Master Qin’s Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty - C.587: Persuasion – Part 1


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Nan Yan stood at the presentation podium, opened her laptop, connected to the projector, and displayed her PowerPoint presentation. As the audience saw her research topic, their expressions froze.

“Initiating Genetic Research”

This was a project prohibited by the United Nations and forbidden to discuss domestically! Now, Nan Yan was bringing it up in an academic council meeting. Was she intentionally provoking?

Even Zhou Jinyu, sitting beside the chairman’s seat, raised an eyebrow.

Could it be that President Qin Lu had agreed to Nan Yan’s topic?

This was quite a dilemma…

Everyone knew that Qin Lu rarely intervened in matters. If he agreed to Nan

Yan’s topic, and problems arose later, he would be the one to shoulder the


Zhou Jinyu rubbed his forehead in distress. However, he was soon captivated by Nan Yan’s confident and articulate speech.

Those who initially thought Nan Yan was n?ive and reckless, trying to gain fame quickly by taking risks, now listened attentively, not wanting to miss any detail.

Meanwhile, without revealing his thoughts, Zong Jinqi glanced at the situation in the conference room and silently nodded.

After learning about Nan Yan’s plan, even he was moved by her speech. Their eagerness to start this research was beyond his expectations. Moreover, Nan Yan’s presentation was even better than he anticipated. It was more persuasive than the practice speeches he heard in his office!

He believed that this had a ninety-nine percent chance of success!

In the office next to the conference room, Qin Lu’s gaze remained fixed on Nan

Yan’s figure on the screen.

His girlfriend stood there like a shining beacon, captivating everyone’s attention with her confidence and wisdom, radiating charm and strength.

Qin Lu sighed suddenly. With such an outstanding girlfriend, he had to keep a close watch and not let anyone have the opportunity to encroach!

In the conference room, Nan Yan had already closed the PowerPoint presentation on her laptop.

She casually switched off the laptop and scanned the audience with her gaze, saying lightly, “My presentation is over. Now, please feel free to ask me any questions about this topic.”

With a demeanor that was neither humble nor overbearing, Nan Yan garnered the admiration of the crowd.

Although the girl in front of them was young, about the same age as many of their granddaughters, everyone felt as if they were conversing with an equal, a peer.


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