Incompatible Interspecies Wives - C.81: An Unresolved Curiosity (3)

Incompatible Interspecies Wives

C.81: An Unresolved Curiosity (3)

Bellingham hadnt forgotten the conversation he had with the paladin, Dominic, who recognized Berg.

Bishop-nim, I will follow your command... but there is something I must inform you of.

What is it, Dominic?

Dominic hesitated for a moment before answering.

Gale-sama had some advice.

...From Gale-sama?

He said that even if all five of us paladins are present, it would be wise not to draw our swords at the base of the Red Flames.

Bellingham had hoped from the beginning that the situation wouldnt come to drawing swords, but he couldnt help but be surprised by this statement.

Paladins were exceptional beings, forged through intense training and sacrifice.

Not only must they have integrity and loyalty, but their strength must also be built over time.

Five paladins werent a number to be taken lightly.

Initially, five escorts were assigned to Bellingham based on this assessment.

Furthermore, if their opponents were not an army but mercenaries swayed by money... Bellingham had believed that five paladins would be more than enough.

...Is it because the Red Flames is too tightly bound?

Bellingham posed the question, trying to find some reason.

However, Dominic shook his head.

No. Its more that... within the mercenary group, there is an incredible talent. One that we might not be able to match.


If commanded, we will try our best... but I fear a situation where we fail to protect the bishop might arise.

Bellingham remembered being enveloped in doubt when he heard this.

Who within this mercenary group could possibly have ties to Gale?

Could Gale and Berg have possibly known each other?

...No, that seemed unlikely.


However, upon facing Berg directly, Bellingham felt he could understand Gales warning.

There was a palpable, tingling aura different from others.

Even Bellingham, who had never engaged in a fight, could sense the menace.

Chills ran down his spine upon hearing Bergs warning.

It felt as if he could perceive the emotions within Berg.

Even through their brief exchange, the suppressed hatred within Berg became evident.

Bellingham felt strongly as if they had touched upon Bergs painful wound.

The saintess man.

The one she loved most deeply.

A being she likely still loved.

Facing him now, it was evident why she had loved him so profoundly.

It wasnt just due to his appearance and demeanor.

Seeing the raw pain he still displayed, it showed just how purely he had loved the saintess years ago.

How many could show such a vivid reaction for a departed loved one after so much time had passed?

He too, much like the saintess, seemed to be gasping amidst profound wounds.

Perhaps he had suffered even more than the saintess.

After all, he had been ruthlessly abandoned by her.

And the institution that came between them was none other than the Hea Church.

His anger was understandable.

Was it because Bellingham had been tracking Bergs movements?

Knowing even about Bergs subsequent notoriety in the slums, the man named Berg became even more three-dimensional.

It was unfathomable to imagine the pain he must have gone through to reach his current position.

That was why his warning did not sound light-hearted at all.

Even under the protection of the paladins, Bellingham felt a dryness in his mouth.

Perhaps it was his first time encountering someone who dared to threaten him, a bishop, so blatantly.


Regardless, Bellingham had a duty.

He had to prevent Berg from meeting the saintess.

...For the sake of the Church.

...Mr. Berg, could we have a word-

You have 5 seconds.

But Berg didnt seem the least bit interested in talking.

The mercenaries around also began to take position, sensing the shift in their vice-captains mood...

The paladins did the same.

One by one, they started to rest their hands on their swords.

A tense, hair-trigger atmosphere prevailed.

Bellingham had known from the start that Berg was serious, but he felt taken aback seeing Berg genuinely ready to act.

After all, there were five paladins.

Was he not afraid?

Even in terms of equipment, there was a world of difference.

Amidst this confusion, Bellingham tried again.

Look, it will only take a moment. Just a mo-



Berg dismounted his horse, dust rising from the ground.

A tremor appeared in the eyes of Ner Blackwood, who must have been his wife.

But Bergs intense gaze was directed straight at Bellingham.


Suppressed by that stare, Bellingham couldnt continue.


Time dwindled as he spoke.

It was the moment to make a decision.

In contrast, Berg approached decisively, without hesitation.


The paladins also looked to Bellingham for guidance.

They seemed eager to know whether they would need to draw their swords here or if peace could prevail.



Suddenly, Bergs face twisted demonically.

The rage he had been suppressing erupted.

He drew his sword and lunged.

Bellingham, startled, jumped back.



From behind, his elven wife called out Bergs name.


Simultaneously, a massive metallic sound echoed.

