I Possessed a Demon Sovereign - C.627 - : 625. Lower Reaches Upper!

I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

C.627 - : 625. Lower Reaches Upper!

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Chapter 627: 625. Lower Reaches Upper!

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The Tranquility Heavenly Writing Word was extremely profound. Even with Chen Luoyang’s current cultivation, he was still affected.

He felt that Han Shang, the Mountain Chieftain of Yan Ran, seemed to have sped up a lot, so fast that he could barely react.

In the Eastern Zhou Imperial Capital, Tianfeng City, he had comprehended the Black Water Talisman of the Eastern Zhou Empress and comprehended the secrets of time, but it was useless now.

It wasn’t that the time in this spacetime had stopped, but that Chen Luoyang himself had stopped and slowed down.

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, who had lost the ” Tranquility ” Heavenly Book to suppress his injuries, was visibly pale and weak.

When he was severely injured by the Empress in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, his injuries had indeed affected him greatly.

Previously, he had been suppressed by the Tranquil Heavenly Writing Word, so he couldn’t see any clues. Now that he had chosen to release the Tranquil Heavenly Writing Word to target Chen Luoyang, his body immediately weakened, and his strength and speed decreased.

However, under the influence of the Tranquil Word Heavenly Book, Chen Luoyang was slower than his opponent. In Chen Luoyang’s eyes, the Han merchant’s speed had suddenly increased.

The black fog around him helped him resist the radiance of the Heavenly Book of the word “Tranquility”.

However, at this moment, Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran’s attack had already arrived in front of him!

Chen Luoyang, who had been slow for a moment, didn’t have the time to change his move. He once again displayed the ultimate defense of the

Indestructible Celestial Demon Body and the Black Sun’s Endless Vairocana Descending.

Even if Han Shang’s body was not in good condition at the moment, a Martial

Saint would not be able to withstand a strike from a Martial Honor for nothing.

The Bitter Sea Demonic Barrier transformed into a boundless sea of bitterness that enveloped Chen Luoyang. However, the Black Snow Robe on Han Shang’s body transformed into boundless black snow that drifted and restrained the Bitter Sea Demonic Barrier.

The Han merchants pretended to be defeated in order to seek an opportunity to mobilize Chen Luoyang and force him to give up on that troublesome defense. Then, they would use the Tranquil Character Heavenly Book to strike a dangerous blow, not giving Chen Luoyang the chance to reorganize his defense and heavily injure him.

Yan Ranshan and the others below were initially disappointed, but when they saw the black tornado suddenly return without warning, they could not help but cheer.

Wang Zhaoying and a few other higher-ups had roughly guessed their sect leader’s plan. At this time, they all held their breaths, secretly thinking that the moment of true victory had arrived.

Although Han Shang appeared weak, at this critical moment, he unleashed his full strength. He concentrated all his strength and condensed all the black astral winds into a line that pierced toward Chen Luoyang.

Chen Luoyang’s reaction was slower by half a beat, and it was already too late to parry and dodge. Although he barely managed to adjust his body to dodge, he was still struck in the chest by the black line of death that pierced through the heavenly passage.

The Han merchant who had succeeded felt a sense of unease.

The perfect opportunity that he had been dreaming of was finally in front of him, but the Korean businessman subconsciously gave up on the idea of completing everything in one go.

Just as the black line pierced Chen Luoyang’s chest, a black light flashed as though a mirror had appeared.

The black line hit the mirror, but the mirror remained intact.

Han Shang, the Mountain Chieftain of Yan Ran, felt an extremely powerful and irresistible force reflected from the mirror, causing his blood and Qi to churn and even his soul to tremble.

Putting aside the fact that he didn’t injure Chen Luoyang, Han Shang was sent flying backward.

Fortunately, he was alert just now and did not go all the way to the end. Otherwise, he would not have been able to take the blow just now.

What exactly was that mirror?

It wasn’t that Han Shang couldn’t accept that Chen Luoyang had other trump cards, but the thing in front of him was something that completely exceeded his expectations and knowledge.

He knew that something was wrong.

