I Possessed a Demon Sovereign - C.624 - : 622. Challenging a Giant

I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

C.624 - : 622. Challenging a Giant

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Chapter 624: 622. Challenging a Giant

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Challenge the giants

There was Jiang Yi of the Ancient Gods Clan, Yu Qingniu of the Green Bull

Temple, and now there was Ji Tianqiong of the Black Water Absolute Palace.

They all announced to the outside world that they were in seclusion, but in the end, when the strong enemy came, they found that they had long disappeared.

The Green Bull Temple was slightly better. At least the higher-ups knew that their Abbey Dean was not around and that they were playing the empty city tactic.

However, in the eyes of outsiders, they were as miserable as the Ancient Gods Clan and the Black Water Palace.

The Chu Emperor had also announced that he would enter seclusion, and it had already been a year or so.

In the past, this was nothing. It was just a very common thing.

But now, the people of South Chu were a little uncertain.

“If the big shots who are in seclusion all disappear for no reason, then those who are not in seclusion will not be able to gather together.” Old Prince Cheng Jiongting squinted his eyes and said unhurriedly.

When the others heard this, they also calmed down.

Cheng Longyuan frowned. ” I just didn’t expect that the Ancient Gods Clan would benefit from the Black Water Palace.

‘ To be precise, it’s Chen Luoyang who has benefited. Whether the Ancient Gods Clan has benefited or not will depend on the future. ” Cheng Jiongting said slowly.

Cheng Longyuan and the others nodded.

‘ It’s just a coincidence. There aren’t many people who can interfere with him at this time. ‘

There was no need to mention the South Chu. It was already good enough that no one disturbed the Chu Emperor in his seclusion.

Xian Tian Palace had more than enough power to defend the city, but not enough power to attack.

The West Qin Great Emperor had fallen, and the West Qin Empire was in a precarious situation.

The western paradise was currently competing with their arch-enemy, the devil buddha faction.

The tribe leader of the Wilderness had just suffered a loss under Emperor Xi’s ancient formation and had returned to the Wilderness to recuperate. It was said that he had also gone into seclusion to think of a way to break the ancient formation.

Chen Luoyang had just made a trip to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and the Heavenly River. Both parties seemed to have a secret discussion, so they wouldn’t immediately turn hostile.

Yanran Mountain of the North Sea and the Black Water Palace were both in the north. They were neighbors. Yanran Mountain would not take such a big change lightly. The Black Water Palace was empty. It was better to take advantage of others than to take advantage of oneself.

However, Yan Ranshan had just suffered a great defeat in the Eastern Zhou

Dynasty and was almost kicked out by the Empress of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. He had not even caught his breath yet and was caught off guard by what happened to his neighbor.

Especially since Chen Luoyang, the leader of the Ancient Gods Clan, had met with Xu Ruotong, the Empress of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Yan Ranshan was also worried that the two sides would conspire and take advantage of the situation to deal with his family.

” Most importantly, according to the rumors, Chen Luoyang didn’t use Emperor Xi’s Ancient Formation to break through the Black Water Absolute Palace…” Someone said in a deep voice.

Everyone was silent.

“At first, I thought that he was someone similar to Cheng Ying Tian and Lian

Bu Yi. Who would have thought…” A South Chu King sighed.

It was impossible for South Chu not to pay attention to Chen Luoyang’s rise.

Both sides were old enemies, and Chen Luoyang himself had killed many members of the South Chu Imperial Family.

Even if South Chu was willing to swallow this hatred, the exuberant ambition that Chen Luoyang displayed made them feel uneasy.

” Chen Luoyang’s power has gradually been established. If this continues, he will probably become another Skyfiend. ” Cheng Longyuan exhaled.

Although he was still a Martial Saint, the momentum of his rise over the past year was too ferocious and shocking.

‘ Red Dust has been busy recently. No one can take care of him. Now, even a single big shot can’t take him down. If many big shots take action, they might violate the Supreme Martial Artist’s taboo. ” Someone laughed bitterly. Although it was said to be another Heavenly Demon, Chen Luoyang was even more at ease than Heavenly Demon Ye.

