King's Awakening - C.137 - The Overreaching Jones Family!

King's Awakening

C.137 - The Overreaching Jones Family!

Chapter 137: Chapter 137 The Overreaching Jones Family!

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Faced with Old Madam Jones’ question, White Mitchell gave a cold smile, confidently retorting, “Do you think I would give you that kind of chance?”


Old Madam Jones was momentarily rendered speechless, her face looking a bit frustrated.

At this moment, seeing the situation, Snowden Jones quickly rushed to Old Madam Jones’ ear to whisper: “Grandma, don’t agree to him so easily.

This wicked bastard has a lot of cunning plans. Who knows, this could be a trap he’s laid out, waiting for us to fall into!

I suggest, if we let Sherry take over the company, we should set some conditions!”


Upon hearing this, Old Madam Jones found Snowden’s words reasonable, and involuntarily asked: “What good ideas do you have?”

Snowden Jones raised her head slightly, giving White Mitchell a malicious glance. With a cold smile on her face, she continued whispering in Old Madam Jones’ ear: 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝓮𝔀ℯ𝓫𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓶

“We can agree to let Sherry take over the company, but she must solve all the company’s problems within a month.

From the staff leaving, suppliers demanding payment, to the issues with the channel merchants. If she can’t resolve these issues, she must obediently follow our decisions.

By then, we can make Sherry marry Hans Weiden and make this bastard White Mitchell apologize properly to Hans.”

As she said this, Snowden Jones’ face was filled with cunning, making it clear that, even if Sherry took over the company, she would not make it easy for her.

“But aren’t all these problems about to be solved? There are none at present!” Old Madam Jones paused for a moment, seemingly unable to comprehend.

Upon hearing this, Snowden Jones’ eyes turned cold as she smirked: “Grandma, if there’s no problem, we can create some, as long as it makes Sherry and that bastard behave.

Grandma, this is the core of why we need to agree with her!”

Upon hearing this, Old Madam Jones immediately had a look of sudden realization, before continuing: “This isn’t foolproof enough, tell your father to take over the Woods Family and Thomas Family’s companies a month later.

Then, I’ll let Sherry solve all the issues within a month, and make Jones Group’s performance double!

By doing this, there shouldn’t be any failures!”

Upon hearing this, Snowden Jones revealed a triumphant smile and stealthily gave Old Madam Jones a thumbs-up, praising: “Grandma, you truly think ahead!

When the time comes, I’ll also inform Hans Weiden about this plan. Firstly, this will calm his resentment and show him the stance of our Jones Family.

Secondly, with Hans Weiden’s help, things will be easier to handle.”

Upon hearing this, Old Madam Jones nodded satisfactorily, her face rarely covered with a radiant smile.

At this time, White Mitchell, watching their whispers, couldn’t help but sneer before making a nonchalant remark: “Well, have you discussed how to deal with me yet?”

Upon hearing this, Old Madam Jones’s face suddenly darkened, her face showing resentment and she glared fiercely at White Mitchell.

Then, Old Madam Jones seriously announced: “Allowing Sherry to take over the company isn’t completely out of the question. However, Sherry’s experience is still limited and may not convince everyone. I need to see her capabilities before I can hand over the company to her!

So, I’ll give Sherry a month’s time. If she can lead the company out of trouble and double the profits within a month, I’ll agree to let her take over.

But, if she fails, then both of you must obey all of the family’s arrangements. Remember, all arrangements!”


Upon hearing these words, Sherry became instantly anxious. These conditions were clearly set to make things difficult, they were simply impossible to achieve.

Although Sherry Jones really wanted to return to her family and the company to fulfill her father’s wish to inherit their ancestral business and compensate the Jones family, it was clearly a trap!

While the opportunity to fulfill her father’s wish was within reach, Sherry couldn’t stand by, knowing it was a trap to ensnare White Mitchell and still let him fall for it!

With that thought, Sherry, looking anxious, turned to White Mitchell and said, “Bro, don’t agree to their terms! I’d rather not go back to the company!”

“What, you were just bragging, but now you’ve lost nerve? I told you, all you’re capable of is hiding behind women. If you don’t have the guts, might as well keep living off others’ generosity!” Snowden Jones sneered in derision.

Upon seeing this, Amanda also added sarcastically, “Yeah, you seemed pretty confident earlier. What’s wrong now? Can’t handle it?”

“Shut up! This is nothing but a plot to trap my brother. Besides, it’s me who wants to return to the company, not my brother. Why should you drag him into this!?” Sherry argued.

Springing to her feet, Old Madam Jones scowled and sharply reprimanded, “You should be the one to shut up! Little wretch! He’s the one who caused this mess. Does he think he can escape the consequences so easily?”


Sherry was instantly rendered speechless in anger. At this moment, White Mitchell silently stepped in front of her, shielding her from the Jones family members.


White Mitchell let out a cold chuckle, then confidently stated, “I thought all your whispering would result in some grand scheme. Turns out, that’s all you’ve got.

I and Sherry accept your terms, but, I have one condition.”

On hearing his words, Old Madam Jones glared intently at White Mitchell, irritably responding, “I knew you’d have some tricks up your sleeve. Out with it, stop beating around the bush!”

Ignoring Old Madam Jones’s jest, White Mitchell chuckled and continued, “If Sherry fulfills your conditions, you must transfer half of the Jones Group’s shares to her name.”


That declaration definitely made all those present perk up their ears. They hadn’t expected White Mitchell to make such a bold demand.

“Half of the shares? You’ve got some nerve!” Old Madam Jones barked at White Mitchell, visibly livid.

“What, afraid to agree?” White Mitchell chuckled, giving a sense of defiance.

Old Madam Jones’s face was twisted in anger as she felt her mood changing for the worse, as if she had picked up a stone and hit her own foot.

Seeing this, Snowden panicked and urged, “Grandma, they can’t possibly complete it anyway, what’s the harm in agreeing? With their capabilities, even if they tried their entire life, they would never be able to do it!”

Upon hearing those words, Old Madam Jones glared at White Mitchell and declared vehemently, “Fine! I agree! But don’t blame me for not warning you! If you dare to go back on your word, I…”

She was cut off before she could finish her threat as White Mitchell responded, “That’s exactly what I was about to say to all of you! If the Jones family goes back on their word this time, I guarantee there will be no peace for your family ever again!”


Hearing White Mitchell’s threat, Old Madam Jones snorted coldly. Her face turned red with anger.

Ignorant of their reaction, White Mitchell directly took Sherry’s hand in his and prepared to leave the house. As they’re about to leave, he voiced out once more, “Prepare the stock transfer agreement to avoid wasting time printing them later.”

“Get out!!!”

Old Madam Jones was bursting with rage, but White Mitchell was nonchalant as he calmly walked away.

As they watched them leave, Mori Jones sighed in disappointment, glanced at her family members, and followed behind White Mitchell, leaving the Jones family residence.

Just then, Old Madam Jones, with a vexed and furious expression on her face, commanded, “Get the car immediately! We’re going to the hospital! Inform Hans Weiden of the news!

“I’ll make sure White Mitchell never rises again in his lifetime! I’ll also make that wretched Sherry obediently crawl into Mr. Weiden’s bed! Quick, let’s get going!”