As expected, Chen Luoyang’s counterattack was about to arrive. 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran pretended to be defeated, intending to lure the snake out of its hole, and suddenly turned back.

Wasn’t Chen Luoyang also prepared and waiting for the other party?

His heart was where his defense was the strongest. Although it didn’t seem obvious, it was actually stronger when faced with a stronger opponent. The stronger the enemy’s attack, the stronger the rebound force of the black mirror.

Now, it was the Han merchants who had delivered themselves to their doorstep.

Chen Luoyang’s ‘Shadow Moon’ silently rose up and slashed at his opponent’s body.

Black Snow Woven Robe had previously restrained the Bitter Sea Demonic Barrier, but now, she was also restrained by the Bitter Sea Demonic Barrier.

Han Shang’s old injuries had yet to heal, and he had been attacked by Chen Luoyang but suffered a backlash. Now that he had the same problem of switching between offense and defense, he could only watch as Chen Luoyang’s Shadow Moon slashed down.

However, Han Shang remained calm and took a deep breath.

A blurry light suddenly appeared on his body.

Chen Luoyang’s fierce and austere ‘Shadow Moon’ landed and actually felt an obstruction.

In fact, as the attacker, he felt that his soul was being attacked.

It was as if countless people’s memories and consciousness surged into his mind at the same time, and many images interweaved.

This was a change that Chen Luoyang had never expected.

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang, was indeed not an easy opponent. He had a trump card hidden in the dark. Although it was a defensive and counterattacking trump card, it would come into play at this time.

It was just that this thing was different from Yan Ranshan’s inheritance. It was as if countless people’s divine souls had gathered together, and its effect was also targeted at the enemy’s divine soul.

Although Han Shang’s counterattack was risky, it also left him with a backup plan.

Taking advantage of the fact that Chen Luoyang was being disturbed by the

Thousand Soul Pearl, the Han Shang hurriedly recalled his Tranquil Word Heavenly Book and prepared to regroup. When the time came, he would be able to take the initiative to fight or leave.

However, at this moment, Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran suddenly felt that the Shadow Moon move that Chen Luoyang was using now had a different change compared to before.

A strange chill assaulted him, causing Mountain Lord Yan Ran’s soul and body to freeze, his entire body turning stiff.

Even the defense formed by the Thousand Soul Pearl was useless. Thousands of cursed souls were frozen together.

In Han Shang’s perception, it was as if an invisible door had opened in front of him.

On the other side of the door, it was cold and silent. It was lifeless and lifeless.

It was like the netherworld.

A thought flashed across Han Shang’s mind.

Chen Luoyang’s ” Shadow Moon ” had not only merged the profundities of the Nether Sword Technique!

Other than the Sword of Destruction, there was also the Underworld Sword.

The second technique of the Shadow Moon Scripture, Shadow Moon Floating and Sinking to Open Hell.

The damage to tangible objects might not be as good as the first technique, Shadow Moon Sinking West and Destroying Ten Directions, but it was effective against the soul and could even hurt the soul without being seen. It was extremely strange and overbearing.

The Han merchant’s use of the Thousand Soul Pearl to defend was out of Chen Luoyang’s expectations, but Chen Luoyang still had a way to break it.

One move, Shadow Moon Floating and Sinking to Open the Underworld, still managed to heavily injure Han Shang, the Mountain Chieftain of Yanran, on the spot.

The Han merchant reluctantly recalled the Heavenly Book with the word Tranquility ” and the Black Snow Weaving Clothes.

He didn’t dare to release the Tranquil Word Heavenly Book and desperately suppressed his injuries to resist the invasion of Chen Luoyang’s Shadow Moon power.

The Black Snow Woven Robe transformed into black snow that filled the sky, stirring up a storm that barely separated Chen Luoyang. The Han Shang hurriedly fled into the distance without turning his head.

As for the black blizzard that had been quelled by Chen Luoyang and the Black Snow Robe that had been swept up by the Bitter Sea Demonic Barrier, the Han Shang couldn’t be bothered about it anymore.

All he wanted now was to escape.

At this moment, he no longer had the capital to continue contending with Chen Luoyang.

