Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! - C.607 - : Marrying the Female Ghost

Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

C.607 - : Marrying the Female Ghost

Chapter 607: Marrying the Female Ghost

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The unlucky ghost: “Yes, we’ve all searched. There’s really no ghost.”

Amelia looked up and smiled innocently. “Third Uncle, we need your help.”

Henry said, “Yes? How can I help?” He was the only adult here, so it was only right for him to help.

Amelia said, “Why don’t you play the groom?”

Henry: “???”

Amelia thought for a moment and said, “This should be a ritual. After the ritual is completed, the bride and groom will be sacrificed. At this time, we need to restore the ritual.” She counted with her fingers. “Third Uncle, don’t worry. You’re not really getting married to the female ghost.”

Henry heaved a sigh of relief and heard Amelia say, “Just consummate your marriage with the female ghost!”

Henry was speechless. He glanced stiffly at the female ghost, who was being held like a balloon…

Lucas’s eyes flickered and he asked calmly, “Third Uncle, are you afraid?”

William immediately added. “Nonsense. Third Uncle is the captain! He flies in the sky. What hasn’t he seen? How can he be afraid?!”

Emma unintentionally played along. “Isn’t it normal to be afraid? Third Uncle is also a normal person. It’s not embarrassing to be afraid.”

Henry’s mouth twitched. ‘These brats! They only know how to trick me! It’s impossible to consummate the marriage with a female ghost. Not in this lifetime…

Amelia: “Third Uncle, please…”

Henry said, “Okay.”

“Wow!” Amelia jumped up and said excitedly, “We’re in the bridal chamber!” Her expression was as if there was really a happy occasion.

Henry was in a mess. When he came back to his senses, he was already holding the red rope with the female ghost hanging on it. A man and a ghost stood in the middle of the house.

The female ghost in the red wedding dress looked shy. “Husband…”

The children hiding under the bed:

Amelia clasped her hands and reminded him softly, “Third Uncle, remember to smash the candles.’

William: “Third Uncle, you can do it!”

Emma: “Third Uncle is the best! Good luck, good luck!”

Lucas was speechless. Why did he hide under the bed too?

The red candles flickered in the room. From the moment they entered until now, the entire scene was dim. All the light came from candles and lanterns.

Red lanterns and lampstands were hung everywhere outside the courtyard, and the room was lit with oil lamps and candles.

Henry forced himself not to look at the ghost. He looked around the room. There was an oil lamp on the table and a pair of red candles on the table. How could he smash one candle to put out three fires?

Amelia clasped her hands together. “Third Uncle, smash it directly!’

Henry gritted his teeth, grabbed the candle on the table, and threw it to the ground! The candles in the room were extinguished in an instant, and his vision suddenly turned dark. Henry’s eyes were not used to it, and he felt his entire body suddenly turn cold. Right on the heels of that, a scream sounded from behind him. It was a man’s voice, and something quickly stuck to him, followed by the bride’s scream!

Henry couldn’t take it anymore. His cultured expression was replaced by horror. The 1.8-meter-tall man lunged at the bottom of the bed with a whoosh. “Mia!”

“Coming!” Amelia replied and threw out a fireball. With a whoosh, the room was lit up by green flames.

There was a paper doll stuck to Henry’s back! Under the light of the fire, the paper doll’s face was pale and its eyes were wide open. However, it was wearing a bright red wedding suit and was staring at them…

Emma was so scared that she cried. She jumped up and hit the bed with a thud. Her head swelled up. William was so scared that his face turned pale. He didn’t care who was beside him and hugged Lucas. Lucas wanted to push him away, but maybe because he was too afraid, in the end, he didn’t.

Henry was the most miserable one. When he turned around, he saw a pale and stiff man’s face leaning against him. Henry, who had never spoken a word of vulgarity, immediately exploded, “F*ck!”

Amelia had already rushed out and threw fireballs in her hand at the paper doll as if they were free. The paper doll let out a terrifying scream and was burned to ashes in a short while. Right on the heels of the window, the red string broke, and a chicken claw bone fell.

Amelia threw out the unlucky ghost, the flirtatious ghost, the cowardly ghost, the muddled ghost, and the ugly auntie. “Catch him! Whoever catches him will be rewarded with a lollipop! No, ten! We don’t lack money!’

Amelia gave them a look that said, ‘I’m rich..’

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