Master Qin’s Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty - C.595: Waking Up – Part 3



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In the past three months, Zong Jinqi’s attitude towards Nan Yan had changed constantly.

Now, when he looked at Nan Yan, it was completely as equals, no longer treating her as a student.

Throughout the research process, Nan Yan had been leading. Apart from the beginning when he had to exert more effort, later on, he could only assist.

She was a genius!

Nan Yan gazed back at Zong Jinqi, her eyes filled with a mixture of hope and uncertainty. “I believe it’s ready,” she murmured, clutching the test tube of clear liquid tightly. “This could be the key to saving Third Brother and Bai


The laboratory was filled with a tense anticipation, the air thick with the weight of their gamble. The transparent liquid in Nan Yan’s hand held the potential to either rescue their comrades or seal their fate.

Taking a hesitant breath, Nan Yan prepared to administer the liquid into the unconscious bodies of Third Brother and Bai Chen. It was a moment of hesitation, knowing that the outcome could swing either way. But there was no turning back now; they had to take the risk.

On the contrary, Zong Jinqi remained steadfast in his belief that their efforts would yield success. He had observed Nan Yan’s unwavering dedication, witnessing her toil day and night. She had delved into countless research papers and conducted innumerable experiments in her quest to create this life-saving elixir.

Yet, as the hours passed without any visible change in their condition, Nan Yan’s anxiety intensified. The lack of response left her feeling restless and uneasy, her heart heavy with the fear of failure. Tears welled in her eyes as she grappled with the notion that she had once again fallen short in saving Third Brother and Bai Chen.

Feeling the weight of her distress, Zong Jinqi gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “Yanyan, have faith in your abilities! I am fully confident that your hard work will bear fruit. Perhaps they simply need more time to react to the injections? Why not seek the advice of Divine Physician Hua? He may offer valuable insight.’

Determined to uncover the cause behind their prolonged unconsciousness and apparent lack of response to the injection, Nan Yan resolved to summon Hua Shifang for a thorough examination.

With furrowed brows, Hua Shifang pondered over their still forms. “It may be due to their extended period of unconsciousness,” he suggested gravely. “Their bodies might need more time to react to the injection.”

Frustration mingled with determination as they grappled with this setback. However, they refused to yield to despair. Instead, they resolved to try acupuncture to awaken the body and hasten the healing process..

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