I Possessed a Demon Sovereign - C.622 - : 620. Opening the Coffin

I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

C.622 - : 620. Opening the Coffin

Chapter 622: 620. Opening the Coffin

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Open the coffin

Chen Luoyang stepped on the walls of the Black Water Absolute Palace. He didn’t even look at the group of Black Water Absolute Palace martial artists as he swept his gaze across the palace city.

The Black Water Absolute Palace was equally vast, although it was slightly smaller than the Xian Tian Palace, it also had a series of palaces that stretched as far as the eye could see.

At this moment, one could still see array patterns and rays of light rising from every corner of the palace, interweaving to form the Black Water Absolute Palace’s mountain-guarding array.

The Demon Palace’s martial artists came and went, running non-stop.

Although the formation had weakened, the Black Water Palace was still struggling to hold on, but it seemed to be a drop in the bucket.

Chen Luoyang’s expression gradually became strange.

Even at this point, Black Water Palace Lord Ji Tianqiong was still nowhere to be seen.

In such a predicament, even if the Palace Master was in seclusion, the people of the Demon Palace should go and invite her out of seclusion. Otherwise, everyone would be written off together.

As for whether the palace lord fought or made peace, or whether he was injured because someone interrupted his seclusion, affecting his combat strength and ultimately deciding to escape, it was not impossible.

It was just that it was too strange for him to disappear completely like this.

Not only did Chen Luoyang’s expression turn strange, but the Ancient Gods Clan’s martial artists who were watching their Cult Master display his might outside the palace also looked at each other in dismay.

Why did this situation feel so familiar to them?

What a strong sense of déjå vu…

Everyone felt as if they had returned to the time when their Ancient Gods Clan’s headquarters was attacked by the Manhuang Tribe King.

However, they were now the ones attacking, while the ones getting beaten up were on the other side.

A strong enemy was pressing down, but the leader of the giants who was in charge of the situation had disappeared. Only the others were struggling to hold on.

In the midst of the storm, could it be that the Palace Master, who was supposed to be in seclusion, was already gone?

Within the Black Water Absolute Palace, the Palace Lord had not appeared for a long time, and the middle and low-level warriors were slowly in turmoil.

Apparently, they began to connect the Ancient Gods Clan’s experience with their current situation.

“Don’t force me to make a move.” Chen Luoyang’s tone was calm as he took another step forward and walked into the Black Water Absolute Palace. The enemies in front of him were utterly defeated.

However, under the leadership of several top elders, the people of the Black Water Palace did not panic completely. They fought and retreated into the depths of the palace.

Chen Luoyang wasn’t in a hurry or panic. He didn’t press too hard and followed behind his opponent.

These people should be heading to the palace lord’s seclusion place now.

Soon, a small lake appeared in Chen Luoyang’s field of vision. The lake water was pure black, as thick as ink, and as smooth as a mirror.

There was an island in the center of the lake. There was a palace on the island, which was particularly eye-catching.

The gate of the palace was already open.

However, it could be seen that it had been forcefully opened from the outside.

There was still no sign of Infernal Queen Ji Tianqiong.

Chen Luoyang crossed the lake and walked towards the main hall on the island.

Through the entrance of the hall, one could see the faces of the warriors of the Black Water Palace, who were either crying or laughing.

The Black Water Palace warriors were at a loss, embarrassed, angry, and desperate.

It was very similar to the Ancient Gods Clan when they found out that Jiang Yi was missing when the Manhuang Tribe King attacked them.

Ji Tianqiong, the Palace Lord of the Black Water Palace, who had also announced that he was in seclusion, was actually not here.

The Ancient Gods Clan had sent out visiting cards early, leaving enough time for the Black Water Palace. The news had spread all over the world, so it was not a surprise attack.

If Ji Tianqiong was out on business, he should have made it back in time.

Now that he was nowhere to be seen, the entire Black Water Palace was at a loss.

Right now, they could only rely on themselves to make a final gamble.

Chen Luoyang looked into the hall and saw a black coffin parked within.

It was the black coffin that was closely related to Chen Chuhua!

After the battle in the Divine Lands, Chen Luoyang finally saw this treasure again. He had indeed returned to the Black Water Palace.

A few elders of the Demon Palace were gathered around the black coffin, attempting to mobilize the power within to fight Chen Luoyang.

This mysterious black coffin was extremely mysterious to the entire Black Water Palace.

It originated from the Infernal Queen, Ji Tianqiong. It was difficult for others to come into contact with it. Even the former Palace Lord, Ling Cang, could only suppress and seal it most of the time, unable to control it.

Now that Ji Tianqiong was missing, the black coffin was still here.

As a last resort, everyone from the Black Water Palace could only try their best.

However, no matter how they tried, the black coffin did not react at all.

Chen Luoyang looked as though he was waiting to see what would happen. He didn’t continue to attack and quietly stopped at the entrance of the hall, watching everyone in the hall compete with the black coffin.

He didn’t say a word, his expression casual.

The people from Black Water Absolute Palace became more and more anxious, almost suffocating.

The young man’s body was blocking the entrance, and his back was against the light. No one in the hall could see his expression clearly. His shadow continued to extend on the ground and slowly approached everyone’s feet.

The atmosphere in the hall became more and more oppressive, almost freezing.

However, the black coffin didn’t budge even after everyone from Black Water Palace tried their best, causing everyone to feel despair.

A moment later, Chen Luoyang shook his head and walked into the main hall.

The people from the Demon Palace couldn’t advance or retreat. Some of them who had strong temperaments charged at Chen Luoyang.

