Master Qin’s Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty - C.589: Persuasion – Part 3


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As Nan Yan spoke, she noticed some of the audience nodding in agreement, their initial skepticism giving way to openness.

Continuing her speech, Nan Yan elaborated on why genetic research should proceed despite the challenges it posed. She emphasized the importance of adapting policies to reflect advancements in science and societal needs, and the potential benefits that genetic research could bring to medical science and the understanding of diseases.

Her words resonated with the audience, and soon everyone was persuaded. Applause filled the room as Nan Yan concluded her speech.

Impressed by Nan Yan’s persuasive arguments, Dean Zong proposed a vote on the matter. To his satisfaction, all votes were in favor of proceeding with the genetic research.

Nan Yan was delighted by the outcome. In an academic conference, when a proposal garnered significant support during discussions or formal voting processes, it indicated a level of consensus among the academic community present at the conference.

While the outcome of such votes might not have directly led to official permission for the proposal, it certainly served as an indication of the broader sentiment within the academic community, which was encouraging enough for Nan Yan as a start. Qin Lu had already anticipated Nan Yan’s success. He took out his phone and scrolled through his contacts, contemplating his next step.

Ultimately, decisions regarding the approval or permission of research projects typically involved various factors beyond the scope of a single academic conference. These decisions might have involved institutional review boards, government regulations, ethical considerations, and other stakeholders.

Qin Lu was determined to wield his influence to ensure that Nan Yan’s proposals received due consideration from higher authorities. Should any obstacles arise, he vowed to navigate them skillfully, ensuring Nan Yan’s aspirations were realized.

Dean Zong walked over to Nan Yan with a big smile, acknowledging her success. Nan Yan thanked him wholeheartedly for supporting her even though this might hurt his reputation and career.

“Dean Zong, I sincerely appreciate your support. Moving forward, I hope our proposal can receive official approval from the higher authorities, allowing us to accomplish great things together. On another note, there’s someone who wishes to see you,” she said, leading him to Professor Yun Zhi, his junior colleague in research.

Dean Zong had known beforehand that she was in the late stages of her illness due to radiation-induced cancer but he was surprised to see her in her current state..

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