Startled by that noise, Bellingham cautiously opened his eyes.


Suddenly, a man who had also drawn his sword like Berg spoke.

The paladins, too, hadnt had a chance to draw their swords.

The captain, Adam, had swiftly disarmed Dominic, now standing between him and Berg.

Dominic appeared baffled and overwhelmed, but Adam was the picture of calm.

Calm down, Berg.

Upon hearing the captains plea, a crack appeared in Bergs stoic facade.

Calm down.


Soon, Berg lowered his gaze.



He lowered his sword as well.

It seemed he showed a brief moment of restraint upon hearing the captains words.

Bellinghams eyes turned to Adam.

Amidst the tense situation, only Adam remained composed.

It was surprising, but Adam exuded a peculiar aura.

He seemed to be the only one capable of controlling Berg.

...Everyone, sheathe your swords.

Feeling the atmosphere calm down, Bellingham instructed his paladins.

One by one, they obeyed, sheathing their weapons.

Adam returned Dominics sword to him.

Simultaneously, Bellingham adjusted his approach.

If he could persuade Adam, perhaps he could communicate with Berg as well.

...Captain, just a moment of your time. With Vice-captain Berg-

-I think its time for you to leave.

However, Adams stance was clear.

His demeanor, once warm, had turned icy as he stared at Bellingham, seemingly gauging Bergs mood.


From that attitude, Bellingham realized that there was no hope left.

He was reminded once again of the peculiar nature of the human race.

At times, they could be this tightly knit.

Bellingham sensed not just Adam, but the entire band of mercenaries in this village, turning hostile toward them.

It felt like Berg held a significant trust within this group.


With that, Bellingham bowed his head.

And without a word, he left the village with his paladins.





Inside the carriage heading back to the capital, Bellingham reflected on the recent events.

Perhaps Bergs actions could have been deemed blasphemous.

Yet, there was nothing they could do.

They couldnt engage in battle with the Red Flames.

Doing so would result in too many casualties.

Especially since they had both Celebrien and Blackwood under their care.

Furthermore, such a raucous event would undoubtedly reach the saintess ears.

It was a dilemma.

Now, they were left with no choice but to adopt a passive approach.

An inevitable disaster was looming, perhaps realized all too late.

They might have to pay the price for their actions.

Bellingham closed his eyes tightly.

It had already been a day filled with far too many happenings.

He decided not to think anymore.

From here on, it would be a matter for the archbishop to decide.


After the Hea Church departed, I stood amidst the lingering tension.

No one could muster the courage to speak.

Except for Adam Hyung.

...I guess I need an explanation, Berg, he said.

For a moment, I glanced at Ner and Arwin.

Their confused expressions weighed on me.




I entered Adam Hyungs house.

It wasnt hard to anticipate that he would be quite upset.

I took a seat in an appropriate spot.

Despite the awkward silence, I sat frozen, like a guilty man.

He had warned me before against acting on emotions.

Once again, I had failed to keep that promise.


Adam Hyung exhaled deeply.

Then, he uncorked a bottle of liquor and poured it into two glasses.

As the glasses filled, I was the first to break the silence.

...Im sor-

-Dont apologize, he cut me off.

With a stoic expression, he handed me a glass and took a seat across from me.

If it was important...


I couldnt respond.

If it was, then Im on your side. Dont apologize. You did nothing wrong.


I looked at him and let out a brief sigh.

His consideration made me feel even guiltier.

Thus, I took a deep sip from the glass.

As I had always noticed, Adam Hyung had a keen sense of things.

Perhaps it was because he, too, came from the slums.

But then again, considering his talents in various areas, it seemed natural.

...I think its time we talked, Berg, he said.


His words made my heart sink.

...But I felt the same.

It seemed I could no longer keep the story about Sien a secret.

Especially after driving the Hea Church away like this.

If you intended to hide it, I wouldnt have asked. But from now on, it seems I need to know, he continued.


I need to anticipate their actions. Thanks to your wives, things might remain quiet for now... but I need to be prepared.

I closed my eyes for a moment.

It was a story I had buried a long time ago.

A tale I hadnt even shared with Flint, despite our close bond.

As I felt back then, bringing up this story was no easy feat.

It wasnt just about my love for Sien.

The feelings of injustice, sorrow, and helplessness from back then, all of it was another set of shameful memories.

There was also the pitiable sense of being unable to protect my sole partner.

...To some extent, the wretchedness of being abandoned by Sien despite my pleas was there as well.

