I Pioneered Scientific Magic - C.80: The Giant Hand that Lifts to the Sky

I Pioneered Scientific Magic

C.80: The Giant Hand that Lifts to the Sky

Seeing that Lynn had already memorized these rules, the expression on Jonny's face relaxed, and the solemn atmosphere on the field dissipated.

At this moment, Lynn, with a hint of confusion, asked, "Mr. Jonny, wasn't it said that foreign wizards usually have to go through a probationary period before they can be granted the status of an official wizard?"

"I personally think the probationary period is unnecessary, but it's just a formality. I still need to stay in Iyeta Harbor for a month as part of the routine. I also want to consult you on some arcane knowledge," Jonny said with a smile.

Since the moment Lynn joined the Iyeta Academy, it was as if he had gained the endorsement of the grand wizard Herlram. So, Jonny didn't mind speeding up the process a bit to earn some goodwill.

"Of course, no problem. I'm quite interested in alchemy myself, and I'd like to ask Mr. Jonny for guidance when the time comes," Lynn responded naturally.

He was well aware that in this world, there were no freebies. Since entering the world of wizards, the special treatment he received was because he could bring benefits to others.

Herlram anticipated that the unique knowledge Lynn possessed would make the Iyeta Academy famous. Others believed he was not only powerful but also extraordinarily talented, so it was in their best interest not to offend him, making him a valuable asset.

Therefore, Lynn didn't mind exchanging some basic scientific knowledge for status, position, wealth, and magical knowledge. Essentially, it was a resource exchange that provided a more stable relationship than most.

After the ceremony granting him official status was over, Lynn was swept away by a group of enthusiastic professors and students to celebrate.

It wasn't until three o'clock in the afternoon, when Lynn, who was somewhat tipsy, declined Theodore's support and returned to his room alone.

The moment he closed the door, his alcohol-induced haze had already faded.

Clearly, being drunk was just an excuse to drink less; a true sage wouldn't easily allow themselves to fall into a state of blurred consciousness.

Lynn sat cross-legged on the bed and began his daily meditation routine. His spiritual power expanded continuously, enveloping every element he could perceive, moving in a systematic manner, gradually pushing his limits.

During his battle with Rorl, Lynn had realized that he was a glass cannon, with high offense but low defense. He could easily kill most enemies, but he could also be taken down by a poorly protected low-level spell.

To change this situation, there were essentially two options: learn alchemy or purchase alchemical items like Rorl did, using items to cast higher-level protective spells during battles. However, it was costly and time-consuming, and it didn't address the root issue.

The best option was to become an official wizard as soon as possible. This way, he could create spells like "Mage Shield" and "Minor Magic Defense" to protect himself comprehensively.

Over the past few days, Lynn had noticed that the rate of his magic power growth was slowing down, and it would plateau in about a week. So, obtaining a "Source of Magic" had become a top priority.

Applying as a professor for a certain student was one way, but it had its problems. Firstly, he had only been teaching arcane science for half a month, and now suddenly claiming that a student was ready for graduation seemed suspicious and was unlikely to be approved by the Wizard Council, especially since Lynn had only just received his official wizard status. So, this method could only serve as a last resort, best for a longer-term plan.

Another option was to find a source through the black market, but he needed a reliable channel to make this work. Sometimes, even if he had the money, he couldn't spend it...

Perhaps he could start with apprentices who had no hope of becoming official wizards. They were usually the most desperate.

Or he could disguise himself and gather information in places with a mix of individuals.

These thoughts swirled through Lynn's mind, and suddenly, the orderly elements surrounding him were disrupted, colliding and mingling in a way that could have triggered an explosion. Lynn quickly refocused his mind and began his meditation in earnest.

The next morning, Lynn, who had been meditating all night, descended from his bed, feeling the abundant magical energy coursing through his body.

On the nearby desk, the fairies had already placed his breakfast, consisting of a white loaf of bread, a grilled sausage, and a magical tree sap that had refreshing and awakening properties.

After a simple wash-up, Lynn placed his hand over the ingredients, examining their elemental composition to ensure everything was fine. Satisfied, he began to eat at a leisurely pace.

"071, how much energy reserve do I have left?" Lynn asked in his mind as he ate.

"Energy reserve is at twenty-five point six percent."

Is that all I have left? Lynn's slicing of the sausage hesitated for a moment. When he first arrived in the world of wizards, his energy reserve had reached over fifty percent due to the lack of battles. However, because of the need to condense magic circles and his daily practice of "Liquid Nitrogen - Frigid Domain," he had consumed a significant amount of energy. In just a few days, with the wizard level evaluation and Rorl's challenge, his energy reserve had decreased, leaving only half of what it originally was.

Before becoming an official wizard, he wanted to be fully prepared for any battle, and the power of the smart brain was indispensable. But the process of replenishing energy was... just too slow!

Shaking his head, Lynn finished the last bite of the sausage and drained the magical tree sap. He then got up and left for his morning arcane science class.

As he exited the professors' quarters, Lynn's face showed surprise because he had suddenly noticed that the Iyeta Academy had acquired a new and iconic structure overnight. It stood not far from the entrance.

A large number of fairies were busy with the final touches of the building.

It was a pair of enormous hands crafted from pure white marble, intricately detailed from the palm lines to the fingertips. These hands, over thirty meters high, held one large and one small sphere in each of their palms, lifting them toward the sky.

On the pure white marble, runes were inscribed, detailing the entire process of the free fall experiment.

The name of this sculpture was "[Lynn's Twin Sphere Experiment]!"

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