Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion - C.1812 - : Meeting He Ju Again, The Might of He Yangsun’s Slash (2)

Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

C.1812 - : Meeting He Ju Again, The Might of He Yangsun’s Slash (2)

Chapter 1812: Meeting He Ju Again, The Might of He Yangsun’s Slash (2)

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Nalan Xu’s eyes gleamed with murderous intent.

“It’s one thing for the Sun family to oppose my Nalan family in the past, but now, during this hunt, they dare to interfere.”

He looked at the disciples of his own family who were calling for help, and sternly commanded, “Take me to rescue He Ju and the others.”

The disciples of the Nalan family quickly flew forward, leading the flying ship.

The flying ship cut through the void and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“I never expected the Nalan Family to arrive so quickly.”

Is that Nalan Xu from the Nalan Family? Even the Nalan Clan’s Patriarch is here.”

“Is the Nalan Family really going to have a showdown with the Sun Family this time?”

Countless people whispered in the resting area of Yongming City.

Whether it was the Nalan Family or the Sun Family, they were both families in Yongming City, neither too big nor too small.

If these two families were to fight, the damage to each side would probably be considerable.

Maybe it would benefit other families.

Many people looked in the direction the flying ship had flown, their eyes showing strange lights.

The flying ship swiftly moved forward, and along the way, many powerhouses saw it and were astonished.


Ahead, a loud roar echoed.

“Ha ha, He Ju, you’ve already detonated your battle armor. Let’s see what tricks you still have.”

“Surrender quickly, you have good talent, why bother working for the Nalan Family?”

“He Ju, as long as you turn around and kill those Nalan family guys, my Sun Family will take you in, and you won’t suffer.”

Several arrogant voices rang out.

On the flying ship, Nalan Xu was clad in a golden battle armor.

But there was a figure much faster than him, flashing by.

He Yangsun.

At this moment, it seemed like a fire was burning in He Yangsun’s chest.

For so many years, he had suppressed this emotion.

Today, let it explode!


With two sabers in hand, he didn’t bother to see who was blocking his way ahead. The crossing blades directly shattered everything thousands of feet in front of him.

Three battle puppets turned into fragments.

A battle puppet flew out from behind He Yangsun, and with a slash of his twin swords, he cleaved the body of a level eight armor master who had flown to intercept him into nine pieces.

“Who goes there!”

“You have a death wish!”

“Kill him—”

Several shouts sounded. He Yangsun held two sabers in his hands, and a faint golden battle armor , and a green-black battle puppet followed closely behind.

In front of him was a big man in a grayish-green martial robe with a pale complexion.

The big man only had shattered remnants of battle armor on him, and blood oozed from the corners of his mouth.

Behind him were dozens of armor masters and puppet masters, all exhausted and resting on a giant stone with a radius of thousands of feet.

“Many thanks for the help, if you could take us away, I promise that all the gains from this hunt—”

The big man’s words were cut off before he could finish.

In front of him, He Yangsun’s face mask dissipated, revealing his face.


He Yangsun shouted.

The corners of He Ju’s mouth twitched as he stood there in a daze.

“Be careful!” He Ju suddenly shouted.

Behind He Yangsun, a black-armored battle puppet flew over, wielding a battle axe.

He Yangsun’s expression remained unchanged, and he did not move at all.

The battle puppet behind him turned around, one sword in front and one behind, the front sword blocked the falling battle axe, and the rear sword swept, cutting the black-armored battle puppet’s body in half.

A level nine battle puppet, shattered on the spot!

This one slash rendered the surrounding void silent in an instant.

At this moment, within a hundred miles of the battle, the strongest battle puppets were only level nine.

The Nalan family disciples on the giant stone all showed expressions of joy.

They were saved.

The surrounding powerhouses who had come to besiege them quietly retreated.

This slash was too powerful.

The corners of He Ju’s mouth twitched as he looked at He Yangsun.

“Kid, you’re stronger than your father…”

As these words came out, He Yangsun’s tense expression gradually turned into a grin.


The suppressed light on He Yangsun’s body shattered, and the battle armor on his body emitted a soaring golden light.

His cultivation had broken through.

His original cultivation at the peak of sage-level had now begun to rapidly advance. In an instant, the majestic force he aroused was like a galaxy.