But as Adam Hyung had said, I couldnt keep it hidden any longer.

Especially from him, being the captain.

With determination, I drank silently for a good while.

I felt I needed to be a bit inebriated to start talking.

Adam Hyung understood my behavior and waited patiently.

So, for a long time, the two of us just sat drinking.

After what felt like hours, I broke the silence.



I began to unveil my deep-rooted scars.

...Thats how it was.


After my long conversation with Adam Hyung, I returned home.

When I had finished my story, he said nothing.

He didnt show any sign of surprise.

He simply patted my shoulder and retreated to his room.

It was his considerate nature.

In a way, it was comforting for me too.

And oddly enough, after unburdening myself, a part of me felt at ease.

Yet, there was also a lingering emptiness.

I thought, I just have to accept this feeling for now.


As I entered the house, my two wives looked at me.

...Youre back?

Youve returned?

Their expressions concealed a mix of emotions.

Confusion. Curiosity. Concern.

They, too, like Adam Hyung, wanted a conversation.

But today, I didnt wish to talk any further.

It had already been such a long day.

...Can we talk tomorrow?

I cautiously proposed, and neither of them strongly objected.

I needed rest.




Today was the day I would sleep beside Ner.

I stripped down to my top and climbed into bed first.

After a while, Ner, who took her time getting ready, slowly made her way onto the bed.

She then looked at me for a moment and spoke.

...You know, Berg. My foot feels a bit better.

Out of the blue, she changed the subject.

It seems you treated it well. Thank you.


At her words, I gave a small smile.

I knew this was her way of being considerate.

She might have been confused and scared about the earlier incident, but she was hiding her feelings for my sake.

I had never shown such emotions to her before, so in her own way, she was trying to comfort me.

Was this her way of reciprocating the comfort I had given her all this time?

Or perhaps, it signified the growing affection she held for me.

Whatever the case, it wasnt important right now.

So, Berg. How about a walk together tomorrow-


I cut her off.

I was grateful and felt sorry for her trying efforts.


Lets sleep now.

At my words, Ner slowly nodded.


Lately, when I thought of Ner, I could only recall moments when she was smiling.

Our memories together have only been filled with happiness.

Our relationship started due to Adam Hyungs insistence, and Ner initially resisted... but now, here we were.

The memories Sien gave me were undoubtedly filled with joy.

But in the past seven years, recalling her always brought pain.

On the other hand, with Ner... and Arwin too.

There was no such pain when I was with them.

Didnt this trip also bring countless new memories?


Ner silently lay down beside me.

Lying a bit away from me, her back turned.

When we were awake, she always stuck close to me, but this was always the case just before sleep.


I extinguished the candle.

Goodnight, Berg.

Ner bid her greeting.


Ah! Be, Berg?

Then, in the ensuing darkness, I embraced her from behind.

Her delicate frame came into my arms.

I could smell her unique scent.

Her soft hair and tail brushed against my bare chest.

It was the same closeness we shared all day while riding the horse.

There was no awkwardness left.

But maybe it felt different on the bed.

Ner wriggled, trying to escape my embrace.

Be, Berg. Let go. Su, suddenly-

Just for tonight.

So, for just this once, I indulged in my desires.

Lets sleep like this tonight, Ner.


Though I said just for tonight, I had a memory of making a similar request to her in the past.

Perhaps, in the Celebrien territory, I had asked her to be in my arm pillow in the same way.

However, feigning ignorance, I once again asked her to sleep a bit closer to me tonight.

I wasnt sure how she felt about it.

After all, she had said that it takes a long time to fall in love.

While she easily accepted our friendship, I wasnt sure if she was ready to see me as someone she loved.

My actions might even be uncomfortable for her.

Werent humans often notorious for being in constant heat?

But I wasnt holding her because of lust right now.

I just wanted to be like this.


Gradually, Ner stopped resisting my embrace.

She slowly relaxed and murmured in a whisper-like tone.

...Just for tonight.

She then entrusted her entire body to me.

Slowly, she covered my arm wrapped around her waist with her own hand.

We shared our warmth.


Secretly, I opened my eyes for a moment.

I looked down at her, nestled in my embrace.

Perhaps due to her nervousness, her breathing was slightly heavier.

Watching her like that... I closed my eyes.

Though I felt apologetic toward her, I felt peace at that moment.

So, I tightened my embrace around her.

And Ner, she didnt resist.

The End of The Chapter

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