The other party had endless methods, but he had already exhausted all his methods and still could not do anything to the other party. If he continued to fight, there was no hope of turning the tables.

After all, even if Mountain Chieftain Yanran was no match for a powerhouse, it would not be a problem for him to escape.

However, in order to obtain victory, they had made a comeback, but they had failed and were instead heavily injured by Chen Luoyang, causing the Han merchants to lose more than half of their capital.

If it wasn’t for the Heavenly Book with the word ” Tranquility ” to temporarily suppress his injuries, it would have been difficult for him to escape.

However, his injuries were too severe at the moment. Even the Heavenly Book of the “Tranquility” character could not suppress him. How could he dare to stay any longer? He could only leave as soon as possible.

He couldn’t return to Yanran Mountain, so he could only try his best to escape. In the Mortal World, Yan Ranshan and the others were dumbfounded. They watched as the black wind made a turn in the sky and then turned around to escape again.

If the previous escape was to lure the snake out of its hole and deliberately pretend, then now it was a real escape without looking back.

Wang Zhaoying and the other high-level martial artists of Yanran Mountain looked at the scene, and it was as if something had shattered in their hearts.

Everyone felt bitter in their hearts, not knowing what was waiting for them.

But no matter what, if their sect leader could escape, the opponent would have to worry about the revenge of a Martial Honor, and Yan Ranshan would have more hope.

What is that?”

Just as everyone was praying for Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran to escape, someone suddenly exclaimed.

Seeing that the black tornado had long disappeared into the horizon, the sky in that direction was suddenly enveloped by black fog.

Half of the sky seemed to have been swallowed by darkness, disappearing along with the tornado.

The darkness came and went quickly. Soon, the sky returned to its original state.

Despair rose from the uneasy hearts of Yan Ranshan and the others.

Mountain Chieftain Han Shang’s heart sank.

He ran with all his might, displaying the advantage of the movement technique inherited from the Yanranshan lineage to the extreme.

Chen Luoyang, who was behind him, wasn’t in a hurry.

In the end, a vast black gas suddenly appeared in front of them. The deathly stillness within was so dense that it was suffocating. It was similar to the Nether Prison door that Chen Luoyang had opened earlier.

A black coffin emerged from the black fog.

The lid of the coffin opened, and a huge suction force came out of the empty coffin, as if it wanted to drag Mountain Master Yan Ran into the Nether Prison.

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang, had no choice but to stop and block the black coffin. He was extremely shocked.

Chen Luoyang had long laid an ambush. Today’s battle wasn’t just about victory, but also about the loss of lives!

Han Shang’s movements slowed down slightly, but Chen Luoyang had already caught up. The Bitter Sea Demonic Barrier shook and combined with the Black Sun’s Endless Vairocana, a majestic force enveloped Han Shang.

Even though the Han Shang had the Tranquil character, the Heavenly Book, he couldn’t withstand it anymore and was instantly blasted into the black coffin by Chen Luoyang.

Chen Luoyang snapped his fingers and disappeared into the void with the black coffin.

Inside the black coffin, Han Shang fell into endless darkness, unable to rise

He forced himself to support himself as he stared at Chen Luoyang, who had appeared in front of him.” Learning the Netherworld Sword Technique and using the Netherworld Supreme Treasure, are you the successor of Red Dust Supreme or Netherworld Venerable? ”

Chen Luoyang smiled casually and didn’t say much. Two balls of light appeared above his head, one earthen yellow and one green.

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran narrowed his eyes and sized him up for a long time, his expression becoming increasingly bewildered.

Like the legendary Human Emperor’s decree?

One was the Yellow Earth Talisman Decree, so it wasn’t strange. Could the other be the legendary Green Wood Talisman Decree?

Chen Luoyang had two Human Emperor’s edicts?

The shock on Han Shang’s face faded and was replaced by a bitter smile.

It was no wonder that Chen Luoyang was so insistent.

If there was a black coffin and it was the successor of Ming Zun, then could these two Human Emperor’s edicts say that Chen Luoyang had become the successor of the Human Emperor?