If Ye Tianmo were to do it all over again, he would have been surrounded by the Red Dust World long ago and would not have been able to rise again.

However, Chen Luoyang, as the successor of the Supreme Martial Artist, ultimately made everyone apprehensive and gave them a headache.

“Right now, it’s difficult for my Great Chu to do anything alone. We can only wait and see. We’ll talk about it after His Majesty comes out of seclusion.” The old prince Cheng Jiongting said slowly.

The others were helpless, but there was nothing they could do.

At this moment, someone suddenly reported urgently.

“The north, Chen Luoyang’s new movements? Hurry up and present it. ” Cheng Longyuan received a jade slip and looked at its contents. He was stunned on the spot.

When the others saw this, their hearts could not help but skip a beat.

The old king, Cheng Jiongting, was no longer dozing off. His eyes seemed to be flickering with golden flames.

He waved his hand in the air, and the jade slip flew out of Cheng Longyuan’s hand and landed in front of him.

After reading the information in the jade slip, the old king fell silent for a moment.

Everyone else’s gaze was focused on Cheng Jiongting and Cheng Longyuan.

Cheng Longyuan had already regained his senses and said with difficulty,” Chen Luoyang has already left the Black Water Absolute Palace the day before yesterday.

The people of South Chu were stunned when they heard this.

I, Chen, have just conquered the Black Water Palace and become the new

Palace Lord. Now is the time to sort out the Black Water Palace and control it. At such a critical moment, why would I suddenly leave and give up halfway?

Cheng Longyuan’s expression was indescribable. I went to the North Sea.”

The North Sea?

Everyone was stunned again.

He had originally thought that Chen Luoyang’s departure was due to some internal changes in the Ancient Gods Clan and that they were anxiously waiting for him to return to deal with it. However, it seemed like that wasn’t the case.

The North Sea was the territory of another sacred land of the demonic path, Mount Yanran. It was adjacent to the territory of the Black Water Absolute Palace.

Chen Luoyang ignored the Black Water Absolute Palace and went to the North Sea’s Yanran Mountain. What was he trying to do?

Some people seemed to have thought of something, but they were shocked by their own bold guesses.

As expected, Cheng Longyuan exhaled and said slowly,” He issued an official challenge to Han Shang, the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Yanran in the North Sea. He wants to compete with Han Shang! ‘

The surrounding people were silent.

A Martial Saint taking the initiative to challenge a Martial Honor!

Everyone who heard the news was shocked speechless.

The news was not hidden and soon spread throughout the mortal world.

Everyone in the Ancient Gods Clan was shocked by their Hierarch’s big move.

They had just taken down the Black Water Palace, and now they were going to attack the North Sea’s Yanran Mountain? 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

Furthermore, he was openly challenging the Lord of Mount Yanran, King Fuyao, Han Shang. Such boldness was enough to make the world look askance at him.

The people from the Black Water Absolute Palace who had just surrendered were even more speechless.

Previously, they were silently criticizing Chen Luoyang for being out of tune, but now, they felt a chill run down their spines.

In the Demon Palace, Chen Luoyang didn’t care if his foundation in the Demon Palace was shallow or not, nor did he bother to rope him in.

He would fight Yan Ranshan again to establish his supreme authority. Those who obeyed him would prosper, and those who opposed him would die.

When he returned to the Black Water Palace from Mount Yanran, it would be the official ceremony of the Palace Lord. If there was a problem, it would be the time to start a massacre.

Wen Xinzhi and the others could understand Chen Luoyang’s hidden meaning.

He didn’t need to worry about saying anything, he just left everything to Wen Xinzhi and the others to handle.

If you don’t do it properly, I’ll do it to you. It’s just such a simple matter.

Everyone from Black Water Palace smiled bitterly.

The only suspense now was the result of this new palace lord’s battle with King Fuyao.

He wanted to see if he was really confident or if he was overestimating himself and making a fool of himself.

