I Pioneered Scientific Magic - C.72: A Scene Worth Remembering in Magical History!

I Pioneered Scientific Magic

C.72: A Scene Worth Remembering in Magical History!

Darren's words had left the townsfolk present itching with curiosity, yet they had no choice but to speculate whether this airship, called the "flying boat," would actually take flight, how long it would stay aloft, and if it would meet the same fate as previous aircraft, crashing before reaching the skies.

Meanwhile, the professors and students of Iyeta Academy gathered in the central square, gazing at the enormous airship parked there. Even Herlram, who was usually composed, couldn't help but be amazed by its size. After a pause, he turned to Lynn and spoke, "It's a marvel of alchemical engineering, Professor Lynn. I heard this is your creation?"

Lynn chuckled as he explained, "I merely provided the blueprint; the airship's construction process was completed by Lydia and the others. You could say it's a collaborative effort."

Though Lynn downplayed his role, Herlram and the others knew that crafting was secondary; the most important aspect of any alchemical creation was its design principles.

"Professor Lynn, if you call this thing a 'flying boat,' do you intend to make it actually fly? How much magical power would that require?" Kevin inquired with great curiosity.

The larger and heavier something was, the harder it was to get it into the sky, and this was a well-established rule. Sending such a colossal alchemical contraption into the heavens would undoubtedly consume an incalculable amount of magical power.

"I think you're mistaken. Making this thing fly doesn't require magic at all," Lynn shook his head.

Not magic? The professors and students in attendance were momentarily taken aback. Could this contraption really take to the skies on its own?

"Is this the alternative propulsion and redesigned structure you mentioned when you first arrived in the Wizard's Domain?" Herlram immediately recalled Lynn's words from when he arrived in the land of wizards, and indeed, he hadn't sensed any magical fluctuations from the airship.

"No, to put it differently, this airship uses a different method of flight," Lynn replied after some thought.

Herlram furrowed his brow, pondering what the "different method" might entail. Then, with great interest, he asked, "So, how long do you think it can remain in the sky? Ten minutes? An hour?"

"I believe it can stay in the air for much longer than any number you might imagine. Its flight duration depends solely on how long Lydia wishes to stay in the sky..." Lynn answered with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Philip and the others were no longer composed. Did this mean that as long as Lydia didn't want to come down, she could stay in the air indefinitely? This was unreasonable because flight was a feat accomplished by only a few wizards.

But before they could voice their objections, a voice from behind spoke up.

"Are you saying this airship can remain in the sky continuously without expending any energy? This is impossible and goes against the Law of Magic Conservation!"

Lynn turned in surprise and saw two splendidly dressed wizards approaching from behind.

"This is Mr. Tike, a council member of the Wizard Council," Philip hurriedly introduced Lynn, showing a hint of respect in his tone. Although Tike and Philip were both third-tier wizards, Tike's expertise in alchemy was highly regarded in the land of wizards.

"As for the other person..." Philip hesitated, revealing uncertainty in his expression.

"I'm Rol, from 'The Magic Weekly'! I've been assigned here as a special correspondent," Rol replied politely.

"Hello, Mr. Tike, Mr. Rol," Lynn nodded, and the name Tike seemed oddly familiar to him. He had once studied a first-tier spell called 'Tike's Farsight Technique.'

"Let's skip the pleasantries; you haven't answered my earlier question..." Tike showed no interest in small talk and urgently asked.

"If you're referring to levitation alone, it doesn't require additional energy," Lynn explained, then continued, "As for the principle, I can only say..."

"That's a trade secret!"

Tike's expression froze, and it shifted to a somewhat resigned look. As an alchemist, he knew that there were certain things one shouldn't ask about.

"Professor Lynn, the inspection work has been completed, and the Lookout is ready to take off!" Lydia came running all the way, saluting like a naval captain, and loudly announced.

"In that case, let's begin!" Lynn waved his hand.

With approval granted, Lydia excitedly called Darren and the others, and they started injecting hydrogen into the airship's auxiliary bladders. They also secured a sturdy rope to several pillars in the square to prevent it from taking off prematurely.

The airship's gas envelope appeared seamless on the outside but was actually divided into the main and auxiliary bladders. When only the main bladder was filled with hydrogen, the airship experienced slightly less lift than gravity, staying at a critical point. Filling the auxiliary bladders with hydrogen as well allowed it to take off directly.

During descent, the process was reversed by opening the auxiliary bladders, allowing air to flow in, causing the airship to descend slowly.

As for why hydrogen was used instead of the safer helium, it was simply because hydrogen was more readily available, easily obtained by separating it from water. Iyeta Harbor had an abundance of water, after all!

While Darren and the others were filling the gas bladders with gas, Lydia had already climbed up a ladder into the airship's cabin. She adjusted her alchemical goggles on her head, placed her hands on the large steering wheel, and took on the appearance of a captain. Her face was filled with unstoppable excitement.

All eyes on the square were focused on the airship. As the hydrogen continued to flow into the auxiliary bladders, the massive airship began to shake slightly, gradually floating off the ground.

"It's amazing! It can really fly!" "Indeed, all our efforts were not in vain..."

Witnessing this scene, several halflings embraced each other in excitement. They had worked day and night for the past half-month, all for this day!

"Lookout is taking off!" Lydia shouted, cutting the rope connecting the airship to the pillars with a swing of her blade.

Amid the countless excited and awed gazes, the enormous contraption in front of them swiftly broke free from the grasp of gravity and soared directly into the sky.

"Incredible!" Herlram gazed at the airship floating further and further into the sky and sighed in amazement.

Beside him, Rol quickly pulled out his quill and, using magic as ink, rapidly sketched everything he saw.

This was undoubtedly a scene worth remembering in magical history. A halfling who couldn't use any magic, riding in a colossal airship taller than a two-story building, flying into the sky!

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