However, Chen Luoyang didn’t seem to make any movements. The shadowless and formless ‘Shadow Moon’ decapitated the other party.

“Open the coffin lid. Perhaps Palace Lord Ji isn’t hiding inside waiting to ambush me. This is your last chance.” Chen Luoyang stopped in front of the coffin and examined it with interest.

The elders of the Black Water Palace smiled bitterly.

This black coffin was undoubtedly a very ominous thing. If they pushed open the coffin lid, they might be the first to die.

However, there was no other way now. It was better to give it a try, even if it meant dying together.

The Black Water Absolute Palace had been around for thousands of years. As one of the sacred lands of the demonic path, it had its own pride and was unwilling to be conquered and humiliated by foreign enemies.

At this moment, the elders looked at each other and made up their minds to move together to push the coffin lid!

In the end, the black coffin still did not move at all.

Everyone from the Black Water Palace instantly felt despair.

Chen Luoyang raised his eyebrows when he saw this. He smiled and extended his hand.

Then, under the shocked gazes of the Black Water Palace martial artists, the black coffin lid was pushed open by Chen Luoyang!

A thick aura of death gushed out from it, like mist or ink, surrounding the black coffin and not dissipating.

Black fog surged around Chen Luoyang’s body to protect himself.

At the same time, the Earth Matrix Wheel, the Yellow Earth Talisman, the Green Wood Talisman, the Heavenly Book of Life, and other treasures that could counter the Netherworld’s death intent were all prepared and ready to be used at any time.

However, after the black coffin was opened, there weren’t any special changes and it didn’t attack Chen Luoyang.

Although there was some accumulated death energy leaking out, when everyone looked carefully, the coffin was empty.

The Infernal Queen, Ji Tianqiong, wasn’t inside.

The black coffin didn’t reveal its power, and everything was calm.

Everyone from the Black Water Palace was greatly disappointed. Their last hope was destroyed before their eyes.

Chen Luoyang’s expression was calm as he fell into deep thought.

He remembered that when he was still in the Divine Lands, he tried to explore the mysteries of the black coffin with Chen Chuhua.

When he opened the coffin, he also saw an empty coffin.

However, Chen Chuhua said that there was someone in the coffin.

Chen Luoyang pondered as he walked around the coffin. He cautiously extended a hand and reached into the coffin.

He sensed carefully, but there was still nothing in the black coffin.

Chen Luoyang’s current cultivation was completely different from when he was in the Divine Lands.

When he reached into the coffin, he felt different.

Other than being able to comprehend the concept of power in a deeper manner, Chen Luoyang suddenly had a strange feeling.

This black coffin seemed to be truly empty.

An ownerless item.

This feeling was completely different from before.

However, the black coffin was so powerful that the elders of the Black Water Absolute Palace at the 18th level couldn’t refine it or activate it.

Even Chen Luoyang felt that it was strenuous.

He narrowed his eyes, his gaze faint.

Was his feeling wrong?

Or was there really another mystery?

He tapped the edge of the black coffin with his finger.

His mind was communicating with the white jade bottle in his mind.

Then, he inquired about Ji Tianqiong!

The last time he had gotten information about Jiang Yi, the Dark Gold Jade Cream in the white jade bottle had been greatly consumed, and it had yet to be replenished.

If he were to investigate another Martial Honor now, it would be a waste of Chen Luoyang’s accumulated wealth, making him appear like a prodigal. However, Chen Luoyang’s main purpose this time was to verify a guess in his heart.

The result proved that he was right.

The dark gold nectar in the white jade bottle was completely emptied, but it immediately returned to its original state.

The amount of wine that was equivalent to three magnates wasn’t enough to gather information about Ji Tianqiong.

Compared to Ji Tianqiong’s rumored cultivation, this was clearly problematic.

The possibility of her hiding her realm from the public was not high. There should be something fishy going on.

Ji Zhong, Han Mei, or Xu Peng?

Chen Luoyang pondered for a moment before doing the second experiment.

He checked Yang Qingshi, who was Jiang Yi’s previous life.

In the end, there was no change in the white jade bottle. Jiang Yi’s information was directly displayed.

Chen Luoyang let out a long breath.

If Su Hui’s soul had reincarnated several times, then these people could be treated as the same person, or they could be treated as the real him in each life.

Investigating Jiang Yi’s different names in each lifetime could point to him.

However, it was different. If he came into contact with another person separately, would Jiang Yi only leave behind a so-called real name in the information of this person, or would he appear with a different name in each life?

Chen Luoyang pondered and ignored the people from the Black Water Palace.

Seeing that he was distracted, someone moved.

However, without any warning, his head was cut off, and the scene was strange and terrifying.

Everyone was shocked and furious as they looked at Chen Luoyang.

Chen Luoyang seemed to be oblivious as he was still in a daze.

At this time, Su Ye led the group of Ancient Gods Clan and rushed in to confront the warriors of Black Water Absolute Palace.

If Chen Luoyang didn’t speak, they wouldn’t make a move.

The people of the Black Water Palace were caught in a dilemma.

Finally, Chen Luoyang seemed to have regained his senses.

“Since Ji Tianqiong isn’t here, you should submit to me and let bygones be bygones. If you resist, I can grant your wish.”

When the people from the two demonic sacred lands heard this, regardless of whether they were allies or enemies, their expressions were a little strange.

It was not a mistake to lose to a martial arts holy land of the same level without a powerhouse.

However, the problem was that this Cult Master Chen in front of them was the same as them.. He was also a Martial Saint…

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