To be honest, many people secretly hoped to see a joke.

However, when they thought of how Chen Luoyang had broken through the array and taken down the Black Water Palace, they felt uncertain…

While the warriors of Black Water Absolute Palace were struggling, the warriors of Yan Ranshan were shocked and furious.

Earlier, everyone was still discussing the matter of Chen Luoyang taking down the Black Water Absolute Palace and planning how their Yan Ranshan should act. In the end, Chen Luoyang actually wanted to directly pick a fight with them.

They had been discussing whether they had the chance to intervene and take a share of the Black Water Palace’s territory. They hadn’t expected that Chen Luoyang would also have designs on them.

This kid has such a big appetite, isn’t he afraid of being stuffed?

It took up so much space. Could he hold it and stand steadily?

Especially when he actually challenged the Mountain Chieftain of Yan Ran Mountain?

A Martial Saint taking the initiative to challenge a big shot?

The disciples of Yan Ranshan subconsciously felt that it was ridiculous.

But at this moment, Chen Luoyang, who was outside the mountain, had a calm expression, as though he wasn’t challenging a big shot.

He quietly looked at the mountains in front of him.

It was as if there was a layer of black fog covering the mountains.

However, it was not a cloud.

All of them were cold gales.

Under the extreme compression and condensation, the astral winds were dense and solid, appearing to be in a motionless state as they enveloped and protected Yan Ranshan.

Chen Luoyang and the Eastern Zhou Empress didn’t deceive Feng Ang back then.

In the Mortal World, the place where the astral winds were the densest was indeed at the Yanran Mountain in the North Sea.

Under the management of many generations, Yan Ran Mountain had used the terrain here to build their own mountain guarding formation. It was a combination of attack and defense, and its power was majestic.

At this moment, it seemed that the endless astral winds had all stopped. However, once someone barged in without permission, they would immediately face a storm of death.

However, to Yan Ranshan and the others, the formation that was usually impregnable and reassuring seemed to be the most unreliable now.

It wasn’t because Chen Luoyang had broken through the Black Water Absolute

Palace’s array.

Unlike the Devil Queen Ji Tianqiong, the Black Water Absolute Palace

Formation could only be supported by Wen Xinzhi and the other Martial Saints. At present, Han Shang, the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Yanran, was in the mountain.

The power of a giant controlling the formation far surpassed that of a Martial Saint.

However, what made Yan Ranshan’s martial artists nervous was that Chen

Luoyang had the Golden Parasol Tree with him. According to the rumors, the Han merchants probably didn’t have the confidence to stop Chen Luoyang from planting trees here.

As long as Han Shang left, he could take revenge on Black Water Absolute Palace or Ancient Gods Clan, but it would be too embarrassing to be chased out of his own nest.

The others in Yan Ranshan might even suffer. “King Fuyao, do you dare to fight?”

Chen Luoyang’s tone was calm and casual.

Han Shang’s figure appeared at the peak of the main peak of Mount Yanran and faced Chen Luoyang from afar. Although they were far apart, they could see each other clearly.

“Cult Master Chen, you have guts. I can naturally grant your wish. However, this battle is too ridiculous. It’s easy for small fries to take advantage of it.”

Han Shang shook his head lightly. ” I heard that Cult Master Chen had just met the Zhou Emperor. Could it be that you are here to help the Eastern Zhou Dynasty gain the favor of the Zhou Emperor and seek a phoenix? ‘

“It’s not that complicated,” Chen Luoyang scoffed.

He raised his head and looked at the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Yanran on the mountain. He smiled and said, “”lt’s just because you’re an eyesore.”

Everyone from Yan Ranshan was furious.

As the leader of the Holy Land, Han Shang was as calm as ever.

‘ Alright, then let me see how capable you are. Since you took the initiative to provoke me, I believe you won’t blame me for bullying you.

“I also believe that my master will not interfere.” Chen Luoyang raised a finger and shook it gently. “”1 can’t think of a reason why he saved you..”