at the Iyeta Academy. Over two hundred years ago, he proposed that the velocity of an object in free fall is directly proportional to its weight, which is the basis of the gravity formula..."

Kevin had just flipped to the first page, read the title, and couldn't help shaking his head with a sigh. But after carefully reading the content for a moment, he froze in place.

Because the free-fall law in the manuscript was completely contrary to Master Yad's theory. The author believed that when two objects of different weights were in free fall, their acceleration would be the same, and they would hit the ground simultaneously.

"Absurd, truly absurd!" Theodore couldn't help but burst into laughter. Did that mean if you threw Mount Cogar into the air along with a pebble, they would both hit the ground at the same time? It was too ridiculous!

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