Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! - C.604 - : I See You

Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

C.604 - : I See You

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On the other side, Amelia had already stepped into the backyard. She felt that something was staring at her, but she could not find who it was. She turned her small hand and the purple gold sledgehammer appeared in her hand. She was not afraid at all! She was no longer a three-year-old Mia. She was now a four-year-old Mia! Super powerful!

Amelia dragged the purple- gold hammer and shouted, “Where are you? Come out! If you have the ability to scare people! If you have the ability, come out! You were the one playing hide-and-seek with us just now. This time, it’s my turn to look for you!’

A little girl was dragging a big hammer. As she walked, she shouted, “1 1 m here to look for you!” This scene was even more terrifying than the chainsaw!

Henry’s vision darkened. He must be dreaming. He must be dreaming. He must still be lying in bed at home. He had not gone out at all in the morning. He had dreamed all of this…

A loud bang brought Henry back to reality. Everyone and the ghosts looked over and saw Amelia swing the purple- gold sledgehammer and begin to hammer. “l see you!” With a bang, a paper door and window were sent flying by Amelia. A red thing flashed past.

Amelia narrowed her eyes and moved quickly. She immediately chased after, but unfortunately, her legs were a little short and she could not catch up.

After a while, Amelia stopped in front of a large vat and swung her hammer down. “Over here!”

Hence, when everyone saw this scene, Amelia dragged the purple- gold sledgehammer and chased after a ghost all over the courtyard. The female ghost in the red wedding dress was frightened out of her wits. This was not how it should be! She should be the one scaring people. How did it become this little brat scaring her!

The female ghost in the red wedding dress felt fear. The purple- gold hammer in Amelia’s hand was like a rainbow. The pressure was like a ghost seeing the King of Hell. She did not know why she was so afraid of Amelia. The only thing she was sure of was that if Amelia’s purple- gold hammer hit her, her soul would definitely dissipate!

“I was wrong…” The female ghost’s faint voice sounded. This time, it was urgent. “Spare me… Spare me…”

Amelia finally caught up with the female ghost in the red wedding dress and smashed it with her hammer! Her master had said that when a ghost cried for mercy, she could not spare them! She had to smash her hammer first!

The red wedding dress let out a miserable cry. The originally gorgeous red wedding dress became old and tattered with a puff. The bright red color also turned dark red… With a crash, the red wedding dress hung down. A head appeared above the clothes. The red wedding dress’s female ghost revealed the tragic state of death and hung in midair…

“Spare me…” The female ghost in the red wedding dress cried and begged for mercy. “I was forced…”

Amelia was about to speak when she suddenly felt like she was being watched. She gripped the purple- gold hammer in her hand and asked, “Were you forced? Have you been hiding here for a long time? Did you harm anyone? Also, where is your groom?”

The female ghost turned her head and looked at Henry. The bottom of her head was empty. Her tattered wedding dress swayed in the wind and hung on the beam about three meters tall.

Henry glanced over and felt a chill run down his spine. Why was she looking at him? Could it be… that he was the groom?!

Amelia was stunned when she saw the female ghost in the red wedding dress looking at Henry. “Who’s your groom?”

The female ghost in the red wedding dress looked at Henry faintly and muttered, “Who is my groom…”

William: ‘

The female ghost in the red wedding dress muttered again, “l don’t know. As long as it’s a man, he’s my groom…” Her voice sounded even more terrifying in the quiet and empty courtyard.

The flirtatious ghost was speechless. “Impressive! This female ghost is even more wild than me!”

Amelia had to change the subject. “So how did you die?”

The female ghost in the red wedding dress: “l don’t know. After I died, 1 realized that I was already dead…”

Everyone: “???” Wasn’t this the same as not saying anything?

Amelia sighed. What should 1 do? Can I help her remember? Seeing that Amelia wanted to lift the hammer, the female ghost in the red wedding dress quickly said, “Wait, I still remember a little…”

The female ghost in the red wedding dress tried her best to recall. “l paid my respects to my husband and entered the bridal chamber. My husband accidentally touched the candle, and then he smashed it! In the darkness, I was so afraid that I looked everywhere for my husband, but I heard cracking sounds. It was as if someone was chewing something, and then my husband’s scream… When 1 opened my eyes again, I saw me hanging from the beam..”

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