“Big Brother!” Nalan Moran flew out and landed beside He Yangsun. He put on his battle armor and looked around warily.

He Ju also looked around cautiously at the surrounding void.

Although some people from the Sun family wanted to approach, seeing the Nalan Family’s flying boat and Nalan Xu on board, where would they dare to stay?

Even the beasts in the void quietly left at this moment.

“A sage-level pinnacle at such a young age, it’s truly rare…” On the flying ship, Nalan Xu sighed with emotion as he looked at He Yangsun ahead.

At this moment, the aura on He Yangsun’s body was so strong that it had already reached the divine level.

The battle armor and battle puppet around him were shining.

Nalan Xu looked at He Ju, who was in front of He Yangsun, turned to look at Han Muye and did not say anything else.

He Ju’s talent was also extraordinary, but he couldn’t match his son.

It was obvious that this wasn’t because of talent, but because He Yangsun had Master Han behind him.

As far as Nalan Xu knew, the resources in Master Han’s hands were so vast as to be unimaginable.

On the flying ship, there were also other young Nalan family members, all looking at He Yangsun’s breakthrough with envy.

He Yangsun didn’t stop until his cultivation stabilized below the divine level, at the pinnacle of sage level.

It’s not that he couldn’t step directly into the divine level, but he was cautious and wanted to stabilize his cultivation before advancing.

To him, it did not matter if his cultivation was at the divine level or the sage level.

For example, Master Han was still wearing a level nine badge.

However, if any cultivator in the world knew of Master Han’s name, who would dare to treat him as a level-nine refiner?

He Yangsun opened his eyes and looked at He Ju.

“Yangsun, take me to see Master Han.” He Ju’s first sentence stopped He Yangsun’s words.

He Yangsun nodded and landed on the flying ship.

He Ju followed suit and stepped onto the flying ship, standing in front of Han Muye.

“Greetings, Master Han.”

He Ju straightened his clothes and knelt down in front of Han Muye.

“Without Master Han, there would be no He family or my son.

He Ju shouted.

He Yangsun knelt down as well.

Nalan Moran hurriedly knelt down as well.

The surrounding people watched as the father and sons knelt down, but no one laughed at them.

Who would dare to ridicule the strength that He Yangsun had displayed just now and the majestic power that he had mobilized during his breakthrough?

For such strong individuals, that was their perspective.

Even kneeling down is a matter of perspective.

For He Ju, all the grand words were of no use.

Master Han, who was able to nurture He Yangsun to such an extent, didn’t lack anything.

What Master Han wanted was just an attitude from He Ju.

“There’s no need to do that.” Han Muye raised his hand and waved. The He father and sons stood up.

Looking at the void in front of him, Han Muye said, “This is the Muyang Void, right?”

He Ju nodded, his eyes shining. “We were originally hunting exotic beasts, but we didn’t expect to be schemed against by the Sun family.”

At this point, he turned to look at Nalan Xu and lowered his voice.

“However, we found traces of the Void Divine Beast.”

Void Divine Beast!

A hint of joy flashed across Nalan Xu’s face.

Han Muye’s eyes also lit up.

He came here for the Void Divine Beast.

Without waiting, the flying ship continued forward.

Along the way, as long as they saw a stronger exotic beast, someone would capture or kill it.

With the addition of the Nalan Clan’s ancestor, Nalan Xu, and other experts, the strength of the Nalan Clan’s team was already formidable.

Han Muye and the others basically did not attack. Only a few sage level or level nine cultivators would fly out of the flying ship from time to time.

“This is the image left behind by the divine beast.

“We’ve placed an image-recording array formation on dozens of void rocks.”

On the deck, He Ju handed a photographic stone to Han Muye.

Han Muye probed it with his divine sense.

A huge two-horned goat appeared in front of him.

“This is the Wind Thunder Sheep?”

Han Muye’s eyes lit up.

This was not the mythical beast mentioned in the void.

Could it be that there were other divine beasts here?

Or was there something here that attracted the divine beasts?


Up ahead, a roar echoed.

“Someone’s fighting.

“Divine beast.”

Nalan Xu whispered and raised his hand. A light screen appeared at the bow of the ship.

Through the light screen, one could see a huge divine beast surrounded by dozens of battle puppets.